Best BBQ Rub


Some people associate seasoning simply with the two basic ingredients – salt and pepper. On the other hand, some prefer dry rub because salt and pepper are mixed with other herbs, spices, and flavorings. That means more flavor is guaranteed once the meat is cooked. A dry rub is, obviously, being rubbed all over the meat before cooking. Barbecue is one of the most common cooking methods for meat that can really be enhanced with a good rub. After careful research and product testing, we are giving the best BBQ rub in today’s market.

Our Pick: BBQ BROS RUBS Southern Style Dry Rub

BBQ BROS RUBS Southern Style Barbecue Dry Rub is a set of high-quality spices with specific flavors to have different zings of seasoning meat before smoking, cooking or grilling. It has no MSG at all, which means it is all-natural and healthy. Aside from barbecue, it is perfect for pot roast, spare ribs, pork butt, brisket, and even dishes with shrimp and fish. It has moderate heat to provide enough spiciness for anyone to enjoy. Its bottle, no matter how compact, has a lot of dry rubs inside. Creating homemade dry rub can be difficult for average home cooks, so this product can really help in speeding things up. If you want to impress your guests during barbecue parties, definitely try this BBQ rub.

Runner-Up: Killer Hogs BBQ Rub

Killer Hogs BBQ Rub has an amazingly sweet flavor. Most BBQ rubs focus on saltiness, so it is refreshing that this one aims for sweetness. This BBQ rub’s light flavor is perfect for burger patties, chicken, and lamb. It is perfect for people who do not want spicy food. It has a nice color to make food even more irresistible to the eyes. This product can be a great gift for people who love to cook, especially when it comes to barbecue. It can last for a long time because a light coat of this is enough to provide flavor for the whole meat.

Also Great

Bad Byron’s Butt Rub has a flavor that can make anything delicious, even vegetables and shellfish. When putting this dry rub on pork butts, you do not have to put BBQ sauce anymore because it already makes wonders on meat singlehandedly. If you are generous in applying dry rub on thick meat such as pork butt, this product still does not overpower the dish. Still, you might want to slow things down a bit because a little rub of this goes a long way. This BBQ rub is also perfect for Thanksgiving due to how it can make a simple turkey even more delicious.

Kosmos Q Dirty Bird All-Purpose Barbecue Rub is gluten-free, which is the perfect seasoning for people who have a wheat allergy, gluten intolerance, and celiac disease. It is one of the safest BBQ rubs to use when you hold a party because you might overlook guests who have a sensitivity to gluten. This product can make any simple food special such as fried eggs. It has the right blend of saltiness and sweetness. It is being recommended by pros who usually join barbecue competitions.

Pappy’s Choice Seasoning gives a memorable flavor for grilled steak, fried chicken, and potato salad. You do not have to add other herbs and spices just to balance out the flavor. This BBQ rub has a lot of happy buyers for how many decades already. It stays minimal and traditional when it comes to its ingredients.

Budget Pick

Plowboys Yardbird Rub has the right balance of sweetness, saltiness, and spiciness. It can wow people in barbecue parties and competitions. It is also good for Buffalo wings and salmon when you want more zing. This BBQ rub can make chicken skin crispier and more flavorful.

How to Select the Best BBQ Rub

There are actually several factors to consider before purchasing the best BBQ rub for you. Here are important things to think about to guarantee a delicious barbecue party in your backyard:

  • Spiciness

    The spiciness in BBQ rubs usually comes from hot peppers. This flavor adds excitement to regular food. We recommend purchasing two BBQ rubs: a spicy one while the other is not. In a barbecue party, not all guests can handle the heat. It is best to have two separate sets of food based on spiciness. If you are lucky enough or good at research, you can have the perfect BBQ rub that has the right spice for everyone. This dry rub is usually spiced up with black peppers, mustard powder, horseradish or ginger – not hot peppers like chipotle or cayenne.

  • Spice

    Just because a BBQ rub has spice does not mean that it will be spicy. Some spices aim for extra flavor, not spiciness. Paprika is a common spice in BBQ rubs that only gives enough kick for the meat despite its bright red color.

  • Savory

    A BBQ rub should enhance the meat’s original flavor. Being savory also means that the cooked meat smells great. The savory flavor usually comes from special flavorings, garlic, particular spices, green herbs, and glutamates, which are amino acids.

  • Sweetness

    Sugar is the best sweetener because it gives a basic flavor. It can enhance other flavors, make the outer part of the meat crispy, and give a beautiful brown color for cooked meat. Diabetics can still enjoy a nice meat because having sugar in the dry rub does not necessarily mean that it will give health risks. As long as the meat is perfectly cooked, some sugar contents already melted or dripped off the grill during the process. White bread even has more sugar than cooked meat.

  • Salt

    It may sound surprising but – BBQ rubs do not have to contain salt. Be careful in purchasing BBQ rubs with salt because they tend to get the meat too salty if not applied correctly.  When your dry rub has no salt, you can give the perfect ending for your barbecued meat by putting salt on it. Adding salt in the last minute before serving can wow a crowd.

    Many people love to mix BBQ rub with oil. If dry rub has salt, it will not dissolve completely when mixed with oil. If the BBQ rub has no salt, you can put salt first on the meat and let it be absorbed by surface’s moisture. So, once you add the dry rub afterward, no undissolved salt will interfere with the process and flavors.

    Besides, cured meats like corned beef, bacon, and ham do not need salt anymore. BBQ rub will just put more flavor into them. Cured meat usually needs spice only as an additional kick.


Creating your own recipe for BBQ rub is promising for your cooked meats. It is just time-consuming because you need to choose the right ingredients and make the perfect balance of flavors. Home cooks can really benefit from store-bought dry rubs. It is just a matter of picking the best BBQ rub through product research and knowledge of the ingredients.

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