Best Baby Monitors for New Born Babies


Out go several months of pains and labours. In come the joys and blessings of a new born. There are changes to be made. New things are to be bought. Getting a monitor should be on your list. Don’t let the thought of it make you worry. This guide will help you get the right one in a jiffy.

Best Baby Monitors for New Born Babies Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceBattery TimeTypeRange
Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor4.5$$4 hoursAudio plus motion820 feet
Foscam FBM3501 Digital Video Baby Monitor4$$$3 hours +Audio plus motion800+ feet
Snuza Baby Monitor, Hero4.5$$Non-rechargeable 24 hours +Motion detector only-
Foscam FBM2307 Digital Video Baby Monitor4$$3 hours +Digital Video HD980 feet

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Best Baby Monitors for New Born Babies

  • Transmission

    Your new born will be sleeping most of the time but that doesn’t mean you can afford to have interruptions or interferences causing disruptions. Getting a proper monitor is crucial, especially at this early and beginning stage. Steer clear of any analog devices such as the simple baseline audio baby monitors.

    These may seem like a cheap option but the last thing you want is a mishap because of a fault or shortcoming in the monitor’s transmitting system. Digital transmission is the way to go here as with the Angelcare AC-1100. You don’t necessarily have to choose video if you don’t want to. Many devices offer digital transmission simply with audio as well.

  • Video

    Video is the recommended route for parents and their newborns; audio is not a bad option but in comparison to visual feedback; there’s no rocket science behind why it is more considerable. When you choose a video monitor for your new born then make sure the screen or display on the receiver (parent unit) is of adequate size.?By adequate we mean that you can easily view the picture on it.

    Furthermore the quality should not be blurred. In fact it should be so detailed that you can easily tell when your baby’s eyes are open, mouth is open, fingers are clenched, etc.?Consider a high resolution device such as the Motorola MBP36 as a newborn’s features are already ‘squished’ from having travelled through the birth canal.

    Jokes aside; a video monitor will give you the peace of mind and also save you from the maddening impulse generated by audio only monitors to go and check up on the baby at the slightest rustle and creek. If you hear any sound you can simply check up on the screen and see what it is.

  • Motion Sensors

    Motion sensor technology, albeit somewhat new, is generating waves in the market. While there are baseless claims made by companies floating around as well, there is no denying the fact that these do provide an additional layer of protection and assurance to tensed and panicked parents.

    Motion sensors or sensor pads basically keep track of a baby’s movements. E.g. if the sensor will detect any abrupt change it will report to the receiver as in the Snuza Hero which will then process the ‘change’ and see if this is irregular, an issue in the breathing pattern or simply a baby waving its arms.

    False alarms can be an issue here and if it happens to take its toll on you then you not to worry. Certain manufacturers have found a way around false alarms by developing ingenious devices which operate in a more ‘refined’ fashion rather than simply triggering the alarm on every movement.

  • Two Way Communication

    We’re not sure if you are one of them but many parents like to talk and sing to their newborns. If you are in touch with the medical or physiological sciences then you would know that among the first of the sensory organs are the ears to develop. They actually develop while the baby is inside the mother’s womb.

    Furthermore research has proved that singing or talking to babies has an effect as they are listening and ‘catching’ onto every word. A two way transmitter will not only allow you to hear in on your baby but also you can talk to him/her. Though make sure that there is a volume control button and that the transmission is clear. While you can sift through static, etc; your baby won’t take kindly to weird noises.


We conclude with the following statement. Nothing is more precious than the life of your baby. Invest once, invest wisely. The monitor is an investment into your baby’s well being; it is not a onetime purchase with any apparent value. As long as the monitor is transmitting fine and without generating static or dropping signals; it is performing its duty of keeping you informed, and if the basics are covered then the rest can easily be handled.

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