Best Baby Gates With Door


Baby gates are most commonly used in our houses when our children reach an age of 8 months. This is the right time to spend some money to buy a baby safety gate in order to ensure his/her security. The toddlers are protected by using these gates at doorways and staircase. These gates can also be used to prevent the toddlers from other damaging areas in the house like fireplace. But before buying these safety gates all the requirements must be cleared in your mind so that you can choose a right piece for your toddler.

Best Baby Gates With Door Comparison Table 2017

Carlson 0930PW Extra-Wide Walk-Thru Gate4.5$Nontoxic, steel construction, easy to useWhite12.2 pounds
Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate4$Steel design, convenient walking door, pressure mounting systemWhite13.2 pounds
Regalo Super Wide Gate4.5$Easy to fold and use, convenient design and also act as a play yard, steel designWhite31.4 pounds
Summer Infant Multi-Use Deluxe Wood Walk-Thru Gate4$Pressure mounting system, optional hardware mounting system and auto locking doorDark cherry10.8 pounds
Regalo Extra Tall Widespan Gate4$Steel design, pressure mounting system and auto locking doorWhite16.6 pounds

Baby Gates- An Overview

A toddler is more prone to the dangers when he starts crawling. He can harm himself in any way by entering into the rooms and other sites in the house. So in order to ensure the security of the child these gates are used. But that gate will protect your child only at a certain level of age, once your child learns to climb; these gates will be of no use after that. However the gates that are used to protect the child come in various designs and shapes and you can choose them accordingly.

Things to Consider

If you have a toddler in your home and you want to buy a gate to protect him/her, then you must know the qualities of the best gate so that you can get the finest product and spend your money for a right product. Here is the buying guide of the baby gates that will assist you to buy a good product:

  • Affordability

    If you are interested in buying a baby gate then always check the rates of the gates. If you will have an idea about it then you will not spend much money on these gates. So it is ideal to access the internet or visit the market to check out the rates. Choose the right brand with affordable prices. Make a list of all your requirements that you actually want to meet with these gates.

  • Ease of Use

    A gate should be easy to handle and use. Mostly the gates that provide you a feature of one hand opening is quite easy to use, as you can open the door with the help of a single hand when you are carrying your baby with another hand. For instance, Carlson 0930 walk-thru gate that is easy to handle and use.

  • Material

    The material of the gates also matters a lot. Mostly the gates are made up of plastic, wood and metal. Metal gates are expensive but these are durable and reliable like Regalo super wide gate. Plastic gates are less efficient in this way.

  • Read the Reviews

    Read the reviews of the users that will also help you a lot in buying a perfect gate for your toddler.

  • Ensure the Smooth Surfaces

    If you are buying a gate then make sure that the entire surface is smooth. That will protect the child`s hands from damaging, as these sharp edges and the corners can cut or damage the hands.

  • Easy to Open

    The baby gate should be easy to open and close by you but that should be difficult for your child. Mostly the gates that have one hand opening feature are the best for that purpose. Similarly the gates with push-able doors are also easy to open and close.

  • Safety Standards

    It is ideal to buy a gate with a label of JPMA (Juvenile products manufacturers association). That ensures all the security standards of the child. These gates are designed by following the instructions of the JPMA. In this way that ensures the safety of the child in a more efficient way.

  • Avoid the Diamond Shape Slats

    The gates with a diamond shape slats should be avoided. Also it is idea to buy a gate that has a slat spacing less than 2-3 inches. That will protect the head of the child from trapping. Similarly the holes or the gaps in the gates should also be less than 2 inches that will prevent the child from climbing over the gate.


Baby gates that are also known as safety gates are ideal to use especially when your children reach an age of 8-9 months. But before buying these gates, it is ideal to check the features and the prices of the gates. Moreover, always go for a gate that actually meets your needs to protect your baby. You can go for an option to buy summer infant multi use wooden walk thru gate in order to get the right product.

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