Best Beach Towel


Beach towels are designed for convenient use whenever you are at the beach. They are unlike household towels that are too thick and water absorbent. After careful research and product testing, we are giving you the best beach towel in today’s market.

Our Pick: Dock & Bay Quick-Dry Microfiber Beach Towel

Dock & Bay Quick-Dry Microfiber Beach Towel is so thin that it can fit in any bag or suitcase that has little space left. Despite the thinness, it is wide, soft, water absorbent but dries quickly, and does not retain sand all over it even when wet. It comes in its own small bag that is very handy. Aside from being used as a towel for the body, it can also serve as a mat when you want to sit down on the sand. It has a loop which is convenient when you need to hang it on a hook. You can also hang it over your beach chair without any hassle at all because of its light weight. This product looks attractive and cool that people will not easily spot it as a beach towel when you use it as a travel blanket. Its color is vivid but does not discolor or bleed even with frequent use.

Runner Up: YogaRat SportLite Microfiber Beach Towel

YogaRat SportLite Microfiber Beach Towel is very large that it can be used by tall people. Even if it is composed of microfiber, it still has a soft texture for the skin. Its lightness is also convenient for laundry because if each of your family members owns this beach towel, you can wash all of these in a washing machine in just one load. You also need just a minimal amount of laundry detergent to clean these beach towels. This beach towel can be rinsed easily because it is flat. It does not have a weird smell when damp.

Also Great

Utopia Towels Large Cotton Beach Towel looks luxurious but durable even after countless exposures to salt water, harsh sunlight and intense machine cleaning. It is kind of fluffy for a beach towel because some people cannot take the texture of microfiber. Still, it is lightweight and thin enough to fit a crowded bag or suitcase.

Northpoint Sorrento Combed Cotton Beach Towel is thick and snuggly to keep you warm after swimming. It can serve as a nice gift for your loved ones. Its wideness is perfect for plus size people.

Popular Handicrafts Round Mandala Cotton Beach Towel is beautifully covered with colorful patterns that will look very stylish in your Facebook or Instagram photos. It has a unique circular shape to completely shield you from the sand if you choose to sit down. It is made of cotton but still thin enough to fit in your beach bag.

Budget Pick

Raqpak Microfiber Travel Towel is a great solution to easily dry your hair after a long swim. Since you have to pat your skin dry with this – not wipe due to the microfiber’s strange texture – it prolongs enough moisture on your skin to let you have a beautiful sun-kissed tone afterward.

How to Select the Best Beach Towel

Different people have different preferences when it comes to personal necessities such as beach towels. Here are important factors to consider before purchasing the best beach towel for you:

  • Water Absorbent

    Towels are designed to absorb water on your skin to make it dry. Thick, fluffy towels are best in water absorption but not during beach time. You need a thin beach towel made of microfiber, terrycloth or cotton that can absorb just enough water from your skin. It is okay to put a little moisture on your skin whenever you are at the beach. After all, sun-kissed skin is beautiful to look at. But, never forget to put on sunscreen most of the time. Ideally, you should reapply sunscreen every two hours.

  • Sand-Resistant

    One common pet peeve for people at the beach is sand covering their belongings, especially their towels. It is repulsive to think that you are going to wipe your whole body dry with a cloth that is full of sand. The best way to avoid this is choosing a microfiber beach towel. With microfiber, sand is less likely to stick. Many microfiber towels just need a couple of shakes to remove sand attached to them. High-quality ones take it to the next level by being sand-resistant even when damp or wet.

  • Thin

    Fluffy and thick towels are really not meant for a sunny day at the beach. They also dry slowly and smell bad if not completely dried out. They are sand magnets that can irritate your skin after wiping your body. Thick towels are such a hassle to bring in travels. They are heavy and take up too much space when folded. Microfiber beach towels are the best options for portability, sand-resistance, and quick drying. They are so thin that you can fold them until they are just about the size of handkerchiefs. The only disadvantage with microfiber is that it takes some time to get used to the texture. You have to pat your skin dry with microfiber, not wipe it. If you cannot stand microfiber, you may research for cotton beach towels that have the perfect balance of fluffiness and portability.

  • Material

    A beach towel should have soft yet durable material. Most cheap towels can irritate your skin because of rough material. They also get damaged easily when cleaned in a washing machine. That’s why do not hesitate to invest on high-quality beach towels. The best materials for beach towels are microfiber, velour, and cotton.

  • Size

    Some microfiber beach towels are so amazing because they can be thin and over-sized at the same time. We suggest large beach towels because they can also be used as beach mats. Regular beach mats can be too bulky. With beach towels, there will still be room left for other stuff inside the bag. For kids’ convenience, choose beach towels designed for children. There are also circular beach towels for aesthetic purposes.

  • Attractive

    There are microfiber and velour beach towels that are so thin and flat that people will not mistake it for a towel. You can confidently use these towels like travel blankets while you are in a public transport. Some beach towels have beautiful colors and prints that will look perfect in social media posts. We recommend bright or light colors to protect yourself from intense heat. Dark colors can absorb sunlight and get you all sweaty while wrapping yourself up in the towel.


A fluffy towel is such a delight for the skin. However, during vacations or days on a sandy shore, you might need to sacrifice that even for just a little bit by choosing a beach towel. The best beach towel for you is lightweight, thin, quick drying, and sand-resistant. Ideal beach towels are not fluffy and thick enough compared to regular ones, but they are really useful for a convenient time near the sea.

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