Best Bath Mat


A lot of accidents happen in the bathroom, especially because of the slippery floor when wet. That’s why it is important to provide a bath mat for your bathroom to avoid slips resulting to injuries. After careful research and product testing, we are giving you the best bath mat in today’s market.

Our Pick: Epica Anti-Slip Bath Mat

Epica Anti-Slip Bath Mat is made of natural rubber that has no obnoxious odor and can be washed in a washing machine. It is also anti-bacterial which is perfect because germs normally thrive inside bathrooms. It stays clean and free from mold, scum, and mildew for a long time. This bath mat sticks properly on the bathroom floor due to tough little suction cups to keep you away from accidents. Even if it sticks thoroughly, you can still remove this easily after every bath to hang it dry. Other than the fact that it is heavy-duty when it comes to stickiness, it is also comfortable for the feet because of its rubber cushion. Aesthetic-wise, it looks good in any bathroom because of its light color.

Runner-Up: Clara Clark Non-Slip Plush Bath Mat

Clara Clark Non-Slip Plush Bath Mat is composed of microfiber memory foam while not containing any latex. It is heaven for the feet because it is so soft and thick, no matter how cold it gets inside the bathroom. It does not smell bad even if it absorbs water. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror to put on makeup or brush your teeth can be a hassle due to the cold hard floor. With this bath mat, you will not mind standing barefoot for hours. This product is easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner or just a simple brush. It is perfect to put near the bathtub, so you can dry your feet as soon as you finish bathing.

Also Great

Gorilla Grip Non-Slip Bath Mat is wide enough to cover most of the bathtub’s floor. Usually, the main complaint about bath mats, in general, is how small it is for the tub. Thankfully, this product managed to address that common concern. Water does not accumulate in this bath mat because it is composed of small holes to let water easily pass through. That also leads to a mold free bath mat. This bath mat is transparent, so it does not make any conflict when it comes to interior design. People who love to use liquid or bar soap with moisturizing properties can definitely benefit from this because it keeps the surface non-slip.

Utopia Towels Washable Cotton Bath Mat is one of the biggest plush mats for the bathroom. It does not have rubber, but it still sticks securely on the bathroom floor. That means less damage brought by deteriorating rubber. This bath mat serves as a bathroom rug but not stiff compared to the ordinary ones. It is thinner than memory foam bath mats but still soft for the feet. So, you can handle this product easier when it comes to cleaning. Because of cotton and absence of rubber, this bath mat’s quality does not diminish even after a lot of machine washes. Its bright color choices do not fade even with intense cleaning.

VDOMUS Non-Slip Microfiber Shag Bath Mat is one of the softest mats made for the bathroom. It is like stepping on wool. It absorbs water really fast.

Budget Pick

Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat has colorful, playful dots that can uplift the usual dull white bathroom. Aside from being adorable, the dots are actually raised to prevent slips. This bath mat’s size is perfect for kids using the bathtub. One of the challenges of being a parent is keeping your children safe from slips inside the bathroom. Good thing this product helps with that parenting dilemma. The colors can also get kids excited about taking a bath.

How to Select the Best Bath Mat

Here are important factors to consider before purchasing the best bath mat for your bathroom:

  • Measurement

    After keeping in mind how big your bathroom is, take note of the bath mat’s dimensions. One of the most common complaints of buyers is that the bath mat is not big enough for the bathroom or the bathtub. For bathtubs, smaller bath mats are okay. If used on the bathroom floor, bigger bath mats are more beneficial.

  • Material

    Common materials for bath mats are rubber, memory foam, and cotton. Rubber is easier to dry and more non-slip. It is the only material we recommend for bathtubs. Memory foam is the most comfortable for the feet. Cotton is the best material to absorb excess water. Both of these materials are good to dry feet after a bath. These also keep the feet warm because bathroom floors can be very cold.

  • Purpose

    For older people, non-slip bath mats are priority choices. Meanwhile, children may not have the mood to take a bath sometimes, so buy bath mats that have bright colors or creative patterns. Some people have health conditions that make them cringe with pain or discomfort when they step on cold hard floors. The perfect bath mats for them are made of memory foam or cotton. Some rubber bath mats can also be soft.

  • Style

    You do not have to be an interior designer to find the perfect bath mat for your bathroom’s style. Just by colors alone, you can decide if the bath mat will be the right match. For inspiration, you can look up pictures online of various bathrooms with bath mats. You may get ideas from those images. You can also read some articles to gain design tips. If you are just a simple person who does not want to make things complicated, choose a transparent bath mat.

  • Machine-Washable

    Not all bath mats can be washed in a washing machine, so make sure to check that out first before purchase. Some rubber bath mats only need a little scrubbing. However, for bath mats made of both rubber and memory foam, read the product description carefully.

  • Research

    You will only know the ultimate effectiveness of the bath mat after getting it wet. So, in order to avoid regrets, make sure to read some articles or product features of different bath mat products. There, you will find out important information such as materials, dimensions, and extra features.


Let’s face it – all bath mats are susceptible to molding after a long time of use. Some high-quality bath mats can only slow down the accumulation of bacteria. To prevent mold, always hang the bath mat to dry after bathing. That’s why it is preferable to own lightweight bath mats, especially ones composed of rubber for faster drying. If you aim for comfort, choose non-slip bath mats made of cotton or memory foam. These plush bath mats usually have rubber suctions underneath.