Best Apple Cider Vinegar


Don’t know how to pick the best apple cider vinegar? You’re in luck cause we’ve made a list for you. Apple cider vinegar has a lot of amazing uses.

From skincare, hair care, and hygiene to treatment of various illnesses, it does a lot of wonders. But there are a lot different types out there. How do you choose one? Take a look at your options below.

Our Pick: Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Kosher certified, Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, 128 Ounce – 1 Pack is our number one choice. It is truly raw which means it’s unfiltered, unheated, and unpasteurized. Why is that important? It means that you get all the natural properties, making it more potent and effective.

It’s also a great and healthy way to add flavor to your meals. With 5% acidity, it is just right for a lot of recipes. The 128 ounce bottle (1 gallon) comes at an excellent price!

Runner Up: Kevala Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Kevala Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 1/2 Gallon is made with freshly pressed organic American apples. It is also raw and unfiltered, and contains that natural Mother of Vinegar. You can also be sure that this product is Non-GMO.

Use it to boost your health and improve your body, or to add zest in the kitchen! You can incorporate this apple cider vinegar with your soups or drizzle it on your salads and veggies. It’s also great to mix with juices.

Also Great

If you want something a little more flavorful and maybe just a bit sweeter, the 16 oz. Fire Cider, apple cider vinegar and honey tonic – Original flavor is the best alternative. It’s also raw but the great thing is it is infused with roots, fruits, and spices. The extra sweetness comes from the added honey.

This one is perfect for cooking and is really for those who have stronger taste because it has been steeped for weeks to maximize the flavors. If you want to go for a nightcap, you can also toss a bit of it into your cocktail.

Budget Pick

Comes at a really affordable price, the Apple Cider Vinegar w/Mother (Organic) 2 Bottles x 16 fl oz (473 mL) from Piping Rock is great if you don’t really need a lot. The pack already includes two bottles. It’s made and juiced from organically grown apples.

The quality is great despite the price. It’s unpasteurized so it contains the necessary enzymes and minerals that make it rich in nutrients. You can use this as a beauty product to help your skin glow and even apply it to your hair, or use it to make tastier food.

How to Choose the Best Apple Cider Vinegar

Whether you want to use apple cider vinegar just for cooking purposes or for improving your health, there are certain factors that you need to consider in choosing the one that’s best for you. Checking the labels is always a must for you to see the actual ingredients used and the process that was used to make it.

  • Texture

    You want your apple cider vinegar to be raw. That means it should be a bit murky and not clear. Raw vinegar gives you many healthy micro-nutrients. If you see that the vinegar is sparkling and clear, it is most likely processed, overheated, pasteurized, and artificially flavored. That’s not good. If you want to get the full benefits, make sure to check its appearance.

  • Organic

    Check the label of how it was produced. It’s better if you find one that’s made from organically grown fruits. This would also ensure that the product is safe and free from chemicals. It’s better to be on the safe side at all times.

  • Packaging

    Plastic bottles are not the best containers for apple cider vinegar, although there are plastic packaging that is of high grade quality. Make sure to see the fine print on the bottle before buying. If it’s BPA free, it’s generally okay. Plastic bottles may contain toxic material and that’s dangerous when it’s mixed with your drinks.

  • Mother of Vinegar

    You may notice that in most labels, it is indicated that the vinegar was made with “mother of vinegar”. This is the brown substance that’s usually floating at the bottom of the bottle. It might not look appetizing but it is what makes the product effective and potent. This happens as a result of fermentation. Then you can be sure that it was made using the best procedure and contains the good bacteria that make it healthy.

  • Sweetened

    Depending on your taste, you might want to choose something that’s a little sweeter than usual. There are apple cider vinegars that are sweetened with honey. If you’re using it for cooking and you want the food with a tinge of sweetness, you can buy one with added honey. This is perfect so you don’t need to use processed sugar.

  • Acidity

    It must contain just the right amount of acidity so it doesn’t overwhelm your taste buds and still be potent enough to improve your health. 5% acidity is ideal. Anything higher or lower than that could make it less effective or too sour.

  • Price

    Don’t be easily swayed by low prices without checking the volume on the bottle. Some bigger bottles can be more affordable compared to smaller ones. See how much the bottle contains and compare that to the smaller bottle. If you think you’re going to use a lot of it in the future, it’s better to buy a bigger one and it will save you a few dollars.

Picking from a lot of products can be confusing but the factors we’ve mentioned should help you choose the right product however you intend to use it. Always consider the health benefits of raw and unprocessed product. Don’t be overwhelmed with the variety you see at the store. That’s the great thing about having the option to buy online. You can see the details of the product and compare them without much hassle. Check the reviews as well to see how people have reacted to it and to be warned of any unsatisfactory results.

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