Best Backless Bra


Need the best backless bra for that nice dress? We know it can get tricky to pick one so we’ve come up with a list of the best options out there. Our confidence levels increase when we can wear those nice backless tops and dresses but they can become frustrating if you don’t have the proper bra. The straps stick out, you’re uncomfortable, and often they just don’t look good. Backless tops, low-neckline jumpsuits or rompers, and dresses are really nice for parties or night outs so it’s important you have the right bra. If you have bigger busts though, here are some ways you can wear backless dresses.

While there are certainly benefits of not wearing a bra, you might want some support for your breasts while you’re out there. To complete your party look, here’s the best contour kit guide to help you.

Our Pick: Komene Strapless Self Adhesive

Our top choice is the Komene Strapless Self Adhesive Silicone Push-up Bra. It’s made of high-quality silicone which pushes your breasts together and enhances your cleavage. This is perfect for any backless dress or top. Though it might be tricky to wear, once you find the right angle, all you have to do is stick the cups to your breasts and smooth out the edges with your fingertips. It’s comfortable and the design is flawless so it doesn’t make awkward marks in your dress.

This bra comes in different cup sizes. One disadvantage is that you can’t wear it in high temperatures because it may not absorb moisture when you sweat.

Runner Up: Kissbobo Women’s Strapless Bra

Kissbobo Women’s Strapless Bra is next in line. This is also a silicone style bra, equipped with hook and eye closure so it fits nicely on your chest. You can choose your cup size and the adhesive is skin-friendly so it stays secure on your breasts. The backless bra can be reused multiple times.

This is great for halter tops, backless and strapless gowns, and low cut blouses. It offers a lot of freedom for you to move, giving you flexibility. The best part is it creates a sexy cleavage line. This is also not suitable for very high temperatures.

Also Great

If you don’t want a silicone type bra, the Komene Women’s Ultralite Backless Strapless Bra is perfect. It’s made of fabric so it’s easy to wash and dry. The bra features a medical biological adhesive so you can safely stick it onto your skin. It has a breathable fabric with mesh holes underneath so you don’t get too hot inside. The material is soft so it’s quite comfortable. Its ergonomic design prevents your breasts from sagging and it increases your cleavage.

One thing to note is that it is not machine washable but it’s very easy to hand wash.

The Holly O Oolala Backless Invisible Push Up Bra is also a great option. It is six times stickier so you’re sure that it won’t come off and you can wear it for a longer time. This is great for backless dresses, strapless tops, plunging blouses, halter and other revealing clothes. It’s also allergy free so if you have sensitive skin, you won’t have to worry about irritation. The quality is good and you can wear it for about 50 times so it’s a great value for your money. This backless bra is lightweight and feels natural on your skin.

If you want something with straps, the Fashion Forms Women’s Adjustable Low Back Converter Strap is a nice alternative. It converts any back closure bra into a low cut v back so this is great for backless dresses. The straps are made of nylon so they’re very comfortable and includes metal attachments so the backless bra is secure on your body. It’s adjustable so you can custom fit it for your comfort. This is not machine washable but it’s simple to hand wash.

Budget Pick

A really good quality low-priced option is the Sannysis Sexy Backless Leopard Invisible Bra. It features an innovative V-shaped design to give you a voluptuous figure. The bra also prevents your breasts from sagging. Its front clip is intelligently designed to enhance your cleavage. It’s comfortable to wear and does not leave marks on your skin.

How to Choose the Best Backless Bra

There are many ways you can wear your backless dresses using different types of bras. You have a number of options but your choice of underwear really depends on your preference and the type of dress you’re wearing.

  • Convertible Straps or Low Cut Straps

    If you don’t want to consider those adhesive type bras, you can purchase a convertible strap or choose one that features low cut straps. The convertible straps allow you to use the back closure bras that you already have so it’s also a smart option. You can use it for any bra you have. It will convert your bra into a low back design so you can use it for low-cut dresses and tops. Low cut strap bras, on the other hand, are simpler but they’re pretty limited to backless dresses only.

  • Invisible Straps

    You can also just purchase invisible straps. These are the clear colored straps that you can attach to bras that have removable straps. But you need to make sure you own one, otherwise, you still have to purchase a bra that includes that option.

  • Silicone or Adhesive

    One of the simplest options is to go for the silicone bras. These are very convenient as you only have to stick them onto your skin. They don’t have straps so it saves a lot of frustration adjusting them and trying to hide the straps in your backless clothes.

    When choosing a silicone type backless bra, make sure to check how sticky the adhesive is. You don’t want a bra that will fall off in the middle of the night. Make sure it’s securely fit and that it’s safe and gentle on your skin. One disadvantage of silicone backless bras is that they will never be suitable for high temperature because you might sweat. But if you’re going to a party, that situation is highly unlikely.

    It might also seem that going for silicone is not a good investment since they are disposable. But if you think about it, some of these bras can be used for quite a lot of times and they’re not as expensive as fabric bras. So it’s still a good value for your money.

Always consider the comfort when choosing a backless bra. The idea is to have the most flexibility and freedom to move around without worrying about what you’re wearing underneath. On the other hand, you may check out our take on the best bralette and best racerback bra.