6 Best Baby Changing Pads For Quick And Easy Diaper Changes


Isn’t it a hassle to change your baby’s diaper on the bed, table or any other surface without proper support? Forget about inconvenience on your part; the whole scenario can actually be dangerous for your child as well.

What you need is a changing pad specially designed to secure babies during diaper change. This type of pad is usually soft and contoured to balance comfort and safety.

Allow us to recommend the best baby changing pad that can absolutely help you as a parent:

Our Pick: Munchkin Secure Grip Diaper Changing Pad

To stay fixed in a specific area, Munchkin Secure Grip Diaper Changing Pad has a feature called Xtra-grip strips. It meets every safety standard for baby changing products. In fact, it includes straps and contoured sides to keep your baby on the pad.

Let’s face it – changing your baby’s diaper can be a messy task. Good thing that this pad doesn’t retain stains and odors, giving you an easier time cleaning it. After wiping this pad clean, you can store it in your dresser or simply place it on a changing table because of its compact size.

Runner Up: LA Baby Waterproof Changing Pad

One factor that ensures effective contouring for changing pads is the sides. LA Baby Waterproof Changing Pad has high four-inch sides to control the baby’s movements. Just like our top product, it also has a strap with a user-friendly buckle.

When it comes to the main material, this baby changing pad uses a quilted cover made of easy-to-clean vinyl. Because of vinyl, it is waterproof and stain-resistant. You can clean it just by using mild soapy water.

Even though a lot of sources generally claimed that vinyl is a toxic material, it is actually possible that it can be safe for babies. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the harmful version of vinyl that you have to avoid. This baby product guarantees that it uses a non-toxic type of vinyl.

Also Great: Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad

It turns out that there’s more to diaper changing pads than just plain surfaces for your baby’s safety. Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad proves that diaper changing pads can also be innovative. The feature that sets it apart from other pads is its built-in weighing scale.

This product has many benefits aside from securing your baby during a diaper change. It can help you monitor your child’s weight which is more crucial if he’s still a newborn. You can also measure how much milk your baby is drinking after every feeding.

Also Great: Naturepedic Organic Changing Pad

While other changing pads are using vinyl and other synthetic materials, Naturepedic Organic Changing Pad uses organic cotton. Despite having cotton as its main material, this pad is still waterproof and firm because of its pure polyethylene coating. The coating is also guaranteed to be hypoallergenic.

More about the organic cotton material, it is specifically used as filling for the pad. It is entirely chemical-free since it is 100% organic. It doesn’t contain any trace of vinyl, phthalates, polyurethane, latex, and wool.

Also Great: Bumbo Changing Pad

Support is not the only focus of Bumbo Changing Pad. It is very soft to keep the baby comfortable during a diaper change.

Meanwhile, some changing pads require a separate cover specially designed for them. It can be a hassle if you realize that later after receiving the product. Fortunately, this pad doesn’t need any cover because it is naturally easy to clean.

Budget Pick: DaVinci Non-toxic Changing Pad

If you’re a budget-conscious parent who still wants an extremely safe changing pad, then DaVinci Non-toxic Changing Pad is a great option for you. It is purely safe from common toxic materials such as polyurethane, vinyl, and chemical flame retardants.

This product can also keep your baby safe from falling over by having a firm quilted padding, strap, and contoured walls.

How to Select the Best Baby Changing Pad

We considered the following factors before deciding which one is the best baby changing pad out of all high-quality choices:

  • Type

    There are three major types of baby changing pads but we decided to stick to the basic one which is the standard pad for home use. The other two types are for travel: the foldable pad and the kit. Diaper changing mostly happens at home, so why not choose the best variation for that?

    Honestly speaking, the standard changing pad is too bulky. It is not compact enough for travel. However, it is the safest choice.

    The most effective type of contouring happens when the manufacturer designs the changing pad to have higher sides. This keeps the baby fixed on the surface by securing his shoulders and the sides of his torso. Yes, it results in a bulky form but it is the only foolproof type to prevent accidents.

    Regarding the foldable version, it is more lightweight and compact. Once folded, it can fit in most bags. However, it usually doesn’t have a contour. It looks really flat. The same idea goes for the changing pad kit.

    The kit may come across as too complicated for some users, but it is actually more convenient than the foldable pad once you’ll learn how to use it. You won’t need a bag for this anymore because it already has pockets for essentials and folds into its own purse.

  • Safety

    Aside from curved sides, a strap or belt is needed to ensure even more the baby’s safety. Also, it will help you hold the baby if you’ll do the task alone. Just be careful that the strap is made of a hypoallergenic, soft material.

    For your convenience, the strap must have a quick release buckle. Sometimes, you only have a limited time for diaper changing so you need all the help you can get to finish the task fast.

    Safety is not only limited to contour and straps. All baby products like the changing pad should be made of harmless materials. See to it that the product states that it is “nontoxic.”

  • Comfort

    To make the task more bearable for your baby, at least provide him comfort with a soft changing pad. Cotton is the best material when we talk about this factor.

    However, the pad must be firm as well. To ensure that the pad is both secure and comfortable, see if it has enough foam and a good contour that will cradle your baby’s head and tailbone.

  • Easy to Clean

    The struggle doesn’t end with you successfully changing your baby’s diaper. If there’s pee or poop on the pad, good luck. However, that won’t be so bad if your pad is very easy to clean.

    There are two ways to guarantee cleaning convenience. One, you may purchase a changing pad cover. Just throw it in the washer if it gets dirty.

    Or, just choose a waterproof pad in the first place. It won’t retain stains and odor. Just wash it with soap and water, and you’re ready to take on your next household task.

    For an even cleaner aftermath, purchase a diaper pail that’s odor-resistant. You can’t rely too much on regular trashcans if you always have dirty diapers at home.


The ideal type of changing pad is the standard one to ensure safety. That’s why we selected Munchkin Secure Grip as the best baby changing pad. Aside from safety, it will also provide comfort for your baby and convenience during cleaning time.

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