The Best Baby Gym for Newborns


Who says playtime is for toddlers and big kids only? Babies as young as zero months old can already enjoy sounds and interesting textures.

To keep your child entertained, check out the best baby gym for newborns.

Our Pick: The Play Gym by Lovevery

Designed by experts on child development, The Play Gym by Lovevery aims to develop the physical, motor, cognitive, and visual learning of a newborn. It can even be used as your baby’s personal area in his toddler years.

Now, let’s get specific about the features of this baby gym. It has five special zones to ensure full development. It includes sections for colors, hide-and-seek, focus, sounds, and other items for sensory exploration.

Despite the number of development zones, this product won’t overstimulate your baby. Each feature can be removed or concealed whenever necessary. For example, areas around the mat can be opened and closed.

Another example is the set of removable accessories that come with this play gym. It includes a batting toy made of sustainable wood, ball and teether consisting of organic materials, and four replaceable learning cards.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, all materials on this infant gym are 100% safe for babies. Again, they’re organic and sustainable.

To keep the gym stable, it has wooden legs. You might think it would require some time for assembly, but it’s truly convenient. Setup and storage will only take a couple of minutes without the need for tools.

More about convenience, the gym has a compact form when folded. When it comes to cleaning, you can easily wipe small stains. If you want a more thorough work, just detach the legs and zones to safely clean the machine-washable mat.

Runner Up: Baby Einstein Caterpillar & Friends Gym

If you’re looking for something musical, Baby Einstein Caterpillar & Friends Gym is a great choice. It has eight classical tunes with a playtime of 20 minutes.

Since the toys are removable, they can be played no matter how much your baby moves. They’re perfect until your child becomes a toddler.

Notice the huge star on top? As expected, it is removable. The best part, however, is its fun light effects.

Also Great: Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome

Playtime isn’t just an indoor thing. With Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome, your baby will remain entertained even outdoors. It can also be a portable “crib” for comfortable naptimes away from home.

Don’t worry about the harsh sunlight and irritating bugs; this special baby gym has its own canopy. Your child stays cool and free from insect bites.

Just like regular play gyms, this product has removable toys, too. It is also foldable. To enhance portability, its handles will make it easier for you to carry it around when folded.

Also Great: Infantino Twist-and-Fold Activity Gym

Made of non-toxic polyester, Infantino Twist-and-Fold Activity Gym is very durable and safe for babies. In addition, its teether is 100% free from the harmful bisphenol-A (BPA).

When you need to store this baby gym at home or bring it to your next travel, it can be folded in just two quick steps. You may even link the toys together to store them in just one place.

For other features, this product has a big mirror for your baby’s enjoyment. It also has a free extra-soft pillow to keep your child comfortable during tummy time.

Also Great: Skip Hop Baby Activity Gym/Playmat

If you prefer something that’s packed with features, we highly recommend Skip Hop Baby Activity Gym/Playmat. It includes 17 activities essential for your child’s development. It even has 13 loops so you can hang the toys anywhere, even low enough for a newborn.

Unlike most playmats, the one included in this product is composed of various fabrics. Different textures will trigger your baby’s curiosity, which is crucial for exploration and learning.

To give you an idea of how interesting this baby gym is, it has a squeaky flower and crinkly leaves to easily catch your child’s attention. The mirror is also placed right in the mat for more exciting tummy time. It can obviously be removed so you can still wash the mat.

Budget Pick: BATTOP Large Baby Play Mat Gym

Surely you’ve noticed the adorable piano keyboard attached to this product. BATTOP Large Baby Play Mat Gym can help you encourage your child to pursue music in the future. And, the best part? The placement of the piano is at the bottom so an infant can simply kick it to play a melody.

We should also highlight the five amusing toys this baby gym provides. It comes with a crescent moon, star, owlet, heart, and bear. They come in different shapes and colors for visual stimulation.

How to Use the Best Baby Gym for Newborns

Despite the awesome features of the best baby gym for newborns, an infant won’t be able to enjoy all of them in the first few months of his life. Good thing that Parents Magazine has a helpful take on appropriate gym activities for newborns. Here are some highlights:

  • Help your baby explore sounds by using the play gym’s rattle. If he can’t hold it yet, slowly shake the rattle several inches away from his face. This will improve his eye coordination.
  • You may also shake the rattle a little farther away from your baby’s face. Do it in different angles. The expected reaction is your child moving his head toward the sound.
  • To spark your baby’s curiosity, let him shake the rattle from time to time (detach the toy from the center, if necessary). Make sure you’re guiding his hand all the way.
  • Let your baby have the chance to hold the rattle with both hands. Don’t just focus on one side to ensure development on both sides of the brain.


We selected The Play Gym by Lovevery as the best baby gym for newborns. It is simple and spacious, which is practical for infants. Its extra-soft mat will keep your child comfortable whether he’s awake or fast asleep.

Speaking of a sleeping baby, is it okay if you sleep beside a newborn? The answer might surprise you.