Best Baby Formula


Breastmilk is best for babies – no doubt about that. Sadly, not all moms have adequate supply or the capacity to breastfeed because of some physical or health conditions. Thanks to continuous research and advancement of science and technology, a lot of baby formula products exist today to address the dilemma. Based on our careful research and product testing, we are giving you the best baby formula in today’s market.

Our Pick: Similac Advance Infant Formula

Similac Advance Infant Formula is helpful for mothers who cannot pump enough breastmilk for their babies. It can be used as a supplement or a stand-alone product when the mother stops producing milk. It has OptiGRO, a special blend of vitamin E, lutein, and DHA. That aims to support the baby’s physical and mental development. Similac is already a trusted brand for mothers and hospitals.

Runner-Up: Enfamil Baby Formula

Enfamil Baby Formula is perfect for mothers who really cannot breastfeed their newborns. It is also the right milk for babies with sensitive stomachs. It is convenient to mix with water because it easily becomes smooth without clumps. This product aims for the baby’s brain nourishment and development of the immune system. Many pediatricians recommend this baby formula.

Also Great

Gerber Good Start Soothe Non-GMO Infant Formula can stop colic among babies. It enables babies to pass gas without any pain or effort at all. It also makes the baby full for several hours, leading to a more convenient time for parents. This baby formula is also a perfect match for babies with acid reflux resulting to aching tummies. It makes the baby sleep more comfortably due to the absence of any discomfort.

Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula tastes good despite the lack of syrups and corn-based derivatives. It hinders the possibility of obesity among children. Its content also does not separate even if it remains unconsumed for a while unlike other brands wherein you have to shake the baby bottle again just to mix everything.

Budget Pick

Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Formula can be consumed by newborns and toddlers. Its ingredients are obviously organic and free from genetically modified organisms. This baby formula tastes mild and clean. Babies who are allergic to corn and gluten can benefit greatly from this product. Organic milk comes from cows that did not undergo processes with antibiotics, steroids and artificial growth hormones.

How to Select the Best Baby Formula

Babies are so fragile, so parents tend to fuss over what is best for their children’s health. Besides, milk is ingested so it is really a serious matter to think about. Take a look at our list of essential factors to consider before purchasing baby formula.

  • Form

    The right form depends on what a parent needs or can tolerate when it comes to preparation. The three common forms are powdered, liquid concentrate and ready-to-use. Powdered formula is the most affordable and environment-friendly. It is portable, convenient to store, and easy to dispose of. The downside? It takes quite a while to prepare this baby formula. On the other hand, liquid concentrate formula needs proper mixing with water. It is easier to prepare than powdered formula but definitely more expensive.

    Lastly, we have a ready-to-use formula, the one that does not need any preparation. The baby can drink this straight out of the bottle. However, when you buy in bulk, ready-to-use formula bottles can take up a lot of space. This baby formula is also too expensive because of the short shelf life, high-quality content, and packaging.

  • Type

    Now, let’s talk about the most important thing – the content of the baby formula. After all, the baby’s need is much more important than what is convenient for the parent. There are actually many types to choose from: organic, human milk fortifier, specially enhanced, lactose-free, soy-based, hydrolyzed, cow’s milk and other special types. Organic formula is free from any genetic modification. Human milk fortifier is usually mixed with breastmilk because of some babies’ special needs. The specially enhanced formula is often for premature babies and ones with low birth weight. It typically has more protein, calories, and triglycerides.

    Going further, the lactose-free formula is for babies who have lactose intolerance. These babies cannot digest lactose, which is the natural sugar component in milk. Corn syrup is typically used as a substitute for lactose. Another alternative for babies with lactose intolerance is a soy-based formula, which is composed of a plant protein. Meanwhile, hydrolyzed formula is made of protein broken down into smaller parts for easier digestion. This is for babies struggling with weak nutrient absorption, allergy to the protein found in milk or even eczema.

    Lastly, cow’s milk formula is the most common type. Why is it popular? Cow’s milk has the perfect balance of fat, carbohydrate, and protein. It also resembles human milk the most. But, it is usually scientifically modified in baby formula for easier digestion. One example of a special type of baby formula is milk focusing on acid reflux or colic relief.

  • Component

    A responsible parent needs to be familiar with common nutrients or components found in baby formula. One baby formula may differ with its components compared to another product. The five major components usually found in baby formula are minerals, vitamins, fat, protein, and carbohydrate. Examples of other nutrients include probiotics, prebiotics, amino acids, dietary fiber, rice starch, and nucleotides. As much as possible, research about the components found on the product’s nutrition facts label. It is also best to consult your child’s doctor before buying baby formula. You can show the label to the doctor for better evaluation.

  • Doctor’s Approval

    We consider this as the most important factor. Your baby’s doctor knows what is good for your child when it comes to the type of formula you must purchase, as well as the nutrients your baby needs. A doctor’s recommendation or approval is credible because he would analyze your child’s needs, the state of health and age, then compare it to the baby formula’s components. As your baby consumes the formula, the doctor can definitely help in case you observe some symptoms and reactions.


Baby formula is essential for the infant’s holistic development if breastmilk is unavailable. Research and doctor consultation are two ways in ensuring that you would buy the best baby formula for your child. Different babies have different needs, so do not expect that a product would instantly work for your baby.