Best Battery Powered Baby Monitors


Taking care of a baby when you have so many things to do at home is never easy. It’s stressful, overwhelming, and exhausting. The good news is that there are a lot of baby monitors these days that can let you see what’s going on in the nursery while you’re doing the laundry or folding clothes in another room.

And to help you pick the right one for you and your little one, we’re sharing with you the two best products that stood out in our search for the best battery powered baby monitors.

Best Battery Powered Baby Monitors Comparison Table 

NameRatingPriceBattery TimeTypeRange
Infant Optics DXR-5 Digital Video Baby Monitor4$$8 hours (rechargeable)Video - Color, 2.4 in800 feet
Levana Lila Baby Video Monitor4$$6 hours (rechargeable)Video - Color, 2.3 in500 feet

Things to Consider When Buying Battery Powered Baby Monitors

  • Audio vs. Video

    While there is no dispute about which is ‘better’, the fact remains that video monitors consume more power.

    Of course, there are several companies on the market which combine both audio and video features. You won’t have a hard time getting your hands on one, particularly with all the options you have.

  • Motion Sensors

    There is the Snuza Hero which is not only battery operated but also has motion detection technology as well. But Snuza is an exception rather than the rule here. It is one of the few companies which has mastered such technology.

    So, bear in mind that if you are looking for the best battery operated baby monitor, you might have limited options when it comes to motion sensors.

  • Range and Transmission

    When you are getting a battery operated monitor; the main reason for this choice is portability. This means you aren’t restricted to a power outlet or cord. Similarly, the range is necessary as well. Ensure your monitor is running on digital transmission rather than analog.

    Not only is analog outdated and gives poor quality feedback but it also drops signals and has a lot of static. Digital transmission, on the other hand, has a superb range and runs on dedicated frequency bands such as in the Philips Avent. The audio/video feedback is also crystal clear and is easy on the battery resources as well.

  • Power Saving or Standby Mode

    You must be familiar with power saving modes on your laptop, smartphone, and other devices. Basically, manufacturers install this feature to allow the device to cut down its power consumption whenever possible. It’s a good way to extend a device’s battery life. You can choose a unit that features the option to turn its power saving mode on or off. If you want convenience, you can choose a unit that does that automatically.

Additional Features

  • Low Battery Warning

    A low battery warning light or other audible alerts can be helpful. But customer reviews and general research has found that assigning an LED to blink whenever the battery is lower than 15% works the best. Audible alerts tend can be annoying and easy to miss. A special LED that blinks can catch attention easily.

  • Out-of-Range Indicator

    A good monitor should be able to show you when it has reached the edge of its range limit. Going out of range can lead to a break in the link between the monitor and the baby unit so you have to be careful where you place your monitor.

  • Visual and Vibration Alerts

    If you are extremely tired from work, audio alerts may not be enough to wake you up. You need a monitor with vibration alerts to make sure that you’ll wake up whenever your baby needs you.

  • Sound Activation

    If you’re considering a monitor with a talkback feature, then see to it that there’s an option to activate and deactivate its mic. This will help cut down on battery consumption drastically.

  • Rechargeable Batteries

    After a few times of use, you will find that a rechargeable monitor is much more convenient. Unlike most monitors that need to be directly plugged into a power source, battery-powered monitors are easy to transport and set up no matter where you are.


The priority here is portability. A battery operated monitor is nothing if not portable. It should be easy to carry around and set up. Apart from that, consider a good brand. You can’t really open up a monitor to inspect its internal parts or analyze all of its features. A good brand ensures you get everything you need without burning holes in your wallet.

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