Best Baby Bottle


Always be cautious in choosing a baby bottle for your child. Babies are so fragile, so we really need to think carefully about which baby bottle is the right one for them. Based on meticulous research and product testing, we are giving you the best baby bottle in today’s market.

Our Pick: Comotomo Baby Bottle

Comotomo’s Baby Bottle is soft yet durable. It is composed of pure Food Grade Silicone which makes it safer than the regular plastic baby bottles. Babies who struggle with gassy stomachs after drinking from a baby bottle consume too much air because of weak bottle design.

This product has two air vents near the nipple, thanks to well-designed construction. Its nipple also does not collapse or deform. The baby bottle also looks unique and eye-catching. It does not leak and is very convenient to clean and dry.

Why? Silicone dries faster than plastic. It also does not retain any smell. Babies can learn how to hold this bottle easily because of its soft material.

Runner Up: Dr. Brown’s Original Baby Bottle

Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle is specially designed for newborns. It is considered as a “starter” bottle. One of the reasons why it is perfect for newborns is that its nipple is the same as the ones usually used in hospitals to avoid giving babies gassy tummies. Its slim design makes the bottle easy to fit into most bottle warmers and sterilizers.

Also Great

Philips AVENT Natural Glass Baby Bottle gives parents assurance that there are no plastic chemicals all over it. Glass also makes both formula and breast milk easier to warm up than plastic. It is convenient to clean or sterilize. It ensures that every drop inside goes into the nipple because of its smoother surface.

Another reason is that the upper part of the bottle is round to directly lead milk into the nipple. Even though the baby bottle is made of glass, it is still durable like the usual thick material of a jar. Babies can still hold this bottle because of its grip.

Tommee Tippee Baby Bottle is perfect for travel because it does not leak. Its cap tightly snaps close with the nipple’s tip pressing underneath it to avoid leaks.

baby bottle is smaller than most products to perfectly support a baby’s tiny hands. It is also curved for easy handling and secure grip. It has a lot of bright color options for a more fun experience with your baby.

Budget Pick

Medela Baby Bottle gives breastfeeding mothers a high-quality yet affordable bottle. It is BPA-free, so it is incredibly safe for babies. Its nipple has the perfect size for most babies’ preference.

The bottle’s design is compatible with most rings and nipples. You do not need to buy new baby bottles just because of worn-out nipples. Nipple sets are cheaper, so resort to that and just use this bottle again. The best part about this baby bottle is that it focuses on long-term storage of breastmilk extracted through a breast pump. The overall construction preserves the nutrients babies get from their mother’s own milk.

How to Select the Best Baby Bottle

To make you decide easier which baby bottle to buy, think about these essential factors before purchase:

  • Material

    As a responsible parent, the baby bottle’s composition should be prioritized. It is crucial to know if the material is safe in holding liquid. The best options are glass, BPA-free plastic, silicone, and stainless steel baby bottles. Glass is safe but fragile. On the other hand, BPA-free plastic is durable but you have to ensure first that its claim is true before purchasing. Silicone is similar to BPA-free plastic but more expensive because of its more advanced properties like odor-free and fast drying. For more safe and recommendable silicone products, check out our take on the best menstrual cup. Furthermore, stainless steel is probably the best one but very hard to find in stores due to its expensive price.

  • Nipple

    Second, you have to check the nipple. After all, a baby bottle’s purpose all comes down to its nipple. Two common types to choose from are latex and silicone. Latex is softer but less durable while silicone is firm yet lasts longer. Be careful about the nipple’s size because sizes vary depending on the baby’s age. Watch out for thin, discolored and cracked nipples. These need replacement immediately.

  • Anti-Colic

    Too much gas intake while drinking is the most common reason why there is colic among babies. To prevent that, buy a baby bottle with a smart design, which includes vents and other features on the bottle focusing on pa roper circulation of air.

  • Shape

    The baby bottle’s shape is more on the parents’ preference. Whether wide, contoured or straight, parents should pick a shape that is convenient for them to clean manually and put in a sterilizer. For manual cleaning, bottles with wide necks are easier to handle. Contoured shape, on the other hand, aims to let the baby hold it easily while drinking. Slim, straight ones can fit most sterilizers.

Safety Tips

Little things can harm a baby. So, keep in mind these safety tips before and after a purchase of baby bottles:

  • Inspect for irregularities daily.

    Check your baby bottles every day if there are cracks and other suspicious deformities. Small cracks can still be dangerous for babies because warm milk can leak through and drench their clothes or directly flow to their faces.

  • Ensure microwaveable property.

    Just because the plastic is BPA-free does not mean that it is safe to put in a microwave for sterilization or in a dishwasher. BPA-free just means that the baby bottle is safe from plastic chemicals. Check the baby bottle’s features first.

  • BPA-free plastics have distinct characteristics.

    Usually, opaque plastic baby bottles are BPA-free. Ones that are made of polypropylene or polyethylene are safe from plastic chemicals. Baby bottles that are made of clear plastic typically have BPA. The easiest and surest way is to look for the BPA-free label or certification on the package.


There are a lot of things to think about baby bottles because these essentials have different parts. You have to check a new baby bottle from top to bottom. But, as long as you remember our buying guide and safety tips, you do not have to worry about purchasing the wrong baby bottle.

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