Best Baby Gates for Cats


A pet gate is used to prevent pets from involving themselves in danger, destroying the furniture, or keeping them away from some people who don’t like company of pets. In pet gates, some are designed especially for cats. They are constructed either to stop them or let them pass through and stop the larger pets. Most often, they’re used to separate the cats and dogs.

Best Baby Gates for Cats Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceFeaturesMaterial Weight
Carlson Home Decor 30304$$Comes with a small pet door which is patented. Its uniqueness is its cherry wood, making it a home decoration item as well. The height of gate is 32 inches. The width can extend up to 40 inches. The material is the sturdy steel. It can swing with one hand in both ways and has an automatic closing feature. The bumpers prevent scratches on walls. It’s rated as a gate with no problems and all solutions.Steel12 lbs
Carlson 0930PW4.5$Has a Small pet door for cats to pass from it.Made of strong steel which is nontoxic and free from lead The handle is released by just one touch Fitting is very easy and quick with locked pressure mounts. The height of gate is 30 inches. With the help of two extensions, the width ranges from 29 inches and 44 inches. It can be used in the living room, between the rooms and, if you employ it with the 4 wall cups, you can install it at stair top as well. It’s a very efficient gate if you want to limit your pet so they don’t damage themselves or the house property.Steel12.2 lbs
Carlson Tuffy 0624DS4$Has a small pet door for cats to pass through. The height of gate is 24 inches and the width ranges from 26 inches to 42 inches. The material is strong steel making it long lasting product. It’s Easy Fit Locking System (patented) and pressure mounts make the installation very easy and amazingly fast. The bumpers are made from rubber keep the walls scratch free. Its weight is surprisingly very low as compared with its counter-types, making it the most portable of them all.Steel7 lbs
Carlson 0680PW4$It’s only 18 inches tall with a small pet gate. Only suitable for small pets while you can easily walkthrough it. The material is durable solid steel with nontoxic and lead-free qualities. The width ranges from 29 inches to 38 inches, courtesy of the extension which comes with it. You can install this gate in hallways, doorways and at top of stairs as well (with the help of cups). The pressure mount system makes the installation very easy and super-fast.Steel5 lbs

Things to Consider

It’s very difficult to buy the correct gate with so many choices in the marketplace. It’s very important to know the attributes to consider before. We’ve shared essential characteristics and have drawn 5 best pet gates for cats out of all available.

  • Small Pet Door

    When buying a pet gate for cats, a small pet door is a must. Its size should be small enough so that only small cats pass through it and large pets remain blocked with the gate. All the five products shared have this feature with them. Some even have its patent.

  • Easy to Pass

    Like all gates, you need to have lock opened with one hand because there are times when you’re carrying things from one room to another. The height also needs to be just tall enough to block large pets and allow you to walk through it, just like Carlson 0930PW Walk-Thru Gate. It would be more convenient if the door can swung both ways and have auto close feature installed. The Carlson Home Decor Walk Through Pet Gate comes with both of these features.

  • Easy Fitting

    The gates having sturdy material comes with pressure mount system which makes them very easy and quick to install on the side of the doors or any other area of your house.

  • Fit for All Places

    Everyone has different places at house where they need a pet gate. The dimensions of these places also differ. A pet gate should meet these different requirements. For example, Carlson 0680PW Mini Gate with Pet Door, White can fit in staircases and between rooms as well.


A pet gate equals to an easy to fit and easy to use gate. Through the pet gate, the consumer needs to be at ease with its installation as well from its pet.

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