Best Baby Gates For Wide Openings


Baby gates are the best option to limit the activity of the children in our houses and protect them from potential damages. These can also be used for pets to restrict them in a certain portion of our houses. These gates are available in market with variety of options.

You can choose them according to your needs like expandable, pressure mounted, hardware mounted and baby gates with pet doors. The gates that we use for wide openings like terrace, fireplace and big halls possess some extra features, like they have different dimensions to adjust. The only thing that you must remind is the quality of the product, always go for that option that suits you and that serves you in a better way.

Best Baby Gates For Wide Openings Comparison Table 2017

Regalo Easy Open Super Wide Gate 4$11.3 poundsWhiteSteel construction
KidCo AutoClose HearthGate4.5$$$22 poundsBlackSteel
Four Paws Free-Standing Gate4$11.3 poundsBrownWood
North States Industries Extra-Wide Gate4.5$12.2 poundsIvoryPlastic
North States Industries Swing Gate3.5$8.1 poundsBrownSteel

Things To Consider While Buying Baby Gates

Before buying the gates for wider openings of your house, consider following things in mind in order to get the better product:

  • Durability

    The durability of the material should be at your first priority in order to get the best product. Mostly steel and woody materials are used for the manufacturing of these gates but it is important to properly check it and make a wise decision to buy it. It is ideal to buy a steel gate rather than wood gate like Northstate industries swing gate. These are more reliable than others.

  • Affordability

    It is also very important to make the decisions according to your budget. The gates should be user and as well as budget friendly. Do not go for a much expensive gate as it will be of no use for you when your baby will reach an age of 2 years. So it is important to buy these gates according to budget and need.

  • Construction Material Of Gate

    Talking about the construction material of the baby gates we can say that the most commonly used materials are steel, wood, plastic and metal. The wooden and metallic gates are reliable but these are expensive as well. Similarly the plastic gates are inexpensive but these are less reliable than others. These are also light in weight and portable. So it depends upon you to choose a gate that meets your needs and that is according to your budget.

  • Expandable

    If you are using the gate for wide openings then remember that it should be expandable. Most of the gates that are expandable have a property to get folded when there certain parts are not in use. But for the gates that are not expandable you need to buy the extensions in order to cover the larger area.

    But whatever the gate you will buy make sure that it should properly cover the damaging areas like staircase and fire place. The Fourpaws free standing gate gives you the best features of expanding the gate according to the dimensions of the area. You can expand it and fold the extra portions of the gate that are not in use.

  • Locking system

    The locking system of the gate should be reliable. It should be convenient to use for you but not for your child, like the Kidco auto close hearth gate give you the best locking system and it is reliable than others.

  • One hand opening

    The gates that provide a feature of one hand opening is the best in this way, as they will allow you to open the door with one hand while holding your baby with another hand. Regalo easy open super wide gate is the best option to buy in order to get that feature.

  • Buy online

    There are various online sites; you can visit them to buy these gates online. But before buying do not forget to read the reviews of the people in order to get the better product. These reviews will help you to find the better product for you.

  • Meet the standards of JMPA

    The gate should also meet the standards of the JPMA. In this case, they allow the manufactures of the gates to make these gates under the standards of the JPMA. These gates are safe to use. They do not have wider openings and slats. These standards also make sure that there is no toxic material used in the gates.


Baby gates are normally used to protect the toddlers from the injuries. These gates can be used at both narrow and wider places of the house. If you are using these gates for wider openings like fire place then remember to fix it in proper way and always do thorough research before buying these gates, so that they can give their best to you.

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