Best Battery Operated Fan


In hot days, we cannot help but think to bring our air conditioner or electric fan with us whenever we are outside. A traditional fan may be effective, but it can be too tiring to move your arm constantly just to give yourself some air. Thank goodness that battery operated fans exist to keep us cool without moving our arms too much, especially during summer. After careful research and product testing, we are giving you the best battery operated fan in today’s market.

Our Pick: Dizaul Portable Rechargeable Fan

Dizaul Portable Rechargeable Fan can be used as a flashlight and power bank. It is lightweight with a hole on top, so you can easily attach it to your bag or lanyard. That’s why it is the perfect buddy in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, traveling, and even cooking barbecue since it can start and intensify the fire effortlessly. This battery operated fan works quietly and releases a cool breeze despite its small size. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can be charged through a USB cable. It can also work without a battery by simply plugging it.

Runner-Up: OPOLAR Portable Rechargeable Fan

OPOLAR Portable Rechargeable Fan is a powerful desk accessory to cool you or your PC down on hot days while working or playing games. It can circulate cool air around a specific area inside your room even in its lowest setting. It can also be fully charged fast. This battery operated fan releases natural white noise to relax you. It has a pretty LED backlight which looks good in the dark. It is almost the same as having a night light on your bedside table. This product has rubber material at the bottom to stay sturdy even on smooth surfaces. It uses common rechargeable batteries that can easily be replaced.

Also Great

Innobay Personal Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan is compact but puts out a lot of air to refresh people who get sweaty easily in hot temperature. It can run continuously for several hours on batteries, which means that it perfectly utilizes minimal energy to blow strong air.

SkyGenius Clip-On Battery Operated Desk Fan has a sturdy strong clamp that can open wider than average, so it can be attached to almost anything. It is perfect for baby strollers to keep the little ones comfortable. If not clipped onto something, it can still stand sturdily on its base. It is made of a tough plastic material, which is glossy as well for a more attractive look. It can rotate 360 degrees – so that’s a big plus.

BLUBOON Rechargeable Adjustable Clip-On Fan is so strong which means you do not have to put it too close to you. It can be clipped on the baby’s car seat to keep the child cool at the back of the car in hot days. It is safe to use for children because little fingers cannot enter the fan’s cover.

Budget Pick

D-FantiX Rechargeable Portable Desktop Fan has a timer to save batteries. It is so powerful that air coming out of it can be shared by two people. This is the best battery operated fan we can recommend for people who prefer more affordable products.

How to Select the Best Battery Operated Fan

Check out these important factors to consider before purchasing the best battery operated fan for you to enjoy:

  • Type

    The most common types of battery operated fans are as follows: semi-ordinary with radio, desk, rechargeable, handheld, clip-on, USB compatible, mist, and car accessory. These types can definitely overlap in just one product. Even though most battery operated fans are small nowadays, there are still bigger ones that are good for home use in case of emergencies like power interruption. These big ones usually have a radio and wider air coverage. They are similar to regular electric fans except that they can operate with batteries.

    Battery operated desk fans are normally quiet and last longer because they can just be plugged into a USB port. Rechargeable fans typically do not need removable batteries due to its portable power source, which is built-in. Most handheld fans have a hole on top to hold loops or clips from lanyards or bags. They can definitely fit in purses and handbags. For baby strollers and car seats, clip-on fans are preferable. When it comes to USB compatibility, the newest battery operated fans already have that feature. For a colder breeze, some battery operated fans can convert water into gas or mist. On the other hand, some are specially designed as car accessories.

  • Power

    Speed is included when we talk about power because after all, no slow-moving fan can blow you away with refreshing air. Most battery operated fans have three speed modes to choose from: low, medium and high. Low setting leads to longer battery life. If you prefer high mode always, then choose a battery operated fan that can use removable batteries or a USB cable. When you are outdoors, a portable fan that can be plugged into a power bank is a lifesaver. You can also bring a lot of batteries in case the one being used eventually loses power.

    Some battery operated fans are only compatible with bigger batteries. These can last up to 12 hours. You may resort to that type of portable fan.

  • Design

    If you opt for battery-operated handheld fans, find a product that has a grip for the hand. This type of portable fan usually has a smaller curve downwards. Meanwhile, toughness is what you need for portable fans that have a clip-on. You do not want a broken handheld fan just because you opened the clip or clamp too wide. Some battery operated fans have flexible rotation feature, even up to 360 degrees. On the other hand, some have LED light for a prettier desk fan at night. If not LED light, many brands resort to the flashlight feature – perfect for campers.

  • Sturdiness

    A powerful desk fan is nothing if it cannot stand up at all when cranked up to a high speed. Look for a battery operated fan with a sturdy base. Flimsy portable fans can also result in noise. You do not want that during relaxation.


ACs and electric fans are essential for daily convenience at home. Good thing you can also have a comfortable time outdoors with battery operated fans. You do not have to struggle anymore with heat and perspiration. Just make sure to choose a functional portable fan with minimal energy consumption for longer use.