Best Baby Gates Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Baby Gates Buying Guide & Reviews
Best Baby Gates Buying Guide & Reviews

Baby gate is an addition to the house for the safety of the children. The baby gates confines the baby to enter into major rooms, halls and restricted sites of the house that may lead him/her to damage. So for the security of the babies, these gates are designed. These are mostly easy to handle and adjust. You can place it at various locations of the house like staircase, balcony and rooms as well. It protects the child from any harmful areas in the house like fireplace, stairs and washroom tubs.

Top 10 Best Baby Gates Comparison Table 2017

name ratingpriceFeaturesMaterialColor
Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate4.2$$Pressure mounted and expandableSteelWhite
Summer Infant Multi-Use Walk-Thru Gate4.5$$$Pressure mounted and ability to adjust between the rooms, auto close gateMetalBeige and bronze
Evenflo Position and Lock Wood Gate3.6$Easy and quick installation, also perfect for petsWoodTan and blue
Kidco Safeway Gate4$$Rotary joints to adjust the angle and adjustable widthSteelBlack and white
Carlson 0930PW Extra-Wide Walk-Thru Gate4.3$Nontoxic, easy setup and expandableSteelWhite
Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate4.4$$$Quick, easy installation, extra wide, open at both endsMetal constructionBrown and linen
North States Industries Supergate4.7$$$Self-closing gate with adjustable width and heightMetalWhite
Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate4.5$$$Washable, extra wide, ideal for home decor tooFabric with rubber bumpersWhite
Safety 1st Nature Next Bamboo Gate4.2$Durable, Pressure mounted system for installationPlastic and bambooBrown
North States Industries Supergate3.8$Contented handle, adjustable, unique sockets for extra securityPlasticWhite


Here are the main features of baby gates:

  • Height

    Mostly the gates that are available in the market vary in height. You can choose a gate according to the height of your child. Most of the gates are 36 inches in height and their width also varies accordingly. There is variety of brands in the market that offers the gate with a variety of heights; it depends upon you to choose a gate according to the height of the child.

  • Durable Construction Material

    The material of the gates should be sturdy. Mostly the material that is used for the manufacturing of these baby gates is plastic, steel, metal and wood. You can choose them according to your own choice.

  • Slat Spacing of the Gates

    The spacing between the slats and the bars are made in such a way that doesn’t allow a child to climb over it, and prevents its head from trapping. Usually this space is less than 3 inches. There are also some gates that have very close vertical and horizontal slats in order to ensure the security of the child.

  • Rubber Bumper

    In order to prevent the floor from damaging, some of the baby gates also have bumpers that are made up of rubber.

  • Rotary Joints

    The baby gates also have rotatory joints in order to allow the free movements. With the help of these joints you can easily adjust the height, width and various angles of the gate.

Types of Baby Gates

There are two main types of baby gates:

  • Pressure Mounted Baby Gates

    The pressure mounted gates are made up of two parts. One part is spring and another one is its pressure mechanism that fits the gate in both sides of the wall. These gates are quite easy to use but they have a disadvantage as these are easily push able by the larger children. So it can as a temporary solution. Moreover, these gates also lose their pressure after a certain period of time.

  • Hardware Mounted Baby Gates

    Another main type is hardware mounted baby gates. These gates are also easy to install as it only require mounting brackets. It can be adjusted at any place either it is room or stair case. There is also a walk through gate for movements or you can easily push the gate in one direction. These are made up of wooden; however few gates are also constructed by using the aluminum and iron.

Material Used In Baby Gates

Baby gates are usually made up of following three materials:

  • Wood

    The wooden gates are mostly attractive and these can be used for home decoration purposes as well. However, they cannot be extended by using a kit.

  • Plastic

    Plastic baby gates are usually inexpensive. These are light in weight and for that reason these are easily portable.

  • Metal

    The metallic baby gates are reliable and durable too. You can also extend the length and width of the gates by using an extension kit. The metallic gates are though expensive yet these are loved by the parents because of its best features and long lasting nature.

Things To Consider While Buying Baby Gates

Here are the main features that a baby gate must possess especially when you want to buy it:

  • Lightweight

    If you are planning to buy a bay gate then remember that it should be light in weight so that you can adjust it with comfort and ease. Mostly the plastic gates are light weight but these are not much reliable.

  • Portable

    A baby gate should be easily portable. For that purpose you need to buy a gate that is light in weight. You can adjust it at any place in your home.

  • Construction Material

    Also check the construction material of the baby gate, but all that depends upon your budget and requirements. If you want to buy an inexpensive gate then plastic gates are ideal for that purpose. But if you want to buy a durable gate then it is highly recommended to buy a metallic gate. You can add various colors in metallic gates and use it for several years.

  • Durable

    The durability of the gates is also very important. For that purpose, you need to buy a gate that is made up of wood or metal. Although these gates are expensive yet these are reliable and durable.

  • Expandable

    If you want to buy a gate then make sure that it should be expandable. There should be an option to adjust the width and height of the gate according to the height of the baby. But it is highly recommended to buy a gate that is at least 25 inches high. That will not allow the child to climb up.

  • Automatic Locking

    There should be an option of automatic locking in the baby gate. If you are searching for a baby gate then remembers that it should possess automatic locking feature in order to prevent the child to come out of it

  • Sufficient Height

    The height of the gate is also very important. Like mostly the gates that are available in the market have sufficient heights. But it is recommended to buy a gate that is three quarter of the height of the child or it is at least 20-30 inches high. For the children with taller heights, the gates with 40 inches of height are recommended.

  • Home Decor Purposes

    If you are buying a gate then make sure that it is attractive too. Besides safety purposes, you can also use this gate for home decoration ideas. Like if you are using a wooden gate then it is ideal to adjust at staircase that will look better. Similarly the metallic gates with multiple colors also serve in this way and ideal to use for home decoration as well.

  • Waterproof

    If you want to adjust your gate in lawn or at any place that is outside the home, then make sure before buying that it is waterproof or not. Otherwise it will damage the gate in rainy conditions.

  • Latches

    If you are buying a gate then clearly understand its latching mechanism. Remember that this gate should be easy to open for you but not for your child. Mostly the gates that have pressure released handles are ideal to use as these are difficult to open by the children.

  • Proper Measurements

    Before buying a gate, take the proper measurements of the house especially the part where you want to place or adjust this gate. Clearly identify the places which are actually dangerous for your baby and then buy a gate accordingly.

  • Flexibility in Installation

    Some of the companies also give you installation flexibility. Here a kit is provided along with the gates in order to adjust the various heights and the widths. Some kits also allow you to adjust the gate at any irregular place or in corners.

  • Free of Edges

    If you are buying a gate, then make sure that it should not have any edges and sharp corners. That can harm or cut the hands of the baby. Similarly if you are buying a wooden gate then try to avoid the splinters.

  • Choose the Right Type

    Choose the right type of the baby gate. The pressure mounted gates are usually not safe for the children. These can be easily pushed by the babies and also can fall over the babies. So it is not recommended for the naughty and overzealous toddlers.

  • Avoid the Gates with Openings

    If you are planning to buy a perfect baby gate that fulfill your requirements then it is also recommended to buy a baby gate that is free of openings. In this way, you will save you child from climbing.


Baby gates are most commonly used in our houses in order to secure our children from the damaging parts of our houses like fire place and stairs. There are variety of brands, materials and the colors of the baby gates, but you should go for that baby gate that meets all your needs. Try to choose a baby gate that is reliable, durable and that save your children from any damaging happenings in the house in case of any carelessness.

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