Best Basal Body Temperature Thermometer: Top 5 Products You Can Trust


Surely you’ve heard about the different types of thermometers and you want something that’s really accurate.

When it comes to accuracy, basal thermometers are your best choice.

Their readings may reach up to the hundredths place (0.01), perfect for detecting subtle changes in your body temperature. That’s why they’re mostly used by women who want to plot the best days for conceiving a child.

If you’re set to buy one, below are the products that stood out in our search for the best basal body temperature thermometer.

Our Pick: iSnow-Med Basal Body Temperature Thermometer

iSnow-Med Basal Body Temperature Thermometer is an excellent helper when you need to track your ovulation cycle. It can backtrack up to 60 past readings, making it perfect if you don’t always have the chance to write everything down. You can even use it before bedtime since it has a backlight to help you read the result in the dark.

One of the product’s unique features is the built-in alarm clock. Since the best time to check your basal temperature is right after you wake up, this thermometer will not let you forget about it.

Runner Up: Sejoy Digital Basal Thermometer

While other thermometers take minutes to show a temperature reading, Sejoy Digital Basal Thermometer only takes 10 seconds. It is six times faster than traditional thermometers. Despite this feature, the results will still be accurate.

This product has a soft, waterproof tip. When you place it under your tongue or underarm, it will not give you an uncomfortable feeling. This is even more useful when you have to check a baby’s temperature through his rectum. Additionally, the waterproof feature is great when you need to disinfect the tip with alcohol.

For other cases besides ovulation tracking, this thermometer has a fever alarm which is perfect for kids. It also has an indicator that can show you a certain color (green, yellow or red) based on how normal or severe the temperature is. Whether you’re used to Celsius or Fahrenheit, you can definitely use this product.

Also Great: Baby Maker Products Basal Thermometer

Baby Maker Products Basal Thermometer can increase chances of pregnancy because of its clinically tested accuracy. As an exciting bonus, it comes with a downloadable file titled “Determining Ovulation” that can teach you foolproof ways on how you can get pregnant through meticulous monitoring.

Also Great: [email protected] Premom Smart Basal Thermometer

When it comes to innovation, [email protected] Premom Smart Basal Thermometer is hard to beat. It is a Bluetooth-enabled thermometer so it can sync to the manufacturer’s exclusive app. That’s right; you won’t have to write down anything anymore.

What can you expect with the app? The Premom app will make a chart out of your results. You’ll easily spot changes as you compare readings. It can even help you predict when you’re going to be fertile.

Budget Pick: Fairhaven Health Digital Basal Thermometer

Fairhaven Health Digital Basal Thermometer is the cheapest one here, but it still has a high accuracy rate. You won’t have to monitor the reading process closely because it will just beep when it’s done getting your temperature. Also, there won’t be any hassle as you read the temperature, thanks to the thermometer’s big display.

Like other thermometers on the list, this product also comes with a free monitoring chart and a memory feature. You’ll receive all of these perks despite the low, low price.

How to Select the Best Basal Body Temperature Thermometer

All of the basal body thermometers on this list have met our standards after we’ve considered the following factors:

  • Accuracy

    The number one factor in choosing any type of thermometer is accuracy. Sometimes, it can take a bit of trial and error before you can find a very accurate thermometer.

    To guide you in making the best choice, all you have to watch out for is how the result is presented. More accurate results are showed up to the hundredths place (0.01).

  • Type

    There are two common types of basal thermometers – glass and digital. Glass basal thermometers are more traditional, hence their cheaper prices. Unfortunately, they’re also very fragile which can be a hassle for cleaning and storage.

    Meanwhile, choosing a more high-tech option makes sense so you can experience more benefits from additional features. Digital basal thermometers have bigger displays, usually with backlight to show you readings anytime, anywhere. They can also beep to let you know when the result is ready.

  • Convenience

    Again, the best time to check your actual body temperature is in the morning. To remind you about that, some basal thermometers have a built-in alarm clock. How cool is that?

    You might also prefer thermometers that will only take seconds to detect your temperature. The fastest basal thermometer we’ve encountered so far guarantees 10 seconds only. However, if accuracy is more important to you, one to two minutes of waiting shouldn’t bug you.

    Another factor for convenience is the display if you prefer a digital basal thermometer. It is already a given that it should be big enough so you can easily read the date, time, and temperature.

    It also goes without saying that a digital basal thermometer should have a convenient on and off switch/button. Even better, an auto-off function is useful in case you forget to turn off the thermometer.

    Lastly, your future basal thermometer should help you track your temperature. There are many ways: a free chart with your purchase, a big memory that can store up to 60 readings, or a Bluetooth function that can sync to a special app. Any of these options can help you a lot in your monitoring process.

  • Comfort

    Regarding comfort, you’ll only need two things from a basal thermometer – a thin frame and a soft tip. You may also choose one that has a solid tip, but it should not be sharp. A round solid tip is fine.

    Since this thermometer can be placed in your mouth, it should not hurt your tongue, lip, and other soft surfaces. The same idea goes if you’ll use a basal thermometer to check your baby’s temperature through his rectum.


Since we’re looking for something digital that’s extremely accurate, convenient, and comfortable to use, we selected iSnow-Med’s product as the best basal body temperature thermometer. It has the right blend of simplicity and innovation.

If you’re also looking for other types, check out the best forehead thermometers and ear thermometers!