Best Automatic Knife


Automatic knives are way different from pocket knives. When you compare the two, you’ll find that pocket knives have more blades and they don’t typically have a spring for fast action.

That’s one good reason why pocket knives are considered more as utilities for camping and hiking while automatic knives are made for self-defense.

The automatic knife is also called switchblade, flick blade, flick knife, Springer, switch, ejector knife and pushbutton knife. Its blade is hidden when not in use. But, as soon as you move your thumb on the switch, lever or button placed along the bolster or handle, the blade automatically shows up caused by a spring in the mechanism.

After careful research and product testing, we are giving you the best automatic knife in today’s market.

Our Pick: Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Folding Knife

Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Folding Knife has a SpeedSafe feature to quickly open the tool just with one push on the flipper. It also has a strong liner lock despite its lightness and slimness. Its pocket clip is reversible, so you can change the blade’s direction or position of the tip based on your preference. Regarding the blade’s material, it is made of stainless steel with a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating to resist rust, maintain hardness for a long time, and have a sleek appearance.

For ultimate safety, this automatic knife has a secure grip due to anodized aluminum. The material also helps with the knife’s durability, especially resistance to scratches.

Runner Up: Mtech USA Ballistic Series Folding Knife

Mtech USA Ballistic Series Folding Knife can be used one-handed, perfectly serving the purpose of an automatic knife. It can also be used as a glass breaker for emergencies and a bottle opener for fun outdoor activities. Its liner lock ensures that the blade stays in place when in use.

Also Great: SOG Specialty Knives Flash Folding Knife

SOG Specialty Knives Flash Folding Knife is a reliable buddy in emergency situations. It produces no sound when you need to secretly show or hide its blade. Do not worry about a common irrational fear that the automatic knife would suddenly open inside the pocket and accidentally hurt the owner. This switchblade has a dependable safety lock. Its handle is made of glass-reinforced nylon (GRN) for a comfortable grip. The stainless steel blade can be sharpened thoroughly in a short period of time.

Also Great: Smith & Wesson Liner Lock Knife

Smith & Wesson Liner Lock Knife has its stainless steel blade partially serrated for both left- and right-handed people. It is heavier and bulkier than many automatic knives, but that only means that it is made for large people with big hands. Small switchblades can contribute to a weaker and non-comfortable grip for long fingers.

Also Great: Anvil Bladesmiths Tactical Knife

Anvil Bladesmiths Tactical Knife can be used for rescue operations. It can cut paracords and seat belts in case of emergencies. It contains both the straight and serrated option in just one blade for more uses. This automatic knife’s handle maintains a secure grip even if it gets wet.

Budget Pick: TAC Force Series Tactical Folding Knife

TAC Force Series Tactical Folding Knife has a serrated blade on one side for cutting tough materials such as branches and ropes. The end of its handle even has a screwdriver. This automatic knife is good for hunting.

How to Select the Best Automatic Knife

Here are important things to consider before purchasing the best automatic knife for your needs:

  • Automatic

    Of course, what good is an automatic knife if opening it is such a hassle? This is the problem with typical pocket knives. You still need to use two hands with an ordinary pocket knife because you need to pick a blade. With automatic knives, you just need one hand to show the blade. An automatic knife uses spring action to transmit signal from the handle’s button, switch or lever to the folded blade.

  • Blade

    Stainless steel is a common material for the blade because it is the right choice. With extra coating such as carbon, a stainless steel blade can stay hard, scratch- and rust-resistant for decades.

  • Liner Lock

    Some cheap automatic knives are useless. For instance, you need to stab something for survival. When an automatic knife has a weak liner lock or nothing at all, the blade folds back inside the handle after exposing it to force. The liner lock ensures that the blade stays sturdy in crucial situations.

  • Grip

    The automatic knife’s grip is also an essential factor when it comes to safety. It must be comfortable and secure to hold. It should also be usable under the rain or in the middle of the ocean through a water-resistant handle. Let’s face it, accidents can happen anytime, anywhere.

  • Dimensions

    Lightweight automatic knives are not always good. Bigger people may have a hard time balancing a light knife, even possibly letting go of it during a predicament. Same goes with small and slim knives. You should take note of how small or light an automatic knife is by reading the product description carefully.

  • Reversible

    It is good to have a reversible automatic knife. Sometimes in desperation, we just unconsciously reach into our instincts. Sudden movement can lead to the wrong position of the blade or edge. The reversible function makes sure that whatever you do, the blade gets into its right position for you. That’s why a lot of automatic knives nowadays are double-edged.

  • Glass Breaker

    A lot of automatic knives nowadays have the glass breaking feature. This is useful for emergencies involving being trapped inside a room, house or building. Some automatic knives can be so strong that they can break glass windows, doors or walls.


Folding knives are essential for outdoor needs and emergencies. However, you have to be cautious in choosing the right one because folding knives are classified into two: pocket and automatic. Even if automatic knives are technically pocket knives, they are improved for fast one-handed action. Many pocket knives stay being traditional with their numerous blades that need manual folding. For a more reliable knife in emergencies, always resort to automatic.

An automatic knife must stay sharp. Good thing we have lists of the best electric knife sharpeners for both pocket and hunting knives.