Best Beach Chair


Going to the beach is one relaxing activity. You can either swim or just bask in the sun while reading a book, surf, and other water sports activities. In order to have maximum comfort on the sandy shore, you should have your very own beach chair that is sturdy, durable and convenient to use. After careful research and product testing, we are giving you the best beach chair in today’s market.

Our Pick: Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair

Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair has everything you need for a good day at the beach. It contains a towel bar and storage pouch for your personal necessities. Talking about its portability, it is very lightweight to be carried anywhere. Despite its lightness, it is still sturdy, especially for plus size people. Of course, it is a comfortable chair for all ages. It has a lot of designs to choose from which are all attractive. It can definitely last for a long time. This beach chair is so convenient to set up or fold for storage. Its materials are water-resistant.

Going further about this beach chair’s design, it has a top pocket that can be zipped close so your most beloved smartphone, keys, wallet, sunscreen, sunglasses, sandals, books, magazines and other valuables will not drop as you move the chair around. You can also bring a separate mini lock to securely close the zippers. There is also another pocket near the arm rest for other small stuff. Other than the two pockets, there is an insulated compartment for snacks and cold beverages. This beach chair has a pillow that can be adjusted based on the user’s preference. It also has a rack that ensures the towel will not touch the ground. Its back support can be reclined smoothly until the whole beach chair is flat on the ground. This product’s straps are similar to the ones found on a regular backpack.

Runner-Up: WildHorn Outfitters Portable Beach Chair

WildHorn Outfitters Portable Beach Chair has a unique design, particularly its special TerraGrip feet to stop the chair’s legs from sinking into the sand. It can balance well even if you recline further – that’s how sturdy it is. The TerraGrip feet can be heavy to carry while attached to the beach chair. Thankfully, it can be removed and changed into smaller ones for your convenience. When you compare this beach chair’s size to most products, it is smaller but a lot sturdier because of its double stitching. It can fit inside carrying bags when folded. Sitting on this chair is a breeze because the back support is composed of mesh. You will stay cool despite long hours of reclining on the chair. This product can also be used for camping and barbecue parties in the backyard. Tall people can sit comfortably on it.

Also Great

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair does not wear out easily despite continuous use. Its fabric material is easy to wipe clean. This beach chair’s vivid color does not fade no matter how seasons change. People with back problems can surely benefit from this comfortable chair. This product can easily adjust to your preferences. It can be reclined far for a relaxing sleep, reclined moderately for lounging, or simply remain in a straight sitting position. It has a special support for your legs and feet, so you can be in an almost full sleeping position despite being seated. This beach chair can be effortlessly carried with just one hand. It has a wider arm rest than average for ultimate comfort. Regarding storage, it is slim when folded so you can insert this in any compact closet.

Rio Brands Lace Up Aluminum Backpack Chair has laces that can be adjusted if you want a baggy or firm back support and seat. It also has a beverage holder for a refreshing time while lounging. Its straps for backpacking is adjustable. This beach chair is so light when folded that it can be carried by a little kid just like a backpack.

Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair has a side tray for snacks and drinks. It can also be used poolside and on the porch. Its metal frame does not rust.

Budget Pick

Quik Shade Folding Mesh Chair has its own storage bag that has straps for easy handling. It is perfect for kids to use because of the compact size and secure construction. It is a good product for the whole family to enjoy outdoors.

How to Select the Best Beach Chair

Here are important things to consider before purchasing the best beach chair for you:

  • Type

    The major types of beach chairs are the classic, travel bench, backpack, lounger, and kids’. Multiple types can be present in just one beach chair. Classic beach chairs are usually small, only less than 12 inches away from the ground. They just give you enough space away from the sand. They do not have a footrest, so you can just extend your legs comfortably until your feet sink into the sand or plunge into the water. A benefit from this is that your legs will have an even tan unlike when you sit normally. In ordinary chairs, the upper part of your legs are the only areas that will have some color from the sun.

    Travel benches are a lot bigger, perfect for groups, especially families. These are still collapsible, portable and lightweight. Meanwhile, backpack beach chairs are getting all the attention nowadays because of their compact size and built-in straps. You can bring a lot of things at the same time since your hands are free from carrying a folded beach chair.

    Loungers are good for taking a nap at the beach or sunbathing. Lastly, let us not forget about the kids. They can have their own little beach chairs, too. These kiddie beach chairs have the most adorable colors, especially when they are designed to represent a cuddly animal.

  • Material

    The material should be double-stitched into the frame and made of a high-quality water-resistant component such as polyester. It must be able to support heavier weight. Product descriptions have weight specifications, so really pay attention to those details. We do not want to fall off from our beach chairs just because of torn material.

  • Frame

    Another important factor for a beach chair’s sturdiness is how tough the frame is. The popular choices are steel, wood, and aluminum. Steel is the most durable. Sadly, you really have to shell out a big amount of money for this. Still, it is the most secure material for the frame. The only downside is that it rusts after a long time of use.

    The Wooden frame gives a classic look. It does not absorb heat, so you do not have to worry about the metal frame burning your skin. Unfortunately, one of its disadvantages is heaviness. Wooden beach chairs are not travel-friendly. Also, they need consistent maintenance by frequent varnishing.

    When it comes to lightness, aluminum is the best option. It is just prone to dents if exposed to harsh falls and bumps.

  • Additional Features

    The primary function of a beach chair is just to make us comfortable as we lounge near the sea. However, popular beach chairs nowadays have a lot of extra features for people’s convenience in the modern age. The most common bonus features are pockets for essentials such as sunglasses, snacks, and sunscreen, built-in umbrella or canopy, embroidered patterns for stylish beach-goers, flexible reclining back support for people with back problems, wider armrests, pillows, footrest, and beverage holders.


Pamper yourself during summer with the best beach chair you can find in stores. Having hot sand all over your body is not relaxing at all. Do not hesitate to buy those with extra features so your stuff will avoid falling into the sand.