Best Baby Gates for Living Room or Kitchen


When you are buying commodities for your children, you often prioritize some item to be more secure and efficient while for some you go to be more attractive. Baby gates often come in the first category. The reason behind being that these were invented for safety purpose. But with the increasing number of choices, more people are looking for more than a protected and ugly baby gate to something which is accustomed to the house.

When it comes to a gate for an indoor purpose, customization is the order of the day. You might have been exhausted from buying a new baby gate for each and every new purpose. If you are, then I have shared five of my best baby gates for a living room or/and kitchen purpose. Each of these has its competitive edge which might be what you need.

Best Baby Gates for Living Room or Kitchen Comparison Table 2017

Regalo Walk Thru Gate4.5$Height: 38”Width: 29” up to 44”Certification: American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and (JPMA). Play Area on all panels used: 18.5 sq.ft. Usage: Indoor and OutdoorMetal14.4 lbs
North States Industries Metal Gate4.5$Width: 31” up to 38.5”Height: 29”Usage: Indoor for stairs and roomsMetal13.6 lbs
North States Industries Metal Gate4.5$$Height: 38”Width: 29.5” to 44”Certification: JPMA, and ASTM. Usage: Indoor; in rooms and between roomsMetal36.6 lbs
Cardinal-Versagate Pet Gate4$$Width: 40” to 80”Usage: Indoor; as a barrier and play-yardPlastic1 lbs
Summer Infant PlaySafe Playard4.5$Certification: JPMA and American Pet Association (APA).Height: 30”Play-Yard Area: 18.5 sq ftPlastic11.8 lbs

Things to Consider

The baby gates firstly should serve its purpose. In a living room or kitchen, some need them as a barrier to places harmful for children, others need to make a boundary or shell for their infants to play. The aim behind both is same, reduce the chaos in the life of the mother and secure the area for their toddlers. Further, the gate serving this purpose shouldn’t be hard to operate or difficult to install. Experts have provided attributes which should be taken into consideration before buying the baby gate for the indoor environment.

  • Safety First

    It’s the primary characteristic of a baby gate. Firstly, the locking system shouldn’t be breached by a child. The parents should be relaxed that the child can’t exit the premises without their help. The most secure in this regard is North States Industries Gate. It comes in the special triple locking system. It should also be with a walk-through feature for adults so they can enter and exit the place easily just like North States Industries Gate. The doors should also open both ways as it’s very helpful at times of urgency. This feature is available in Summer PlaySafe Playard.

  • Multi-Purpose

    Using different gates for different purposes is costly. The baby gate for living room should serve the purpose of a barrier as well as of a small play area. In order to be multipurpose, a gate needs to have sufficient extensions and panels to cover a wide variety of widths. Also, the bars should be as minimum as possible as it would be less costly and could make a circle as well then. The Cardinal-Versagate Pet Gate is a good choice as it can even adjust in difficult places. Further, it should not rot the quality of floor or carpet or whatever the surface is. It should have a rubber at its bottom for this purpose. The material should have qualities to protect itself from different weather conditions as these doors might be used in an open air environment as well.

  • Hassle Free Installation

    The installation gate should be with ease. In an ideal way, you should just take the panels out, unfold it, and connect it. This type of installation makes it portable as you can anytime disconnect and fold the panels to move them around. North States Gate has a very easy installation. The consumer would be delighted if there is no hardware requirement in this.

  • Using Required Material

    The gates are supposed to work at least four to five years (till the time the baby gets some sense). Also, toddlers require assistance sometimes and when you’re not there, the gate should be sufficient. So they should be strong and resilient. North States Industries Metal Gate constructed with metal is coated with a powder of bronze for this purpose.


Solid material, easy to use, easy to install and most importantly security are the primary features you should look in a gate for a living room or kitchen.

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