Best Battery Powered Hair Dryers


Before diving into dryers; let’s take a different view on the whole idea of a portable hair dryer. What exactly is a battery powered hair dryer needed for? Easy to carry or enhanced portability? It allows hair drying without being limited to a power outlet? These are some of the questions which make a battery powered hair dryer a considerable option. If you are looking for a hair dryer for travel, you should read our Hair Dryer Buying Guide for Travelling. Because, as you’ll find out after reading this guide, the best battery powered hair dryer may not be the most obvious one after all.

Best Battery Powered Hair Dryers Comparison Table 2017

Freedryer Cordless Hair DryerYesYes400 watts1 poundbattery is car chargeable. running time is 15 minutes ONLY.
Road Pro Car DryerNoNo180 watts2 poundsfor cars use only
Revlon Rvdr5033 Compact DryerNoYes1,875 watts1.2 poundsrequires electricity outlet

The One and Only Battery Powered Hair Dryer

If you look at the above table closely, you’ll clearly see Freedryer Cordless Hair Dryer is the one and only battery powered hair dryer in the market, and here’re some of the reasons:

  • Hair dryers require high powers to operate, therefore among all the hundreds of hair dryer manufactures, only one from Taiwan has made a true battery powered hair dryer:  Freedryer Cordless Hair Dryer
  • Because of that same reason, battery powered hair dryer faces a major setback: very short running time. This one of a kind product runs only 15 minutes at warm setting, or 7 minutes at hot setting. That makes it pretty much useless for travelling. Let’s face it, who’s gonna need only 15 minutes of hair drying for the entire travelling that typically takes a week? Not to mention it’s 3.1 pounds of weight, that’s also double the weight of a travelling hair dryer.

Now, you really have to ask yourself the real reason for buying a battery powered hair dryer. Is it for travelling? Is it because you don’t an electricity outlet in bathroom? Is it for camping? Is it convenient for you to charge the hairdryer after each use? Keep on reading for how to choose the right hair dryer for your specific needs.

How to Choose a Battery Powered Hair Dryer

First are requirements. Specifications and features come later. You need to ensure that device is fulfilling your needs and requirements. This means the dryer should have strong motor, good heating capabilities and the baseline features should come as standard. Hair dryers are high powered devices and therefore require a high capacity power source. Furthermore the weight and dimensions of the device should be falling in line with the meaning of portability and compact size.

Powerful Battery Plus Spare Availability

As mentioned earlier, generating heat and running a high powered motor requires a lot of ‘juice’. Therefore choose a dryer with a powerful and long-lasting battery. The battery should have a high power rating and should be chargeable. A charger will either be available for the battery separately in which case the battery will have to be removed and connected to the charger. Either this or the dryer will come with a built in charger and you’ll just need to plug in a cord/adapter to the dryer to get it charging. FreeDryer Cordless Rechargeable Hairdryer is good in this regard.

  • External battery
    Both options have their own pros and cons. The main advantage of an external battery is that it can be easily removed. This allows you to disassemble the device easily which makes storage easier as it takes less space. Furthermore if you remove the battery you can place in spare in its place and immediately start using the device rather than having to wait for the original to charge. Similarly you can replace the battery easily if there is any damage, leakage etc.
  • Internal battery
    An internal battery is usually integrated into the device and doesn’t affect its shape in a major way. You’ll get a natural looking hair dryer without any noticeable bulky addition. Similarly you’ll be able to charge it by simply plugging in a cord or adapter. However you’ll be limited to using the dryer only when it is charged since you won’t be able to change the battery.

Small Dimensions

The addition of a battery can drastically increase the dimensions and overall size of the dryer. You might have to spend a bit more but it is well worth it to get a compact dryer rather than one in a bulbous battery. Freedryer Cordless Hair Dryer is about 3 pounds in weight, it’s much heavier than a typical travel hair dryer at 1.2 pounds.

Less Charging Time

Many battery powered hair dryers come with high charging times. There are two ways you can avoid this. One is to go for a dryer with an easily replaceable battery so you can swap the empty battery for a charged one. Otherwise get a hair dryer which charges fast and/or gives good battery time so you don’t have to charge in the midst of a your morning hair drying routine.


Make sure the device comes with warranty not only for the motor but also for the battery as well as charging mechanism. The warranty for the battery should guarantee good battery time (apart from leakage, damage, defects, etc) for some period of time; 6 months at least.


Travel hair dryers such as the Remington D3010 come with natural ionizers such as an ionic grill, tourmaline plates or ceramic plates. Consider a battery powered hair dryer which has a natural ionizer in it. The ionizers won’t require any extra energy and will be rendering your hair frizz free at the same time.


After having gone through the above points you might be thinking about packing up your bags and having that perfect battery powered hair dryer in there as well. However let us consider the practicality of a batter y powered hair dryer. First of all, why is it needed? Because there is no power outlet present, therefore an alternate source (the battery) is required. But if you look at the fact that a battery barely lasts 2-3 uses or even less in most cases; the equation does not seem to balance. Base on your specific use case, our recommendation is totally different.

  1. For people who have access to wall outlet but do not like the wiring that comes with other hair dryers: buy Freedryer Cordless Hair Dryer
  2. For travelers have access to wall outlet: buy dual voltage powered hair dryer such as Revlon Rvdr5033 Compact Dryer
  3. For travelers who only have power socket in car: buy car powered hair dryer such as RoadPro RPSC.

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