Best Bathtub


Plunging into the bathtub is a relaxing way to get squeaky clean when you’re not in a hurry. But you need to select the right tub in order to make sure that the experience is enjoyable. It can be a soothing reward, especially during stressful times. Bathtubs come in a variety of styles that would fit different types and themes of bathrooms.

When choosing a tub, you need to think about its functionality, materials, and design. Bath time needs to be pleasurable because it helps improve your body and your health. Here are some of the scientifically proven health benefits of taking a bath. For an even more luxurious feel, you can throw in products like bath bombs and here is the best bath bomb guide to help you pick one.

How do you pick the right bathtub for your bathroom? Here is our list of our best choices based on their features and design.

Our Pick: DreamLine Aqua Uno

Our number one pick is the DreamLine Aqua Uno. It includes a frameless hinged tub door which looks very stylish. This bathtub delivers an exquisite custom glass look. It features a brushed nickel hardware finish and solid brass wall to glass hinges. There is a towel bar on the outside of the panel which makes it convenient for you to hang your towel. The door is reversible to right or left an opening.

This will be great to be installed under your shower. It’s perfect for bathrooms with modern and sophisticated designs.

Runner Up: American Standard Cambridge Bath Tub

Our next best choice is the American Standard Cambridge 5-Feet Bath Tub. This is great for long and enjoyable baths. The bathtub is made of americast material so it is 50% lighter and more durable than traditional cast iron tubs. It’s easy to install because of its integral apron. It will also cost you less during installation. This tub has a slip-resistant surface so it’s safe to use.

The beveled headrest allows you to relax while taking your much-needed bath. It has a lumbar supporting contour so your body will be comfortable while inside.

Also Great

If you want one that does not need to be installed onto a wall, the Kaifeng Modern Freestanding Bathtub is a great choice. This will allow you to enjoy a comfortable soaking bath with its smooth surface. It looks very classy and stylish. This would go well with most modern bathrooms but will also look great on a Zen themed bath. The bright white color will look great with wood and stones.

It is easy to install with its quick and easy freestanding installation. It includes a drain and overflow without the faucet.

The Symbolic Spas Two Person Indoor Whirlpool are great for those who want more than just a bathtub. It features massage hydrotherapy to take your bath time relaxation to the next level. This tub comes with a heat pump that is already installed and a remote control so you can adjust the settings to your preferences.

It features massage jets, air jets, LCD control system, handheld shower wand, FM radio, padded waterproof headrest, and underwater lighting effects.

Another simple yet elegant alternative is the AKDY Free Standing Acrylic Bathtub. It has a visual appeal with a modern design which adds elegance to any bathroom. It already includes the fittings and everything you need to install the tub. Its premium quality acrylic construction is made for strength and durability. This is more comfortable than steel bath tubs.

Its color will not fade or lose its brilliance overtime. The metal feet are adjustable to make it more stable. It features extra deep or full body immersion.

Budget Pick

A great practical option that comes at an excellent price is the Opar Foldable Adult SPA Inflatable Bath Tub. Though of course, it’s not like the permanent tubs you install in your bathroom. This is great for those who intend to use it when going on a trip. It comes with the tools with which you can inflate the bathtub so it’s very handy. Also, you may check out our tips on how to care for inflatable tubs.

The material is very durable so you don’t have to worry about packing it for your trip and inflating it when needed. It is good for people up to 100kgt.

How to Choose the Best Bathtub

With all the styles of bathtubs and features available today, it’s easy to get lost in your options. You must keep in mind that the primary purpose of the tub is washing and relaxation. So the features that would enhance those things come first. Safety and other factors are important too.

  • Material

    A fiberglass bathtub will be very lightweight. It’s also very affordable. This is not a very common material because it’s easy to scratch and does not last very long. Acrylic, on the other hand, has great durability. Its high gloss finish is very stylish, too. Scratches are not very noticeable because of its solid color. The cast iron is a very classic material and is the most durable. But it has a heavy weight so it is recommended only to be used on ground floors.

  • Claw-Footed Tubs

    A bathtub with claw feet is very traditional. It is usually made of cast iron and can be very expensive because of the porcelain enamel on its exterior and interior surfaces.

  • 3 Wall Alcove

    The most common type of bathtub is the tub-shower combination. It’s designed to maximize space in your bathroom.

  • Freestanding

    Unlike standard tubs, the freestanding bathtub is not surrounded by cabinetry and does not have wall kits. It could stand on its feet or on a custom built panel and a stone, a tile, or marble deck. It’s self-supporting and looks very stylish that it can be a luxurious addition to any bathroom.

  • Soaking Bathtub

    Soaking tubs have more depth and are wider than most bathtubs. Some can fit two adults. They come in different styles. However, this type requires a lot of water and may have issues when heating the water.

  • Whirlpool

    Today, whirlpool tubs are very popular. They offer many therapeutic and relaxing features like jets and massages.

  • Digital Controls

    Modern bathtubs offer different digital controls to let you adjust the settings to your preferences. Some feature touchpads to control temperature, the jet direction, and even music. Others even include a remote control.

Other features that you should consider are the motor technology, multi-speed settings, and bubbles.