Best Bar Soap


Throughout history, bar soap became a symbol of hygiene and skin care. This is the traditional tool for cleaning and deodorizing the body. Now that we are in the 21st century, we are giving you the best bar soap after careful research and product testing.

Our Pick: Dove Purely Pampering Beauty Bar

Dove Purely Pampering Beauty Bar is majorly composed of coconut milk. Obviously, some skin types will not match with this bar soap but for the majority, it works well in making the skin clear and smooth after being ridden by different conditions such as eczema. Its gentle scent and rich lather really prove how strong it is for moisturizing and refreshing the skin without any fragrance. This product is perfect for people with dry skin and lives in a harsh climate. It can hydrate even the driest areas of the body such as elbows and knees. It is one of the mildest bar soaps in this generation which can be used by everyone with slightly sensitive skin. If you use this bar soap consistently, you do not have to apply expensive skin care products anymore just to enhance your skin.

Runner-Up: Dial Hypoallergenic Bar Soap

Dial Hypoallergenic Bar Soap is a mild yet effective disinfectant for the whole body, especially the face. It can relieve skin allergies and pimples. It can even stop breakouts before it is too late. This bar soap is such a gentle cleanser that it can be used by children and old people who have delicate, thin skin.

Also Great

Dr. Squatch Men’s Soap is a natural handmade bar soap with fresh citrus and cedar scent that can last all day. It cleans skin so thoroughly that it may leave a weird feeling of friction or stickiness, which is normal for a very clean skin without any residue. It just makes the context “squeaky clean” come to life. Despite aggressive cleansing, it can still hydrate men’s skin in cold months. It has a lot of sand- or scale-like contents inside the soap which helps in intense exfoliation. It targets male buyers, especially big men in strenuous jobs that can trigger a lot of sweat because it can also serve as a body deodorant, shaving soap, and “shampoo” for the beard.

Soap Works Tea Tree Bar Soap, on the other hand, aims for softer skin, especially on the hands. It can get rid of the intense itch from dermatitis and other skin conditions. It can even relieve burns. This bar soap also removes marks and scars.

Budget Pick

Pre de Provence Shea Butter French Bar Soap is another handmade soap which perfectly reflects its natural ingredients through a memorable, fragrant scent. For an affordable price, it is a large soap bar. It can be given as a gift for women who love perfumes and skin care products.

How to Select the Best Bar Soap

Before settling with a new bar soap, here are important factors to consider when choosing the best bar soap for you:

  • Skin Type

    Knowing your skin’s weaknesses before purchase is the priority to avoid regrets. A bar soap may have tons of positive reviews, but there will always be buyers who are going to express their dissatisfaction because of unmet expectations. The major types are dry and oily skin. Excessive dryness results to an itchy and flaky skin while too much oiliness ends up with acne. Actually, bar soaps nowadays are marketed for different skin types. At least, it is now easier to find the best bar soap for your type of skin. Just keep a sharp eye on whatever new product you will come across.

    Weather, climate and seasons also have something to do with the bar soap’s effect on your skin. You may be okay with your favorite bar soap in regular temperature but as soon as summer or winter comes, for example, choose a new soap that you can use even for just a few months.

    No matter what your skin type is, do not settle with a very fragrant bar soap. If you want scent, pick a bar soap with natural ingredients as a fragrance. These natural ingredients can be essential oils such as juniper berry, citronella, and lavender oil. The regular fragrance is usually composed of several chemicals that can trigger allergies. The fragrance-free mark on the package goes a long way.

  • Skin Conditions

    Many special bar soaps are formulated for specific skin conditions. There are already bar soaps specially made for people suffering from eczema and acne. We recommend buying a bar soap with glycerin if you have a skin problem. Glycerin cleans thoroughly but gently. It is included in other skin products especially for acne such as face wash and cream.

  • Moisture

    Bar soaps focusing on skin hydration are usually composed of natural oils. Moisturizing bar soaps are actually the mildest ones because skin does not need chemicals to be moisturized. Even in their original state, sweet almond oil, aloe vera and coconut oil are effective moisturizers.

  • Exfoliation

    A bar soap that has exfoliating properties can be determined just by looking at it. It is usually rough because of “beads,” sand and other substances surrounding it. These roughness serves as a scrub to remove dirt firmly stuck on skin. Exfoliation can treat dry and rough skin, as well as contribute to good blood circulation. Natural beads commonly used for bar soaps are orange seeds and oatmeal.

  • Safe Cleansing

    A clean skin is not always good. If natural oil is being removed constantly by a strong bar soap, sooner or later, your skin would get irritated by the slightest environmental triggers. That can lead to dermatitis or eczema. Your bar soap should be a good cleanser but gentle on skin.

  • Antibacterial

    Antibacterial bar soaps are perfect for people who release a lot of sweat every day due to physical work or exercise. Gym equipment is full of bacteria, so make sure to use an antibacterial soap. Just remember to moisturize afterward because antibacterial soap can contribute to dry skin. Some moisturizing bar soaps do not strip off germs from skin that much. They just focus on skin hydration.


We never fail to give as a reminder that one skin care product cannot please everybody. It all comes down to how well you know your own skin. Choosing the best bar soap for you is all about your skin type and its current needs based on how hot or cold it is in your location right now. Buying two different bar soaps for different seasons can be effective to ensure your skin’s safety.