The Best Baby Socks You Should Totally Check Out


Baby socks don’t only make babies look extra cute and fashionable but they also keep your baby’s feet warm and comfortable. They are important in making sure your baby’s feet are safe, in case he starts crawling and moving around.

To help you decide the right products for your baby, check out our top picks for the best baby socks category below:

Our Pick: Kakalu Non-Skid Cotton Baby Ankle Socks

Kakalu Non-Skid Cotton Baby Ankle Socks have neutral colors, perfect for both boys and girls. They fit well to avoid detaching from the baby’s feet. They are useful for active babies who move too much. These baby socks have rubber grips underneath to keep babies safe from accidents as soon as they learn how to walk, especially on the slippery floor. Even better, the rubber part is still thin enough to fit in shoes. These products have a lot of designs to choose from for stylish babies. They can be given as meaningful gifts for baby showers and other kiddie occasions. Their materials and colors remain intact despite several washes.

Runner Up: BSLINO Toddler Socks

BSLINO Toddler Socks have feminine colors and designs for little girls. They perfectly fit for female toddlers up to two years old. They have thick, tough grips for maximum safety, so it is best to wear them at home and without shoes on. These baby socks are comfortable for babies with chubby ankles because they do not leave harsh marks. They are not flimsy because of high-quality materials. They also do not have loose threads due to meticulous construction. Their thickness is pretty useful during the winter season.

Also Great: OLABB Unisex Knee-High Baby Socks

OLABB Unisex Knee-High Baby Socks have adorable animal designs. They keep babies’ legs warm when the little ones are not wearing pants. They fit well around the knees and stay up despite movement. These baby socks are beneficial for babies wearing leg braces due to conditions like hip dyspepsia. They can last for a long time as babies grow because of their durability. They can be stretched without losing their quality. These products do not have loose threads inside that can be uncomfortable for the babies’ toes. They exercise ownership to toddlers because of their numerous designs. The child can just pick whichever sock animal he wants to wear for the day.

Budget Pick: Carter’s Baby Socks

Carter’s Baby Socks look stylish for little girls but still affordable. They have an elastic top but can be folded beautifully as part of the design to avoid marks around the baby’s legs. They look attractive even without shoes on because of the design. These baby socks can match with any outfit.

How to Select the Best Baby Socks

Here are important things to consider before buying the best baby socks for your child:

  • Comfort

    Keep in mind how big or chubby your baby’s feet are before estimating how tight or loose the socks would be. Ultra tight socks provide great discomfort to the baby’s toes and legs, if knee-length. Most of these socks are also too small for the baby’s foot length, making the sock’s heel slide down to the middle of the baby’s sole. Baby socks that are too tight are a major no-no because the child’s feet might get deformed or have damaged toes. On the other hand, baby socks that are too large will constantly fall off and hardly fit shoes because of the excess fabric. Loose baby socks can be an infuriating pet peeve for parents.

  • Size

    Baby socks are usually associated with newborns, infants, and even toddlers. Their sizing rule comes in different categories. Typically, newborns up to six months old have a specific size for them. As soon as six months have passed, the baby needs a bigger size which can fit them until they reach one year old. You really need to spend for a new batch of socks because babies really grow fast. Old socks can be passed on to younger or future siblings, other relatives, and friends with newborns. They can even be used for pets and decorations. On the other hand, toddlers’ sock sizes depend on their age and shoe size. Normally, children age one to two years old have a 4-7 shoe size.

  • Composition

    A perfect fit is nothing if the baby socks do not serve their purpose – protection. It all comes down to the material. The right material keeps the baby’s feet safe from moisture to avoid irritation. Baby socks should be dry all the time. Cotton is a popular material for baby socks due to the comfort it brings, but it absorbs moisture. It is essential for newborns. Polyester and acrylic are effective and durable materials to block wetness, perfect for active kids. Wool is so thick and absorbent but useful during winter. As a responsible buyer, check out the composition of the baby socks first before purchase. A lot of baby socks have two materials combined together like cotton and polyester which is effective.

  • Aesthetic

    After ensuring that the baby socks’ comfort, size, and material are spot-on, why not choose ones that are appealing as well? To avoid mismatched baby socks, you can resort to plain but vivid colors. Baby socks with creative patterns and designs are perfect for a fun and stylish moment with your child outdoors. We recommend darker colors or intricate patterns for easier cleaning. Stubborn stains on light-colored baby socks can be a hassle to wash off. But, if you have an effective baby detergent, then you are one lucky parent.


Baby socks are stapling additions to the typical babies’ wear. Babies need to be warm and protected from head to toe. Socks also complete the baby’s outfit, especially during occasions and outdoor activities. Remember, the best baby socks for your child must face comfort, fit, purpose and appeal.