Best Bathroom Scale


A weight loss program needs monitoring to have a clear picture regarding progress. On the other hand, people who are not in a weight loss program yet maintaining a certain weight also need a tool for monitoring.

A bathroom scale is the best weight monitoring tool you can have in your own home because of its portability. You do not have to go to the clinic anymore just to know your weight. After taking a bath, you can just measure your weight directly without putting clothes on. If you are exercising daily, going on a diet, taking appetite suppressants and other weight loss tasks, the bathroom scale is just around the corner. However, not all bathroom scales are accurate. That’s why we are giving you the best bathroom scale after our careful research and product testing.

Our Pick: Innotech Digital Bathroom Scale

Innotech Digital Bathroom Scale has a backlit LCD for easy reading. It is not prone to short-term damage because of its simplicity. It just measures your weight as soon as you step on it. That’s it! No more complicated buttons and functions. This bathroom scale only needs standard batteries, not the big ones. It also saves batteries because it automatically turns off after use. It is as sensitive and accurate as what doctors usually use for measuring weight. This product is made of durable, sturdy material for plus size people. It can be used even in the dark because of its lit screen. It has big numbers on the screen for people who find it hard to read without glasses on. Its cool design and functionality are perfect for the modern generation.

Runner-Up: Greater Goods Bathroom Scale

Greater Goods Bathroom Scale is so accurate that it gives the exact measurement even if you step on it for three consecutive times. It shows the weight even after you step off it, so you can still see the numbers closely if you have problems with your eyesight. It can enhance the interior of the bathroom because of its attractive design. This bathroom scale is compact, slim and lightweight. So, it is easy to be transferred to any area. Its surface is smooth and made of high-quality glass, so water drops do not give a mark after a long time.

Also Great

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale is durable and can last for several years. It is attractive, accurate and functional, just like other high-quality bathroom scales. It also does not need too much calibration. This bathroom scale is user-friendly.

Famili Accurate Digital Bathroom Scale has a non-slip design. Its surface has bumps to effortlessly grip your feet while making your soles comfortable. The bathroom floor can get your feet wet most of the time, so the non-slip factor is definitely a plus. Also, some bathroom scales are so fragile because of the glass surface. But, this product remains heavy-duty due to its tough exterior. It does not wobble when you step on it.

Etekcity Digital Bathroom Scale is tough against exterior damage because of its high-quality, solid glass material. You do not need to manually turn it on and off anymore because of its automatic sensors.

Budget Pick

BalanceFrom High Accuracy Digital Bathroom Scale is not bulky, so you can easily store it when not in use. It is affordable but accurate and durable, perfect for budget-conscious buyers who also deserve high-quality products.

How to Select the Best Bathroom Scale

Going further after stating that the best bathroom scale should be accurate, here are other essential factors to consider before purchase:

  • Accuracy

    One buying a guide to ensure accuracy: A bathroom scale should know how to present measurement even up to the smaller increments. Accurate bathroom scales give increments of 0.2 pounds at least. Another tip for buyers is ensuring that the bathroom scale shows the same exact measurement even after consecutive tries. Lastly, you can use other products that have a specific weight such as water bottles and gym weights to test if the bathroom scale will show the same measurement.

  • Capacity

    Before purchase, check the weight capacity of the bathroom scale. Some bathroom scales are only limited to a maximum of 300 pounds. Not checking the weight capacity can result in accidents because of shattered glass.

  • Material

    Most modern bathroom scales are made of glass. That fact can be scary due to the possibility of broken glass. In order to avoid accidents, search for products that have heavy-duty glass material as if it is made of tough armor. Some glass bathroom scales can actually survive bumps and other slip-ups.

  • Size

    We specifically refer to the size of the bathroom scale’s platform or top surface. Some people have difficulty in balancing their stance while some just have big feet. The best bathroom scale for them should have a wide platform, preferably at least 12 inches. But, keep in mind the size of your bathroom as well. Wide scales can be a hassle for small bathrooms. If you really need a big bathroom scale, you can place it inside your room instead.

  • Display

    Gone are the days wherein available bathroom scales in the market only have printed numbers and an arrow for measurement. Reading that type of weighing scale can be such as hassle. So, we recommend sticking to the modern age and purchasing a bathroom scale that has a digital back-lit display. The digital display should present large figures and can be seen even in the dark.

  • Mode

    Choose a bathroom scale that can be adjusted into kilograms, pounds or even stones. You might get confused in monitoring your weight if you are not familiar with the unit of measurement.

  • Additional Features

    Bathroom scales that have bonus features are more susceptible to damage because of the extra buttons and complicated functions. But, you can invest in more expensive ones or trusted brands to avoid disappointments. Additional features can be quite useful such as memory capacity if a lot of users are monitoring their weight on the same bathroom scale. These users do not have to take note of their weight anymore because the bathroom scale automatically saves the data under one specific person.


The best bathroom scale should be accurate, durable, sturdy, and has a clear display. Bathroom scales are made for home use, so products that have extra features such as BMI, temperature and other complex data are not necessary unless you are a professional athlete. Simplicity is key for a more user-friendly and durable bathroom scale. Do not forget to place your bathroom scale on a hard, flat surface because carpeted areas can affect accuracy.