Best Baby Oil for Cradle Cap: 4 Products You Should Get for Your Baby


Cradle cap may seem alarming at first, but you shouldn’t worry about it. You just need to use the right kind of oil to moisturize it. To keep you from making a bad choice as a buyer, we’re recommending the best baby oil for cradle cap.

Our Pick: Earth Mama Calendula Baby Massage Oil

To be honest, pure coconut oil and even ordinary baby oil can already be effective for cradle cap. However, they’re very greasy. With the perfect consistency of Earth Mama Calendula Baby Massage Oil, your baby’s scalp is moisturized without the oily effect.

With its calendula and grape seed mixture, this baby oil is also great for massaging your baby. You can apply it in generous amounts without spreading a strong scent. More importantly, the mixture doesn’t have nut oils that can irritate your child’s skin.

If you’re also worried about artificial fragrance, parabens, and petroleum, this product can ease your mind. It doesn’t contain any of those harmful components.

Runner Up: Mamaearth Nourishing Baby Hair Oil

Mostly composed of coconut oil, Mamaearth Nourishing Baby Hair Oil can boost hair growth aside from healing cradle cap. As a plus, it contains oils from avocado, almond, jojoba, lavender, and sesame seeds to keep your child’s hair soft and smooth. It even includes vitamin E for total nourishment.

Of course, this product has zero chemicals. That’s why it can quickly heal cradle cap without side effects.

When it comes to consistency, this baby oil doesn’t get sticky. It also has a light texture, which is useful for easier absorption.

Also Great: Colief Baby Scalp Oil

For instant relief, Colief Baby Scalp Oil is a great choice. It may take days or weeks to completely heal cradle cap, but your first application can already make your baby’s scalp smoother.

As a product derived from plants, this baby oil is safe for babies as young as three months old. It specifically contains rosehip oil and chamomile oil.

Budget Pick: Motherlove Birth & Baby Massage Oil

Do you prefer something more fragrant? Despite its distinct lavender scent, Motherlove Birth & Baby Massage Oil is still safe to use. Its fragrance comes from organic ingredients.

Meanwhile, for convenience, the bottle comes with a pump. This leads to a mess-free massage and cradle cap treatment.

How to Select the Best Baby Oil for Cradle Cap

Choosing the best baby oil for cradle cap isn’t too complicated. All you need to consider are the ingredients and the consistency.

  • Ingredients

    To reduce the risk of irritation and allergies, choose an organic baby oil. Organic simply means the ingredients are extracted from plants.

    Since your baby’s scalp is too fragile, avoid the usual massage oil ingredients such as mineral oil and fragrance.

    What’s so bad about mineral oil, anyway?

    The original composition of a mineral oil is full of carcinogens. Purifying it can do the trick, but some people don’t want to risk their health over that. After all, there are safer alternatives especially plant-based oils.

    Mineral oil can also clog your baby’s pores. That may lead to skin impurities.

    Lastly, mineral oil doesn’t contain nutrients. Seriously, it will just stay on your baby’s skin to retain moisture.

  • Consistency

    The key here is to find a non-greasy baby oil. You don’t want to stain your baby’s clothes and bed.

    Additionally, the baby oil should feel light on the skin. This way, you can easily spread the liquid no matter how small the amount is. It will also be absorbed quickly, nourishing your child’s scalp.

Plant Oils/Extracts for Cradle Cap

Some plant oils are in-demand for a reason. To completely appreciate the products we introduced for cradle cap treatment, check out the benefits of their major plant-based ingredients:

  • Calendula Oil

    This extract specifically comes from marigold flowers. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. That’s why it’s popular for eczema and diaper rash treatment.

    Since eczema and diaper rash are similar to cradle cap, calendula oil is definitely effective for your baby’s scalp problem.

  • Grape Seed Extract

    Perfect for dry skin, grape seed extract has a really smooth texture. So, during application, it will just glide effortlessly on your baby’s scalp. It can even be absorbed fast for deeper healing.

    More importantly, this plant extract is edible. Just make sure that the baby oil is using other food-grade ingredients.

  • Coconut Oil

    We can’t just forget about coconut oil. It is the most popular skin care ingredient.

    Coconut oil is excellent for the overall health of your baby’s skin and hair. Its moisture has always been effective for treating skin problems, especially eczema.

  • Avocado Oil

    Who would’ve thought that beneficial oil can also be extracted from delicious avocados? It turns out that the fatty acids in avocados are effective for skin care.

    Since cradle cap produces “flakes” that ruins the delicate top layer of your baby’s skin, avocado oil can speed up the healing process. It will gradually seal the damaged layer to make it smooth again.

  • Almond Oil

    Ideal for sensitive skin, almond oil has strong hydrating properties. No matter how dry the skin is, almond oil can deeply moisturize it.

    Because of its velvety texture, almond oil is also perfect for infant massage. You can spread it all over your baby’s body in no time.

How to Treat Cradle Cap

You can’t just rely on baby oil. Cradle cap treatment is a gradual process involving different tasks.

Follow these tips to heal and prevent cradle cap:

  • Wash your child’s scalp regularly with baby shampoo.
  • Apply the shampoo by gently rubbing it.
  • Only use the shampoo recommended by your baby’s doctor.
  • After washing and drying your child’s scalp, brush it gently with a soft baby brush.
  • Ask your doctor if you could apply steroid or hydrocortisone cream for faster healing.


Because of the amazing benefits of calendula oil and grape seed extract, Earth Mama Calendula Baby Massage Oil is the best baby oil for cradle cap. It is a non-greasy product that will effectively nourish your baby’s dry scalp.

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