Best Audio Baby Monitors


So you’ve had an addition to the family and want to tread carefully from the start? Getting an audio baby monitor is a way to go. Basically, an audio-only monitor is considered because of its portability and ease of use. The technology it utilizes is simple enough to give it a high running time on batteries as well due to efficient resource consumption.

In today’s world, one is afforded with a plethora of technologies to choose from. Although audio-only monitors are considered by many as ‘baseline’; many companies provide such devices which perform superbly. This guide will help you in making that informed decision on the best audio baby monitors to choose from.

Best Audio Baby Monitors Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceBattery TimeTypeRange
Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor4.5$$$4 hoursAudio plus motion820 feet
Philips AVENT Basic Baby4.5$$+8 hoursAudio only1050 feet
Safety 1st High-Def Monitor
Digital Monitor
4$$+8 hoursAudio only with link indicator1000 feet
NTM-910YIC - Sony Baby
Call Nursery Monitor
4$$+5 hoursAudio only with voice activation and 27 channel support400 feet
Graco Ultra Clear Analog Baby Monitor3$2.5 hoursAudio only with low battery indicator,
vibration and 2.4/0.9 GHz frequency
600 feet

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Best Audio Baby Monitors

Digital Transmission

Everything aside; you should consider digital over analog. You are already reaping savings in the form of lower prices in comparison to a video or more sophisticated monitor. An analog monitor is marred with faults mainly owed due to its ancient usage. Nowadays digital technology is used which is more reliable and efficient. There is a drawback of digital transmission as well, however. The issue is that of interferences.

Digital systems utilize ‘frequency bands’ which are shared by many common household devices as well. E.g. Wi-Fi routers, microwaves, smartphones, etc. However, there is a solution to this as well in the form of DECT technology. DECT basically utilizes a ‘less common’ frequency band which is dedicated to voice communication. However, note that this technology is somewhat new in the market and therefore comes with a higher price tag.


An audio monitor is nothing if not portable. The basic purpose of the monitor is defeated if you are unable to take it along with you and remain/get disconnected from your child. Consider a device such as the Philips Avent DECT?which, owed to its llightweightand energy efficient battery life along with incredible range, makes for the ideal portable audio baby monitor.


One of the main enemies of portability is the lack of range. Range, simply put, is the freedom or flexibility afforded to a parent in moving around and being able to attend to their own work as well as keeping an eye on their young one(s). Range depends on a number of factors such as transmission type; whether it is digital or analog (digital has much higher range) and overall build. A well-designed monitor set such as the Safety 1st High-Def will have properly positioned antennas which make for easy exchange of data (voice/sound).

Battery Operation

You can consider an audio monitor which runs on battery and via cord; both. However, you’ll find that certain models run just fine without the cord plug-in required. In these cases, one can simply remove the batteries and charge them externally.

The ideal audio monitor should run at least 5 hours without requiring a recharge such as the Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor. These are 5 hours of continuous operation rather than in standby mode. High-Def will have properly positioned antennas which make for the easy exchange

Additional Features

LED/Visual Alerts

This is a very handy feature to have on a monitor at the receiving end or parent unit. Basically, this works by alerting the parent using not only the sound transmitted but also by visual warning. This visual warning can be in the form of LEDs blinking or turning on and off. Quite a few parents have expressed the need for visual warnings as well since sounds are tended to be ignored or mistaken for something else at times.

Multiple Units

Sometimes both the parents are occupied somewhere. Sometimes the father checks out on the baby and sometimes the mother. Two parent units can come in handy in such situations. E.g. if one parent is occupied such as in the bathroom, etc then the other can also remain notified and act accordingly.

Low Battery Warning

When you’re buying an audio monitor; check to see if there is some form of mechanism for it to detect and alert the user regarding when the battery has reached a critical low. A monitor serves a responsible purpose; you don’t want to find yourself working on something only to find out that the monitor has been out cold for hours or even minutes for that matter.


Considering the above features; it can be seen that at the core lies the issue of reliability. Apart from that, some convenience factors remain such as portability, range, battery timing, etc. Consider your routine as a parent and which features are more necessary for you and make your purchase accordingly.

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