Best Backpack for High School


High school is a hectic time for young people. Aside from academics, there is pressure for joining extracurricular activities and creating an identity or statement for everyone to see. Choosing the best backpack for high school students is tricky because functionality, durability and aesthetic should be considered. A high school student should have the right backpack for his or her specific style. But, that backpack must also serve its purpose. After careful research and product testing, we are giving you the best backpack for high school students.

Our Pick: Under Armour Storm Recruit Backpack

Under Armour Storm Recruit Backpack has a well-designed construction to meet its purpose. Its pockets on both sides can really secure objects inside because of their depth. Tumblers and water bottles will not fall out if a student runs to his classroom to avoid getting late. Another great feature is the biggest compartment wherein a padded pouch is added to contain a laptop and other gadgets. Aside from school, this backpack can also be used for camping trips and vacations because of its large main compartment, waterproof polyester composition, and lightweight material. It can fit a lot of clothes and a laptop. It can also last for several years.

Going further with the design, a smaller compartment is intended for personal stuff such as wallet and headphones. Meanwhile, there is an even smaller compartment for makeup, earbuds, IDs and keys. The front compartment can hold containers for snacks and lunch break. Downwards, the bottom padding of the backpack is composed of a tough, thick material. The zippers are smooth to open and close without getting stuck at all. Lastly, the straps are comfortable on the shoulders despite heavyweight because of its padding. This product is perfect for athletes and just about every high school student due to its several color choices and cool, sharp design.

Runner-Up: HotStyle TrendyMax Galaxy Backpack

HotStyle TrendyMax Galaxy Backpack has a fashionable print for stylish high school students. Its colors are vivid and attractive. This backpack has a secret pocket at the back for personal small things such as gums, candies, wallet and phone. You will be more confident walking in public with this backpack strapped on because of the secret compartment. It is impossible for thieves to access your money and small gadgets. This product also has an organizing compartment for pens and cards.

Also Great

High Sierra Loop Backpack can endure changing weather conditions without losing its heavy-duty quality. It is perfect for high school students living in harsh climates. It has appealing neutral colors for all genders. This backpack has thinner straps for smaller students but still comfortable and durable. It also has a lot of small compartments.

JanSport Big Student Classics Series Backpack is one of the most comfortable bags for high school students because of its thick back padding. For students who are always in a hurry, it has a special pocket just for phones. It also has a specific compartment for pens. No more digging, that’s for sure! Its zippers have large holes for locks. This backpack’s dark colors can hide stains well. It is durable because of its meticulous stitching. No wonder this brand is already a household name when it comes to bags.

Leaper Casual Style Backpack is made for students who do not bring too much stuff at school. It has that perfect medium size which makes it adorable to look at. The best part? This backpack comes in a set which already includes a clutch and a small cross-body bag. It has a lot to offer for such an affordable price. It guarantees to be lightweight all the time because of the limits it brings.

Budget Pick

AmazonBasics Classic Backpack is simple but very affordable, durable and functional. It comes in a plain but high-quality color. It is perfect for artistic high school students who want to style their own backpacks because of the price and simple design.

How to Select the Best Backpack for High School

Take a look at these important factors you have to consider before purchasing the best backpack for high school life.

  • Size

    First of all, think about what you will usually bring to school. If you need to bring your laptop, lunch, and a lot of books and notebooks for the rest of the school year, you definitely need a big backpack. Sure, you can carry a medium-sized backpack and a smaller one for other stuff but that can be a hassle, especially if you forget things a lot.

  • Straps

    Prioritize looking for shoulder pads for the straps to keep you comfortable despite putting a lot of things inside the bag. Obviously, you also need to choose adjustable straps. The right adjustment is when the bag rests just above the toughest area of your back. We do not recommend a backpack which rests on the back because it will sway too much and cause back pain. In addition, do not settle with a backpack that only has one strap. Yes, it may look cool but it might affect the alignment of your spine. Lastly, you can resort to backpacks with a waist strap for an even more comfortable time in carrying heavy loads due to weight distribution.

  • Padding

    We already mentioned padding on the straps for the shoulders. Another tip to keep in mind is to ensure padding at the back of the bag. The padding must occupy the whole back and should be thick enough for comfort. It should also be present at the bottom of the backpack to keep things secure from falls and abrasion.

  • Compartments

    If you have a lot of tiny stuff, it is a hassle to always look for them deep inside the bag. For an easier time, choose backpacks that have a lot of compartments or sections. It is nice to have a backpack that has specific compartments for phones, water bottles, tumblers, keys, and pens. The organization is key to avoid time-consuming search all over the backpack.

  • Material

    A backpack’s durability and comfort have a lot to do with its material. Synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester are the lightest ones and the most durable. The leather is good at first, but it is heavier and may age unpleasantly. Also, synthetic fabrics are way better than cotton regarding water resistance. But, if you are particular about using environment-friendly things, choose natural fibers like cotton.

  • Zippers

    The durability of a backpack also depends much with its zippers. The zippers must be smooth to open and close. They should not get stuck all of a sudden. One tip is to check if no extra fabric gets too close to the zippers.

  • Style

    High school is a good time to make a fashion statement. One way to adapt is buying a stylish backpack. Printed backpacks look fashionable, but choose minimal designs so it can still match with any outfit you wear. Plain colors, especially neutral ones, look good all year round.


The best backpack for high school students should ace functionality, durability and aesthetic. To easily pass these factors, remember to consider a backpack’s size, straps, padding, compartments, material, zippers and style before purchase. Owning a new backpack can be pretty exciting, so take advantage of the moment by buying the perfect one for you.