Best Ankle Brace


Our feet, no matter how strong they can be, are still possible to be fragile in unexpected circumstances. Foot injuries or health conditions related to our feet can take a toll on our daily tasks. One way to relieve pain and discomfort around a foot is by wrapping it with an ankle brace. Movement and instability can trigger pain and slow down the healing process. So, the ankle brace makes sure that your foot stays immobile or stable, depending on the tightness, until it is completely healed. Some types can even prevent injuries.

After careful research and product testing, we are giving you the best ankle brace in today’s market.

Our Pick: PowerLix Compression Ankle Brace

PowerLix Compression Ankle Brace is a tight yet breathable fabric sleeve which applies even pressure around the ankle joint. It is useful for anyone, especially athletes and people with health conditions. It has a lot of purposes such as relief for swelling, joint pain, muscle fatigue and sprains, support for Achilles tendon, heel spurs, tendonitis, arthritis and plantar fasciitis, and stabilizer or preventer of injuries. This stylish ankle brace is odor-free because it keeps your foot dry all day despite sweat.

Runner Up: Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer has straps, laces and an elastic closure to securely support the foot. It is made of ballistic nylon for ultimate stability and durability. It is thin enough so the foot can still fit inside the shoe. Its design is perfect for both the right and left foot.

Also Great

Sleeve Stars Plantar Fasciitis Foot Sleeve comes with an ankle brace strap that can fit any size. It enhances blood circulation for faster recovery from injuries or health conditions. It absorbs sweat fast to keep the foot dry. This ankle brace is comfortable because of the soft and smooth fabric inside. Lastly, it is unisex, machine-washable and lightweight.

McDavid 195 Ankle Brace ensures 3 times less probability of injuries among athletes. It is similar to athletic tape. It can be adjusted even if the foot is still inside the shoe.

Bracoo Reliable Ankle Support and Stabilizer can be used for severe injuries such as ligament sprain. It is useful even after surgery. It has an open heel to promote motion for athletes while bracing the Achilles tendon, talocrural joint and plantar flexion. That prevents athletes from getting injuries especially while playing dynamic sports such as soccer, football, and basketball. The straps can be attached anywhere around the ankle brace due to Velcro. It is good for thoroughly adjusting tightness based on your preference.

Budget Pick

Liomor Breathable Ankle Brace can be used to treat edema or swelling. It’s elastic, moisture-free material prevents itch. The Velcro strap does not get loose even with continuous use. This ankle brace prevents injuries for runners.

How to Select the Best Ankle Brace

Here are important factors to consider before purchasing the best ankle brace for your needs:

  • Tightness

    The main purpose of an ankle brace will not suffice if it is not tight. Never settle for a loose ankle brace. The brace’s tightness is either reinforced by straps, laces or a special elastic material. Tightness is still subjective, so you might also need an adjustable ankle brace.

  • Comfort

    To evaluate comfort, we need to consider breathability, dryness, softness, and smoothness. Breathability means that even if you adjust the ankle brace to its tightest state, your foot stays cool or warm – not hot. A hot foot only contributes to discomfort and shorter usage. Sometimes, you need to keep wearing an ankle brace 24/7 when your condition is severe.

    Meanwhile, dryness is based on how good the ankle brace absorbs moisture. It is crucial because when the brace stays dry, it also becomes odor-free and anti-itch.

    The inner fabric should be smooth and soft. Smoothness minimizes scratches during adjustments. Softness puts your foot at ease.

  • Purpose

    Some ankle braces are purely made of elastic fabric – no straps and laces at all. They are not adjustable. They are perfect for prevention of injuries, and foot stability and even blood circulation for people who experience a mild health condition. These braces are usually used by athletes because of their thinness and mobility. They can fit inside any footwear such as running shoes, as well as knee-high or ankle boots for women to casually conceal the brace outdoors.

    On the other hand, the typical ankle brace with laces and straps is adjustable for the sake of people recovering from injuries. It can be so tight that the foot can stay immobile for a long time. Some adjustable ankle braces are redesigned to fit shoes. Because of adjustability, these braces can also give minimal mobility.

  • Ankle Size

    Since some ankle braces are not adjustable, you need to know your ankle size. Although, some of these products already cater to all sizes. But, if you come across a product that offers different sizes, use a tape measure to identify the size of your ankle. Wrap it right above the ankle bone. However, some products require including the heel as you wrap the tape measure around the ankle. Every product has a specific size chart, so take note of the comparison to your ankle size.

  • Durability

    Low-quality Velcro straps can get loose with constant adjustment. An elastic fabric ankle brace can eventually wear out and lose its tightness if it is made of cheap material. Durability is important for an ankle brace because accidents can happen anytime, as well as health risks. At least, you will have something to use at home immediately whenever your foot needs support.

  • Machine-Washable

    It is not advisable to use one ankle brace continuously for days. Yes, it may be odor-free and all but it might accumulate bacteria after long use. You can buy two machine-washable ankle braces for convenience. Not all braces can be washed through a washing machine, so be careful. Always read the product description before purchase.


An ankle brace is either made for injury prevention, treatment or both. The adjustable type is good for both severe and mild injuries. If you just need ankle support while playing sports or doing dynamic activities, you can resort to braces that are similar to foot sleeves or socks. No matter the purpose, tightness, and comfort are the priorities for any buyer.