Best Baby Gates for Stairs


Baby gates serve the purpose of stopping the babies to pass some areas. One of those areas is stairs. They have different opening and are dangerous for babies. So gates for stairs need to be adjustable for different sizes and are suppose to stop babies from passing. When they’re employed, parents feel relief about their children and housework freely. Experts have studied consumer reviews and analyzed the qualities of a good baby gate for stairs.

Best Baby Gates for Stairs Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceFeaturesProduct SizeWeight
Regalo Top of Stair Gate4$$Its material is all metal, no wood. The width ranges from twenty six inches to forty two inches. The fitting is with hard-rubber so furniture doesn’t get damaged. The lock, having clutch handle feature, can easily be opened with one hand only.2x42x30 inchesEleven lbs
Summer Infant Deluxe Stairway Wood Gate4$$$The finishing of gate is with antique oak. It’s one gate for hallways, stairways, doorways. The installation is four-point. The height of gate is 32 inches. The width is 30 inches and can extend to 48 inches. The lock is a grip button which can easily be opened with one hand. The swing can be stopped in case you don’t need it when mounted on stair top.31x3x29.5 inches8.9 lbs
North States Industries Supergate Stairway Swing Gate4$The gate is U.S.A made. Its height is 30 inches with a width of 28 inches. The width can extend up to 42 inches. One gate to use in hallways, stair top and stair bottom. It can be opened with a safety switch by one hand only. The gate is mounted on all sides for installation and is very easy.29x25.5x2 inches6.1 lbs
The First Years Hands Free Gate4.5$$The material is metal. Its most unique feature is foot pedal opening. So you don’t need hands to open it. The gate can open both ways. Its width is 29 inches and comes with an extension making it 34 inches wide. You can also buy additional extensions to make the width up to 44 inches. It’s recommended not to use at top of stairs.3x29.2x32.4 inches13.5 lbs
Kidco Safeway Gate, Top of Stairs Gate4$$The material is all steel. The gate can be used between rooms and on stair top. Its height is 30.5 inches and width is 24.75 inches. The width can increase up to 43.5 inches. Its unique quality is that all its joint rotate so you can have a secure lock1.5x43.5x30.5 inchesTwo lbs

Things to Consider

The most basic requirements are that the gate at stair top should fit on all types of openings. Also, it should mount with edge of stairs. Further there is the height which should be high enough for tall infants as well. It’s good if it opens in one way only and the bottom area can’t be passing through.

  • Optional Extensions

    The gate needs to have extensions to increase the width so it can fit in different types of opening. Summer Infant Deluxe Stairway Wood Gate is very good in this regard as it has width of 30 inches has an extension with the product to increase its width by 48 inches.

  • Secure

    The material of gate should be hard enough to lock the edge of stairs strongly so it doesn’t break open or opens up in the wrong direction as well. An efficient way is to have screws and bolts to make sure it gets fit tightly. Also the bars should be vertical so the kids don’t climb on it. Kidco Safeway Gate is highly recommended by consumers in this matter. It’s rated as infant-proof and protected-bolt gate.

  • Pedal Lock

    The user can easily use the gate with this feature. It also gives a security as the lock can only be opened by parents. The First Years Hands Free Gate is operated by the lock pedal so parents can come and go and open it even with your full hands as it’s opened by foot. Other gates have a lock at top which are reported to be less secure.

  • Ease of Use

    A good gate is one which can easily be employed. The critical requirement when installing the gate is having the correct tension. This is very difficult sometimes especially in the case of extensions. If this isn’t right the lock mechanism gets stiff at closing time. Also, the gate should be audible at the time of locking and opening so it can alert you. Kidco Safeway Gate has a very good reputation in this regard. Consumers get very surprised when they see its fitting is as simple as in manual.

  • Multiple Finishes Matching your Decor

    Nowadays, users also require a gate which enhances or at least matches their home decoration. The attributes seen are the bars on the gate, its material, and color. Kidco Safeway Gate has earned the highest rating in this regard. It comes in metal and wood option. The colors are black, white, light wood, dark wood, and you can have its combination as well.


So with time and number of options available, a good gate should be easily employed, secure, with easy usage and a variety of options to support décor.

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