Best Baby Gates for Dogs


Your house isn’t a safe place even for your dog. There are harmful things for it everywhere. The list includes rotten food, baby’s toys, Litter, electric wires, cleaning chemicals, indoor plants so on and so forth. If you want to keep your dog safe from these hazards, you need to employ pet gates at the places these things exist.

It’s the most efficient way to keep your dog secure and protected from these dangers. They not only protect your dogs but they also keep your assets safe from them as they might damage your property as well. Also, there are people who don’t like company of dogs so you can keep them away from dogs when they’re home.

Best Baby Gates for Dogs Comparison Table 2017

Pawhut Pet / Dog Playpen Fence4.5$$$Made from wood having an attractive look. The wood material also is very strong and will serve for a very long time. The panels can be unfolded and folded easily to adjust to various widths and for easy storage and movement in different parts of house. The height of gate is 29.75 inches and its width range is from 0.625 inches to 3.125 inches. The space between two splits is 1.25 inches. It’s a very lucrative gate who wants an effective barricade with a beautiful appearance.Wood14 lbs
Carlson 0680PW 4$This gate is for small dogs and puppies. Its height is merely 18 inches so you can easily walk-through it. It also has a small pet door of 10x7 inches through which small breeds can pass along when allowed. It’s made with free from lead and nontoxic steel. With 4 pressure mounts, its installation is very easy, safe and secure. This makes it a very long lasting product. It’s suitable for both stairways and room to room blockage. Keep the note that you need wall cups to install on top of stairs. Its width ranges from 29 inches to 38 inches.Steel13.6 lbs
Pet Parade Folding Pet Gate4$Comes at a height of 24 inches with a folded width of 18 inches to store when not needed. It can easily be moved at various places of within the room and at doorways as well. Its height is efficient even for tall dogs. The panels can be unfolded to 54 inches. The material is “Z” pattern furniture quality with no requirement of wall attachments.Furniture Quality4 lbs
Carlson Extra Tall Metal Expandable Pet Gate4.5$A dog gate with a small patented pet door to easily pass them through. Its height is 32 inches with a width range from 26 inches to 42 inches. The material used is steel metal. This makes it a very durable, tough, and powerful product. Comes with easy fit locking system (patented) and pressure mounts, making the installation very easy and super-fast. Its amazing feature is that it’s a very lightweight product. You can easily move it around.Steel9 lbs
Wood Paw Print DÉcor Pet Gate Black4$One of the most beautiful gates, printed with wood paw decor. Comes with height of 19 inches and width ranges from 24 inches to 46 inches. The material used wood with black finish complements the designing on it. Installation is very easy and quick. A very secure and sturdy gate to prevent puppies and small breeds from going through dangerous places. No hardware or drilling of furniture is required. The installation is temporary and can be unfolded easily.Wood9.2 lbs

Things to Consider

To know the features required for a pet gate, you need to know the places where you want to keep them and what type of pet you have. If you’ve puppies then a short height gate would suffice else for big dogs a long height gate is a must. If you want them at the start and end of stairs, then you can consult products specifically for stairs. The gates required for doorways and hallways are different than the conventional baby gates.

Once you’ve concluded these two points, see the size of the gate required and what obstacles exist in installing these gates. It might be that you’ve to pass from the area very often where you want the gate. So the gate should be with easy walk-through. There might be high baseboards so you need where you can adjust bottom and top areas separately. We’ve shared five best dog gates in various materials with different heights, each meeting a separate need. You also have the choice to see if it matches your home decor.

  • Height Requirement

    A low height is sufficient if you have small dogs. You need to keep in mind that it would be easy for you to walk-through. Pawhut Wood Pet / Dog Playpen Fence is a very good product.

  • Fit for Different Spaces

    The width should be extendable and adjustable to different widths to fulfill the barrier requirement at difficult areas as well. Just like Carlson 0680PW Mini Gate with Pet Door, White

  • Easy to Setup

    Self-standing or mount systems need to be present to make installation hassle free and quickly.

  • Compressible

    The gates are often needed to move around or stored for some time. They need to be foldable and lightweight.Carlson Extra Tall Metal Expandable Pet Gate is a very good choice in this regard.

  • Appearance

    Nowadays people give attention to the look of gate as well. The material, its color, designs, and prints also play a crucial role when selecting a gate. For instance Wood Paw Print DÉcor Pet Gate Black has a paw design intricate which looks very appealing.


So the ideal gate changes with requirement in space, size of pet and even the home decoration requirement. You need to see and evaluate what attributes are must and what are optional for you.

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