Best Beach Umbrella


Nowadays, heat is unbearable if you stay too long under the sun. However, that must not stop you from enjoying a fun day at the beach. One way to solve that dilemma is putting a beach umbrella over you as you lounge near the sea. The best beach umbrella should provide more than enough shade for you to protect you from harsh sun rays. After careful research and product testing, we are giving you the best beach umbrella in today’s market.

Our Pick: beachBUB Beach Umbrella System

beachBUB Beach Umbrella System has everything you need for a relaxing time on the shore. It is an umbrella with a special sturdy base and other useful accessories such as a wrench, shovel, hooks, and extra pole. A Strong wind cannot easily topple this solid beach umbrella. Why? The beams underneath are thick and tough to stop the umbrella from bending the wrong way when it gets windy. Even though this beach umbrella has a metallic pole, it does not rust from salty air. Despite being an umbrella system, you can still set everything up easily.

This product comes with its own carry bag. Carrying everything in just one bag can be heavy, but that only proves how heavy-duty the materials are. The base is sturdy, but you can still drag it to any direction when you need to adjust the umbrella’s position. When it comes to its size, this beach umbrella can completely shade three adults.

Runner-Up: Sport-Brella All-Weather Umbrella

Sport-Brella All-Weather Umbrella has a unique design so it can also serve as a canopy measuring 8 feet high. Its carrying bag is so convenient to use because it has a long strap to let you swing it over your shoulder. With that feature, you can carry this umbrella and other stuff such as beach chair and cooler – all at the same time. Even if you are completely covered on one side, this beach umbrella has special flaps to let the wind flow inside and keep you cool. When you are ready to call it a day, storing this umbrella back into its bag is easy. Under the harsh sun, this beach umbrella can block UV rays for skin protection.

Other essential features include a built-in floor to shield yourself and your belongings from the sand, a pocket for storing your phone and keys, and an adjustable stand. Overall, this beach umbrella is perfect to keep your family safe, especially the kids, from intense sunlight.

Also Great

Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella has a sand anchor for sturdiness and a pole that can be tilted and locked for quick shade adjustment. It also has a thick fabric for complete UV ray protection. It can withstand strong winds because of its topmost part that can be opened to let the wind flow through without making the umbrella upside down. This beach umbrella is so wide that it can cover three people sitting on their own beach chairs. It can be installed on a separate umbrella stand if you decide to use this poolside. It can also be attached to a lounger provided by the resort. This product is lightweight to carry around the beach. You will be proud showing this off to other beach-goers because of its attractive design.

EasyGo Rainbow Heavy-Duty Beach Umbrella has durable fabric, beam, and pole that can last for a long time no matter how much it is exposed to strong winds. It is amazing how big this umbrella is even if it is very lightweight.

Shadezilla Premium Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Beach Umbrella has cup holders for a more convenient time under the shade. It has a fun, bright color that can stand out when there are a lot of other beach umbrellas near the sea.

Budget Pick

CCS Beach Umbrella can withstand being stored in cramped places while traveling because of its high-quality materials. It may not be the biggest beach umbrella around, but it is the perfect size for kids to own.

How to Select the Best Beach Umbrella

There are other important factors to consider before purchasing the best beach umbrella for you aside from its size. Here are things to think about when you hit the store:

  • UV Protection

    Just because you are under the shade does not mean that UV rays will not get into your skin. Remember, umbrellas only use fabrics as cover. In order to ensure safety for your skin, buy a beach umbrella that has SPF. Also, never forget to put on sunscreen. Always take extra precaution when it comes to your health.

  • Design

    As the demand for beach umbrellas increase because of the intense heat from the sun these days, there are a lot of products emerging that focus on uniqueness just to get people’s attention. Some beach umbrellas can act as canopies or tents just by anchoring their extra fabric into the ground. Others can have their top parts opened to let the wind through and avoid an upside-down umbrella. It also does not hurt to choose a beach umbrella that has playful patterns and attractive colors. You cannot help taking photos to post on Facebook or Instagram, so why not purchase a photogenic beach umbrella?

  • Weight

    This is a tricky one because when you say “lightweight” beach umbrella, it is less likely to withstand strong winds. You can resort to lightweight umbrellas if the location is not that windy. In sunny places, you only need a big shade. The better option is to invest on more expensive beach umbrellas that have a sturdy metallic pole and beams. These umbrellas are more functional than lightweight ones that can only be used during good weather. Yes, sturdier beach umbrellas can be heavier but they are still portable regardless.


Do not punish yourself by staying long under the sun. That’s why you must purchase the best beach umbrella based on your preferences to gain shelter whenever you rest from swimming. Bigger is always better for beach umbrellas because you aim for the shade. But, you also have to remember that a beach umbrella must be portable, sturdy, functional and UV-proof as well.

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