Best Bar Stool


Whether you want it just to have stylish home furniture or actually need it for your business, the best bar stool should be sturdy, durable, comfortable and obviously, tall enough for the person to settle conveniently near a high table. After careful research and product testing, we are giving you the best bar stool in today’s market.

Our Pick: Flash Furniture Metal Backless Bar Stool

Flash Furniture Metal Backless Bar Stool has that perfect industrial look for people who love that style. At the bottom of each leg, rubber ensures that moving this bar stool will not be a hassle and scratch the floor. This bar stool has legs wide enough to be sturdy all the time. We do not want a wobbly stool, that’s for sure. This product is made of high-quality solid materials and construction yet really affordable, definitely a perfect bargain for bulk purchase. It has that long-lasting finish that can also withstand the outdoor environment. It also has the standard height for most bar counters despite not being adjustable. That means less susceptibility to damage because of the absence of any adjustment mechanism. There is no assembly required.

Going further, this bar stool also has sturdy bars underneath where the feet can rest. It is tall yet compact to be pushed under the tables when not in use. It does not take too much space.

Runner-Up: BestOffice Modern Leather Bar Stool

BestOffice Modern Leather Bar Stool has a hydraulic swivel for height adjustment and smooth turns. It goes for the classy yet beautiful modern look because of the sleek leather design. Its screws are durable, so this bar stool ensures safety for people who are using it. This bar stool needs to be assembled, but the whole process is actually easy. It looks expensive but comes at an affordable price. Adjusting it is so smooth, as well as spinning it around. This product is perfect not just for adults and light people, but also for kids and people who are plus size. It has a back which is not made of plastic for sturdier support.

Also Great

Boraam Augusta Swivel Bar Stool is made of wood for a traditional and elegant pub stool look. It has a satin finish for a long-lasting beauty. It swivels slowly which is good for the safety of kids. This bar stool is handcrafted, but it does not have that strong furniture odor because of paint and other construction materials. Its assembly is quite complicated compared to other bar stools, but it is fair enough for two people or one DIY expert to assemble.

Roundhill Leather Hydraulic Bar Stool aims for comfort because of its wideness and softness. Its swivel goes for 360 degrees. You can conveniently sit on this for several hours without experiencing any discomfort. This bar stool looks fancy for any type of interior design.

Torin Swivel Shop Stool has a thick foam for a more comfortable sitting time. It is a simple-looking stool with a great functionality, perfect for stores and other small business establishments.

Budget Pick

Winsome Wood Saddle Bar Stool is backless and compact in a flat way, so it can go under counters and tables without protruding. It is comfortable despite the absence of any cushion or foam. It is also very affordable that you can paint it with other colors without feeling any regret.

How to Select the Best Bar Stool

Let’s go deeper when we talk about a bar stool that is functional, durable and sturdy. Take a look at these specific factors to consider before buying the best bar stool for your home:

  • Height

    There are two major options to consider when it comes to the height of the bar stool. The counter height is from 24 to 29 inches high. Bar height, on the other hand, is from 30 to 36 inches. If you need bar stools for your kitchen counters, clearly, you need the counter height. These counters are usually measured from 34 to 39 inches. For bar counters measuring from 40 to 46 inches, then definitely go for the bar-height stools. You can also resort to adjustable ones with hydraulics if you are not sure about your counter’s or table’s height.

  • Comfort

    If the bar stool does not have a cushion, pick a wood or metal one that is big enough and not too hard for anyone to sit on. The design should also cradle the bottom well. Leather bar stools are great for comfort. Bar stools should also have horizontal bars attached to the legs, so your feet will have something to rest on.

  • Swivel

    Swivels are good for get-togethers at home. They are also perfect for bars. They can contribute to a good conversation with many people. Purchase a bar stool with this feature if you have a big family or always hold parties in your house.

  • Back Support

    Some bar stools do not have a back support, which is fine for businesses. But, if you have kids at home, opt for bar stools with a strong back support. Heavy bar stools usually have a durable back. Never choose ones with a plastic back support because they are usually flimsy and may cause accidents and posture problems.

  • Material

    Wood and metal bar stools are both great. Both of them are heavy and sturdy. Just make sure to pick bar stools with thick construction. In addition, wood bar stools should have a smooth and durable finish. You need a bar stool that can last for a long time, so do not settle for cheap wood. Meanwhile, metal bar stools should be rust-resistant when you plan for a lounge outdoors. The legs should have rubber or plastic at the bottom to avoid scraping the floor. Before purchase, make sure that you pick the right kind of wood or metal for your room’s interior. That bar stool should blend well with other elements in the room.

  • Color

    Do not be scared to purchase ones with bright colors. A little research on interior design can do wonders. If you are a DIY enthusiast, purchase cheaper bar stools if you want to design them with your preferred patterns and colors.

  • Assembly

    Another factor you have to check before purchase is whether the bar stool needs some assembly first. If you do not have tools, patience or knowledge when it comes to DIY work, choose a bar stool that comes in one piece as soon as it arrives in front of your doorstep. Many bar stools actually require assembly, so be careful.

  • Other Furniture

    Some bar stools have the usual four legs of a chair while some only have one metallic pole and a base. If your space has a lot of sofas, tables, and chairs with legs, do not overwhelm that area by adding a bar stool with – guess what – legs. These legs can give an illusion that the room is smaller. It is better to choose bar stools with a pole and a base for a more compact look. Lastly, rectangular backless bar stools are good for saving space, especially when not in use. These stools do not protrude when under counters or tables.


Bar stools are not necessarily just for the sake of pubs and bars. They are good additions to houses when the owners need a little bit of style and spice in their kitchen, dining room or living room. They can really wow guests because of their uniqueness. Besides, bar stools can make a person comfortable near high tables or counters. Just remember to pick sturdy and durable ones to avoid accidents.