Best Baby Monitors Under $100


Budgets ahoy! Not like the recession can come even close to stealing the pleasure and ecstasy you get from having an addition of a bundle of joy to family; the fact remains that there is lots of purchasing to be done and a limited piggy bank. However, despite what others may have told you, $100 is actually being pretty generous. If you’ve read our guide on getting the best monitor under $50 then you’ll what we mean. $100 means you can easily afford something above average.

Best Baby Monitors Under $100 Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceBattery timeFeaturesRange
Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor4.5$$4 hours +• Under the matress sensor pad
• Voice activated or continuous sound transmission
• 8 channels
• Range of 820'
• Nursery night light
800 feet +
Foscam FBM23074$$3 hours +Digital Video HD980 feet +
Samsung SEW-3035WN4$$$6 hours +Digital wireless video350 feet +
Graco 17730253$2.5 hours +Audio only with low battery indicator, vibration and 2.4/0.9 GHz frequency600 feet +

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Baby Monitors Under $100

  • Audio or Video

    You don’t really have to deliberate much on this. You would already be having a smart phone or a tablet. Get a monitor with video support. You can do without a dedicated monitor. However if the case is otherwise (such as lacking a smart phone, etc) then you can still find something within the $100 range. See to it that the video quality is fine as well as the screen on the monitor is at least 2.3 inches or more. There are certain features to be ensured pertaining to video which will be discussed below.

  • Transmission and Range

    Either you get a device with digital transmission or Wi-Fi support such as the Samsung SmartCam Wireless Day/Night. Furthermore ensure that the range is (at the minimum) 500 ft. This value makes up for obstructions indoors as well.

    Digital transmission sends signals in the form of packets (similar to Wi-Fi technology) and is therefore not only instantaneous but also has less packet loss. Packet loss is when feedback is poor. Compare this to analog which has a lot of noise; consumes more battery and is barely reliable.

  • Night Vision

    When getting video functionality on your monitor then ensure it has night vision as well. Night vision means you won’t have to forgo the video feature at night. More aptly put, when you hear a sound in the middle of the night then you won’t have to rush over to his/her room in a panicked state.?Rather you can simply check the monitor and see if there is an actual issue or just the rustling of the wind, etc. The Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor has up to 15ft of Night Vision range.

  • Talk back – two way communications

    Let’s say you check up on a sound and it is your baby being restless. Instead of going over and talking to him/her you can simply speak into the monitor. Most devices come with two way audio meaning the baby can hear you via its unit as well. However this depends on your requirements, e.g. if the baby sleeps nearby at night then you go and check directly as well.

  • Multiple Unit Support

    If you have more than one child which needs monitoring then make sure that the device you are buying has multiple (baby) units or at least supports the use of multiple units on the same monitor. However if you are getting a device with Wi-Fi connectivity then you can easily pair up multiple devices without any worry.

  • Low Battery Indicator

    Rather safe than sorry. A battery indicator should not be forgone as many times parents are unaware and /or busy with different occupations. They bought a monitor to alert them about their child. If the batteries are dead or even low then the monitor won’t perform properly.

    Voice Activation / Deactivation

    You can save on battery drainage by getting a device with a voice activation feature. It works by going into standby (partial switch off) when your baby hasn’t made any sound (or the device hasn’t detected any sound) for a given time (1-2 minutes, adjustable).


For the given budget you can easily get a decent baby monitor which will even have a couple of extras. A good way to remain in budget is to get a monitor only device rather than one with a transmitter. Of course this is subject to you having a tablet or smart phone as well. All that remains is to ensure that the basics are covered. You can check out our buying guide for more details before deciding which monitor to buy.

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