Best Baby Mobile


Choosing the best baby mobile for your child is not only about the attractiveness of the toys. The mobile has to provide mental stimulation for your baby. It’s not just there as a decoration or a simple attachment on his crib. It’s there to entertain and stimulate your child’s mind. There are different types of mobiles but parents often find that the ones that make sounds get their baby’s attention the most.

According to studies, there are huge benefits of musical toys for kids. But it’s not the only factor that you should consider in picking the right mobile for you baby. We have listed down some of the best baby mobiles that you can choose from.

Our Pick: Tiny Love Classic Mobile

Our number one pick is the Tiny Love Classic Mobile. This is an extremely multifunctional mobile that addresses a lot more than entertain your child. It addresses quite a number of your baby’s developmental needs. The mobile includes different hanging toys, each with a unique character. As the mobile spins, your baby can see spinning beads to keep him preoccupied. The music box plays soothing music that continuously plays for 20 minutes. The tunes are classical songs and nature sounds.

Runner Up: VTech Baby On-the-Moove Activity Bar

The VTech Baby On-the-Moove Activity Bar is second on our list. It’s a cute mobile with animal designs, the cow on the middle, that make different sounds to amuse your baby. The cow, when pressed produces cheerful phrases and playful songs and melodies. Your baby can also swing the cow back and forth which will activate the motion sensor for the toy to make the sounds. The bird has a textured ring which you baby can grab to practice his motor skills. He can also examine himself on the small mirror attached to the ladybug.

You can easily attach the baby mobile to carriers with its expandable straps. Your baby is sure to have loads of fun and mental stimulation playing with this mobile.

Also Great

A really great alternative is the SHILOH Deluxe Baby Plush Crib Mobile which offers different sound stimulations. The hanging toys on the mobile includes soft plush rattles and squeakers, and the mobile itself has a built-in music box which plays 60 popular songs. Entertain and preoccupy your baby with this music box which keeps playing for 60 minutes. You can also set the mobile to spin. There are controls to set the volume up or down, and rewind or forward the music.

This mobile hangs from an adjustable holder which can be set to 3 different styles on your baby’s crib. The toys come in nice pastel colors that are attractive and pleasant to baby’s eyes.
If you want something simpler, your child will appreciate this VTech Baby Swing and Sing Monkey. The great thing about this mobile is that it’s multifunctional. Your child can play with the toy when it’s removed from the carrier or crib. Whether hanging or not, you can press on the bright red colored monkey’s button for it to play upbeat music for your child. It also produces phrases that teach your baby about body parts and colors.

The mobile includes 8 textured rings that your baby can play with to develop motor skills. This is also what you use to connect the mobile to car seats, strollers, and more. Best part is this comes at a really great price.
Also an interesting option is the Baby Critters Giraffe Baby Crib Toy. It’s a wrap-around style mobile that hangs on your baby’s crib but also attaches to strollers, swing, and car seats when traveling. It’s a lively mobile that includes brightly colored plush toys suitable for 12 months and above.

The elongated giraffe body is what you will use to thread the mobile around the rails of the crib or stroller. Entertain your baby with the hanging toys that he can reach out and touch. It has different textures so it can stimulate his curiosity. He can play with the squeaky ball or the teething key, and look at himself in the little mirror.

A disadvantage of this mobile is it’s made of polyester but is not machine washable. But you can easily hand wash it.

Budget Pick

Sold at an amazingly low price is the Hangqiao Baby Music Plush. You can hang it from a crib or a stroller. The hanging toys help develop your baby’s tactile senses as well as hand and eye coordination. These cute toys are made of velvet which is soft to touch. Its music box rotates in a circular direction to grab your child’s attention.

One disadvantage is that the color is plain and not very lively for kids.

How to Choose the Best Baby Mobile

Your baby will spend a lot of time lying on the crib or sitting when he’s a bit bigger. It is important to choose a baby mobile that will address his needs and keep him entertained at the same time. Simple toys that are intentionally textured help support the development of a child’s motor skills. Music is also a wonderful feature because it stimulates your baby’s mind.

  • Hanging Toys

    The types of toys that hang from the baby mobile play an important role. Choose a mobile that features toys that have different textures and lively colors. This will encourage your baby to reach out to them and play. However, it is also important to keep in mind your baby’s preferences. Not all babies like animals. Some like cars and some have a certain preference for a particular color.

  • Cribs and Carriers

    Make sure you know where you are placing the baby mobile. Those that attach to cribs are only compatible with a certain measurement or thickness of the crib. Check the dimensions of your baby’s crib before purchasing the mobile. Some mobiles are more versatile and can also be transferred to a carrier or car seat. These offer a great value because you can bring it with you when you travel.

  • Music

    One of the most important factors in choosing a baby mobile is the type of sounds the toys produce. Some include a music box which is great for your baby’s mental stimulation. Others have squeaky toys or rattles. All these sounds help grab your child’s attention.

  • Movement

    Not all mobiles move. Movement is also a nice feature of a baby mobile. Some are wind operated, meaning they move when there is some wind movement. Others you need to wound up. There are also battery operated ones.

There are other extra features that you can also look into. Some have flashing lights and others feature glow in the dark toys.