Best Aviator Sunglasses


Aviator sunglasses belong in the coolest eyewear category. They look good in both men and women. They usually have the most beautiful colors. Their style lasts for generations. After careful research and product testing, we are giving you the best aviator sunglasses in today’s market.

Our Pick: J+S Military Style Aviator Sunglasses

J+S Premium Military Style Aviator Sunglasses have 100% protection against harmful UV rays. Their multi-layer or polarized lenses block glare that is painful to the eyes. They are clear, resistant to scratches, lightweight and durable. That’s why these aviator sunglasses are perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, traveling, skiing and driving, even water sports such as boating and fishing.

Regarding the frame which is crucial for the total quality of all sunglasses, it is composed of metallic alloy for lightness and durability at the same time. Its nose pads are made of silicone for flexibility and comfort. These sunglasses are high-fashion to look at but useful as daily or active wear. They are packaged beautifully in case you are going to give them as gifts for loved ones.

Runner Up: LUENX Unisex Aviator Sunglasses

LUENX Unisex Aviator Sunglasses are so durable that they cannot be easily shattered due to clumsiness or crowded bags. Their frame has antioxidant plating to avoid giving skin allergies or irritations, especially to people with sensitive skin. The nose pads are made of environment-friendly materials.

Also Great: Duduma Full-Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses

Duduma Full-Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses can withstand hard impacts, especially when they accidentally fall on the floor. They follow the vintage design of original aviator sunglasses. They are packaged beautifully and securely with a hard case and a soft fabric pouch. Their lenses are easy to clean with the special cleaning cloth included in the package.

Also Great: Ray-Ban Metal Aviator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Metal Aviator Sunglasses have lenses that are prescription-ready. This product is already a trusted one due to decades of customer satisfaction.

Also Great: Stylle Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Stylle Classic Aviator Sunglasses have a style that can complement different shapes of faces. Their frames do not break or bend easily even with continuous use. The cleaning pouch can make these aviator sunglasses good as new anytime.

Budget Pick: WearMe Pro Aviator Sunglasses

WearMe Pro Aviator Sunglasses look elegant as unisex eyewear. They are edgy because they match with the latest fashion trends. They appear to be expensive, but they come at a very affordable price.

How to Select the Best Aviator Sunglasses

The best is hard to find but once you discover it, the search is all worth it. You need a good pair of sunglasses in your fashion ensemble. If your fashion sense is edgy, urban, boho-chic or just plain stylish, then you have to get yourself a pair of aviators. Before you hit the stores, know the important factors to consider before purchasing the best aviator sunglasses.

  • Budget

    It goes without saying that before you purchase an item, you need to have a budget. Sunglasses belong in the many investment pieces that can complete your look. They are seasonal demands, so the prices can drastically change especially when winter ends and summer begins. Shopping online versus in stores can make a difference as well. Quality is key, but the things you buy need to fit your lifestyle.

  • Material

    Now that you have a budget in mind, let’s visualize! Aviator sunglasses are famous for their metallic designs but over the years, aviators have evolved from the classy metallic to the budget-friendly plastic until they are combined by some brands for both durability and affordability. You can even get one that is made out of gold from high-end brands.

  • Frame

    The frame structure can make or break the look. You must consider the shape, size, and fit. The two common shapes are the classic teardrop and the square bottoms. The classic teardrop was designed for pilots so the sun would not blind them while they were flying fighter planes. This is the perfect fit for people who have a square- or heart-shaped face. Meanwhile, the square bottoms were designed for those who have a round face. The square bottom gives a clean yet edgy look.

  • Size

    A good rule of thumb is to have aviators three times the size of your eyeballs. This is big enough for your eyes to get good shade but not too big that the aviators already cover a huge part of your face. Remember, they are supposed to complete your look, not dominate it.

  • Fit

    Avoid constantly adjusting your aviators into place by getting the right fit in the first place. Get adjustable nose pads so you will have the right bridge fit. Temple Fit is how the thin rod, which is composed of the temple and the earpiece, suits the distance from the eyes to the ears. There are Paddle Temples which are perfect when your ears are higher than your eyes. If you have the exact opposite of that, go for Cable Temples which are more secure.

  • Lenses

    The lenses will give you a whole new view. The brown lenses are classic and give you that sepia filter effect. Mirrored lenses are perfect for protection from the sun’s glares. Solid dark gray lenses do not change the colors of your surroundings. Gradient lenses are tinted darker on top to give you a nice shade when you look straight or upwards. Meanwhile, they are tinted lighter at the bottom for moments when you look down, especially while walking on rocky areas or checking your phone.

  • Consultation

    Aside from fashion, you have to make sure that function is not forgotten. Depending on your optical necessities, you should get an expert’s opinion. This is not necessary, but it is a good extra measure to make sure that your pair of aviators is up to your needs.


Aviator sunglasses are good in representing function and style. They can enhance your whole outfit while protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. They will definitely remain trendy for years to come. Also, you may check out our take on the best eyeglasses available on the market today.

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