Best Baby Gates for Banisters


Top of the stairs are the most vulnerable place in your home if you have babies. In U.S.A only, there are more than 2.5 million injuries a year related to fall (source: CDC). The majority of fall injuries are due to stairs. The preventive action for this problem is the baby gate for stairs. But again, some people have banister on their stairs and are not allowed to screw the holes in it.

The solution of this problem is to use baby gates which get attached to banister without any holes or scratches. Now the problem is that you have choices in the baby gates for banisters. You need to find out which is the best solution for you. Read on and you’ll learn the different aspects to consider when buying. Based on those features, the 5 best baby gates for banisters are shared.

Best Baby Gates for Banisters Comparison Table 2017

Evenflo Secure Step Top of Stair Gate - Taupe3.5$$It’s an assembled gate so gets fit easily and quickly. Comes with a red / green indicator of lock. The gate can be opened with one hand easily. The height of gate is 30 inches and width ranges from 29 inches to 42 inches.18.6 lbs
Summer Infant Top of Stairs Gate with Banister Kit3.5$$It installs with a single banister at either top or bottom of stairs. It can also be used at different doors of the house and as a barricade at different areas.15.2 lbs
KidCo G32 Unfinished Wood Safeway Angle Mount for Top of Stairs4$$Can be operated by a bare hand. The gate can be removed easily. Height is 31 inches.8.6 lbs
Summer Infant Deluxe Top of Stairs Gate3.5$$$Width: 32” to 48”Height: 33”The material used is wood. The stairs can be attached with both banisters at top and bottom of stairs. You can also fit it in different areas of the home. The mechanism allows easy removal of gate.26 lbs
Regalo Top of Stair Gate, White4$Height: 30.5”Width: 26” to 42”Certification: JPMA Comes with banister kit. The gate can be opened with a single hand. The material used is steel.11 lbs

Things to Consider

When buying a baby gate specifically for banister based stairs, you need to analyze your routine and its relation with that stair. If the usage of stair is very often, you need a gate which can open and close quickly. If, when going through those stairs, you carry stuff in your hand then it should open up and get locked easily with your one hand.

If you’re looking to use a gate for more areas than stairs, you need to find one with larger extendable width. If you are home decor conscious then you need to see the appearance of the gate as well. This aspect however is something you can compromise on. But the areas like safety, durability, quick and easy installation, easy to pass are of top priority and shouldn’t be compromised on.

  • Mounts with Banister

    The most important of all – it should address the primary problem i.e. no scratching or screwing hole in the banister. The gate should come with a banister kit to avoid this issue. Also banister and the walls next to them have different types of dimensions and orientations. The gate’s kit should be capable to get installed in these varying conditions. KidCo G32 Unfinished Wood Safeway Angle Mount for Top of Stairs is top rated in this regard.

  • Safe and Secure

    A safe gate is the one which once gets locked then can only be opened by parents. A good handy tool is to have an indicator which confirms the parent that the gate is locked. The Evenflo Secure Step Top of Stair Gate – Taupe has a red / green indicator signifying if the gate is safe and sound.

  • Effortless Walk through

    A gate is supposed to block the way of your kids but not yours. It should be easy to open effortlessly with one hand. Its height should allow parents to walk through. It should swing both ways for further simplicity. To sum up, you should be in relief with that gate.

  • Quick Installation

    It’s directed to use by common house moms so it shouldn’t be difficult to set it up. A good gate is which is as much pre-assembled as possible so the installation is easy as well as super fast.

    Also, at times when you need to remove the gate like at the time of some occasion or a party, it should easily be detached and stored. Summer Infant Top of Stairs Gate with Banister Kit have a mechanism which is very quick and makes it very easy to release the gate.


So the decision is yours on which setting the priority of different features. We’re sharing the five best baby gates with banister kits – each specialized in a different attribute.

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