Best Baby Book


The greatest thing about books is how they can transport literally anyone to a world full of learning, imagination, and adventure. From baby years to old age, everybody can indulge themselves with a good book. Right now though, let’s focus on books written and designed for babies. After careful research and product testing, we are giving the best baby book in today’s market.

Our Pick: “First 100 Words” Board Book (Roger Priddy)

“First 100 Words” is a board book written by Roger Priddy to teach babies some basic words. It is packed with clear, simple pictures and enhanced with bright background colors. Because of the clarity of colored images, babies will surely get interested every time a page is turned. Since each page can catch babies’ attention, they will easily remember the correlation between every photo and its designated word.

This book uses boards instead of the usual paper pages to ensure durability. Babies can be too curious and touch everything they see. Sometimes, they can get rough and damage what they are holding. So, the boards are guaranteed to withstand tears and deterioration. Despite the tough boards, the cover is padded to cushion tiny hands.

Priddy’s baby book is comprehensible for ages one to three years old. It is highly recommended for grade levels preschool and above. It is part of the series called “First 100.” This board book has 26 pages, obviously using the alphabet as a basis for the chosen words.

Runner Up: “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” Board Book (Bill Martin Jr. & John Archambault)

“Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” is another board book written by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault. Its creative illustrations are designed by Lois Ehlert. This is an alphabet book that has a story which is kind of unique. The simple plot is that all the letters of the alphabet are racing to the top of the coconut tree.

The charm of this book is its set of rhymes. As the parent reads aloud, the sentences form a chant that will be remembered by babies. Another factor why this book is a delight is Ehlert’s cheerful images and vivid colors. Actually, this book is part of the famous “Chicka Chicka” series. It is specifically the complete version of the first-ever “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” plot in a board book form.

Despite the firm board pages, the corners are rounded for babies’ safety. This board book can be brought anywhere for the baby’s enjoyment. It can be appreciated by kids ages one to four years old. It has a generous content of 36 pages.

Also Great: “Moo Baa La La La” Board Book (Sandra Boynton)

“Moo Baa La La La” tells a mischievous story about outrageous animal sounds such as “la la la” by pigs. However, when the statements come together, they make a great baby book for reading aloud. Even adults will have fun because of the content’s silliness.

This book is ideal for infants and toddlers up to three years old. It has 14 pages for a quick yet exciting storytelling session. It is part of the series called “Boynton on Board.”

Sandra Boynton is the author as well as the artist of this board book. She specializes in making humorous, quirky children’s books. She loves using unusual words and her own animal characters. Boynton has been writing and illustrating seven books for the general audience and more than forty children’s books since 1974. She even has four New York Times Bestsellers.

Also Great: “Baby Touch and Feel: Animals” Board Book (DK)

“Baby Touch and Feel: Animals” is just a small book, which makes it perfect for babies. Despite its small size, it is full of soft animals ready for petting as the baby turns pages. It has pages for furry animals such as penguins, kittens, and puppies. It uses real photographs of animals. These are the major reasons why this board book is a USA Today bestseller. Over one million copies are already sold as well, proving the influence of this unique baby book.

Because of the 3D pages, babies are able to explore at such a young age even inside their homes. They will also develop excellent motor skills and an early grasp of language. The reading experience can even be enhanced by teaching the baby various animal sounds.

This book is from the “Baby Touch and Feel” series. It has 14 fun, textured pages.

Also Great: “Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA” Board Book (Jimmy Fallon)

“Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA” is definitely a must-have for parents who are also fans of the late-night show host and entertainer Jimmy Fallon. Fallon is known to be the main man of “The Tonight Show” on NBC.

The goal of the book is simple: the baby’s first word must be “Dada.” Even though the concept can be arguable, controversial and even foolish, a lot of reviewers are claiming that Fallon’s technique throughout the entire content is actually effective. This baby book can be ideal for single fathers or just simply frustrated dads since babies usually say “Mama” first.

This read-aloud book is perfect for kids ages one to three years old. It has 34 hilarious pages. Publications such as Publishers Weekly and Children’s Literature praised the simplicity yet effectiveness of this entertaining book.

Budget Pick: “Where Is Baby’s Belly Button?” Lift-the-Flap Board Book (Karen Katz)

“Where Is Baby’s Belly Button?” is the book version of the common playtime game called peekaboo. It is such an interactive book that the baby will surely learn something from it. Regardless of the sturdy board pages, the flaps are so easy to lift for a smooth read-aloud session.

This fun baby book is perfect for children ages one to four years old. It has 14 creative pages. Included in these pages are flaps that show other parts of the body, not just the belly button. That leads to an early learning about the basics of the human anatomy.

Karen Katz wrote and illustrated this bestselling book. She already has over 50 novelty and picture books.

How to Select the Best Baby Book

Feel free to explore other baby books because there are several exciting categories to choose from. The reality is that the best baby book may also depend on one’s parenting goals. For example, some parents want their babies to learn the alphabet first while others prefer numbers. Here are some categories where you can find the best baby book for your preferences:

  • Counting

    This type of baby book obviously focuses on teaching the babies how to count. Examples of books are Tony Johnston’s “10 Fat Turkeys,” Roger Priddy’s “Numbers Colors Shapes,” and Naomi Kleinberg’s “Elmo’s Countdown to Christmas.”

  • Colors

    Babies need to know the basic colors so they can handle things better. Learning colors is so crucial to prepare babies for playing games, choosing their own style, and following basic instructions from parents and teachers. Some baby books that highlight the concept of colors are Eric Carle’s “My Very First Book of Colors,” Anna Llenas’s “The Color Monster,” and Margaret Wise Brown’s “Big Red Barn.”

  • Opposites

    Teaching babies opposites can be complicated. Hence baby books about this concept exist. Kids need to know opposites so they can learn how to make decisions. We all know that deciding on something involves thinking about the pros and cons or choosing between two different things. Some baby books that have this theme are Anna Membrino’s “Big Shark, Little Shark,” Sanda Boynton’s “Opposites,” and Leslie Patricelli’s “No No Yes Yes.”

  • Sizes & Shapes

    Sizes and shapes are also basic concepts babies must know. They are usually associated with colors so babies can easily identify objects. Examples of baby books teaching sizes and shapes are Priddy’s “Sticker Early Learning: Shapes,” Anna Kang’s “You Are Not Small,” and DK Publishing’s “Baby Touch and Feel: Colors and Shapes.”

  • Time

    This is another complicated concept for babies. However, with the right baby books, kids can learn how to read time in such as an early age. Knowing how to read time is very important for children so you can easily impose discipline. For instance, you want your child to go to bed at exactly 8:00 p.m. Some titles of baby books for this concept are Judy Sierra’s “What Time Is It, Mr. Crocodile,” Natalie Shaw’s “It’s Time to Save the Day,” Lucy Cousins’s “Maisy’s First Clock.”

  • Body

    It is a no-brainer that babies must know the basics of the human body. There are a lot of baby books for that. We have Eric Carle’s “From Head to Toe,” Al Perkins’s “Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb,” and Annie Kubler’s “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.”


We selected “First 100 Words” by Roger Priddy as the best baby book for most infants and toddlers because learning the basics should always be the number one priority. It is also a very simple board book, no extras that can confuse a child while learning the alphabet. In choosing the best baby book based on concepts, you may pick one or more from the categories Counting, Colors, Opposites, Sizes & Shapes, Time, and Body.

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