Best Baby Movement Monitors


While getting a movement monitor isn’t such a difficult feat; getting the right one which doesn’t wake you up in the middle of the night for nothing as well as sounds the alarm in a moment of distress; that is a challenge, which is where this guide comes in; read on for things to look out for.

Best Baby Movement Monitors Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceBattery TimeTypeRange (ft.)
Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor4.5$$4 hoursAudio plus motion820 feet
AngelCare AC-11004$$$$5 hoursVideo650 feet
Snuza Baby Monitor, Hero4.5$$Non-rechargeable 24 hours +Motion detector only-
Babysense Hisense 5s Baby Safe Infant Movement Monitor4.5$$$24 hours +Sensor pad type motion only detector400+ feet

Things to Consider When Purchasing Baby Movement Monitors

  • Motion Sensors

    The best baby movement monitor will be equipped with specialized motion sensors. Now there are different kinds of motion sensors. One type of motion sensor involves installing pads beneath your baby’s mattress in the cot. What this pad does is that it detects the weight distribution and breathing patterns of your sleeping baby.

    Note that these pads are used while the baby is sleeping and many companies market these specific models as anti-SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). We won’t go into detail about SIDS but the fact remains that these kinds of motion pads detect if your baby is motionless or showing an irregular sleeping posture or pattern then it will raise the alarm.

    The other type of motion sensor is a clip-on sensor. An excellent example of a monitor utilizing this technology is the Snuza Hero which allows you to easily attach via clip the transmitter to the baby’s diaper at the waist band. This type is better than using padded motion detectors as they afford parents (and the baby) a lot more freedom. Furthermore feedback isn’t restricted subject to a baby rolling/moving within his / her cot only.

  • Video Output

    The best baby movement monitor isn’t the best if it doesn’t provide video feedback. Whenever you get motion feedback or hear the alarm go off because of motion (or the lack of it); you will rush for the baby’s room or cot to check up on him / her.

    Now if you had video in the monitor such as in the Angelcare AC-1100 you would simply check up on your baby via video and see what caused the alarm. Mostly you can shrug off and eliminate the issue of a false alarm simply by checking up on the video feedback alone. All things aside; since you are already spending on a movement monitor, why not put in a little extra and not miss out on the video feature as well.

  • Corded vs. Cordless

    While monitors are considered as the more portable the better; you would be better off with a corded monitor here. The reason for that is, motion sensors are heavy on resources and the batteries used to ensure portability fail to handle the heavy load at times.

    A corded monitor will ensure continuous power supply and connectivity at all times. Apart from that when you have the video feature then that necessitates the need for a corded monitor all the more. However there are cordless movement monitors available as well such as the Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor.

  • Multiple Device Compatibility and Connectivity

    Nowadays monitors allow you to receive alerts directly to your smart phone and tablets. Make sure the monitor you buy has this feature. While it is not necessary; you may find some extra options as well when pairing your monitor with your devices such as motion sensitivity, alarm volume, alert options and so on. You can check which connection options your monitor has such as Wi-Fi, LAN, etc.

Additional Features

  • Minimized False Alarms

    You are buying a movement monitor to ensure your baby is alright and if not; you get to be alerted immediately. A movement monitor can take a toll on parents, particularly the worried ones. False alarms can lead to a parent to go wide awake full scale alert right in the middle of the night.

    They rush over to their baby anxiously only to see it was their baby rolling over or not even that; everything was okay. Therefore getting a device which minimizes false alarms should be preferred. Not only will it reduce stress in you parents; it will also make you react more alertly when it actually does ring rather than ignoring it after a couple of false alarms.


Whichever way you go with this; do not forget why you are buying this device. Many parents make the mistake of getting a device which does fulfil THEIR needs of being within the budget, easier to use, etc but doesn’t fulfil the core cause of ensuring their baby’s safety and therefore catering to their baby’s needs. Just keep this in mind and consider the above features and you’ll have the optimum baby movement monitor.

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