The 6 Best Beard Grooming Tools Every Man Should Own


Having a beard can boost confidence, but it takes endless maintenance just to keep it from looking messy. Whether you like it thick or shaven, you need the right tools for that well-groomed look.

Check out the six best beard grooming tools you can purchase to complete your kit.

Our Pick: Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3000

Versatility is the strong suit of Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3000. It comes with 13 essential pieces to remove unwanted hairs around your head, including your nose and ears. Of course, it will also be excellent at trimming your beard.

Regarding the steel blades, they have a self-sharpening design. Meaning, they can stay sharp for years on their own as long as you use them frequently.

When it comes to cleaning, the guards and blades can be detached easily. You can simply rinse them under a running faucet.

Runner Up: ZilberHaar Boar Bristles Beard Brush

Brushing your beard can do wonders for your facial hair strands. ZilberHaar Boar Bristles Beard Brush can keep the strands softer and healthier. More importantly, it can reduce ingrown hairs and itching.

Focusing on the boar bristles, rest assured that they’re all genuine. They make this brush firm enough to penetrate thick beards. Once they thoroughly brush the hair strands, your beard will become very soft because of natural oil.

To keep your hand comfortable during the process, the handle is made of pear wood. It has that irresistible smoothness. It is also durable for heavy use.

Also Great: Braun Series 3 ProSkin Electric Razor

What makes Braun Series 3 ProSkin Electric Razor effective in cleaning the surrounding areas of the beard? It has five shavers that are sensitive to pressure for a thorough yet safe grooming session. It also has a micro comb to catch more strands in every stroke.

This product comes with four rechargeable batteries. It also has an automatic voltage adjustment from 100V to 240V.

Also Great: Sanguine Beard Trimming Scissors

Aside from precise cutting of your beard, Sanguine Beard Trimming Scissors can also trim your moustache and eyebrows. The precision feature comes from the extremely sharp blades.

Other than the fact that they’re made of high-quality Japanese steel, these scissors are handcrafted. It goes to show that they’re meticulously sculpted and assembled.

Also Great: VAV 1000 Watts Travel Hair Dryer

This might come as a surprise to you, but blow-drying can actually be a part of men’s beard grooming process. Applying products like oils, serums, and conditioners can make your beard really damp.

Good thing that mini blow-dryers such as VAV 1000 Watts Travel Hair Dryer can dry your beard faster. This is really convenient if you’re always in a hurry.

The best part about this product is how small it is. It won’t overwhelm your face even when it blasts warm air.

Budget Pick: Viking Revolution Wooden Beard Comb

Simple yet effective, Viking Revolution Wooden Beard Comb is double-sided to separate coarse and fine teeth. Since these two options are available, you can avoid static and painful pulls while you’re removing knots from your beard.

This product is also very versatile since it can deeply comb all types of beard – thick, thin, long or short. You can take it anywhere you go as soon as you place it inside its own case.

Another grooming tool made from pear wood, this comb can easily spread balms and oils.

How to Select the Best Beard Grooming Tools

We considered the following factors while creating our list of the best beard grooming tools:

  • Comb

    How can you trim your beard perfectly if you can’t prepare it for precise cutting? Make your beard neat and ready for trimming by combing it.

    The perfect type of beard comb will always be the dual type. A coarse beard, while still short, can still be handled by fine teeth.

    However, in case you’d suddenly prefer to keep it long, just use the other side of the comb with wider teeth. This will save you time, money, and effort in buying another comb.

  • Scissors

    It is a bad idea to use ordinary scissors to trim your beard. Precision will be thrown off the window. The right scissors for beard grooming should be really small.

    Aside from size, the scissors should have blades with a tiny serrated edge. This feature improves accuracy since the edge securely holds the strands for precise cutting.

  • Trimmer

    When we say beard trimmer, we’re referring to the automatic type. It is ideal for keeping your beard short. It can also be used to make your cheeks and neck cleaner from unwanted hairs.

    Meanwhile, you should buy a trimmer with many attachments. This boosts versatility so you won’t have to buy more trimming tools for other areas on your face.

  • Electric Razor

    For a safer trimming session and a smoother skin around your beard, an electric razor is better than a trimmer. However, you might have a hard time using it if there’s just too many extra hairs.

    That’s why better results are expected when you use a beard trimmer before using an electric razor. The electric razor is more useful for making finishing touches.

    A good electric razor should be powerful with several safety features.

  • Brush

    Another great tool for finishing touches, a beard brush refreshes your skin after a rigorous grooming process. It can also remove trimmed hairs hidden in your beard.

    A beard brush can also be used daily. It is simply effective at exfoliating your skin. Expect better results when you use it after applying face wash.

    Only choose boar bristles for your beard. Other materials might harm your sensitive skin underneath your facial hair. These bristles are also the best when it comes to spreading the natural oil.

  • Hair Dryer

    Lastly, never hesitate to buy a special hair dryer for your beard. Mini hair dryers are originally designed for kids and super-short hair, but their small size and gentler blast of air are just perfect for maintaining a thick beard.

    The ideal size for your beard should only be as big as your hand. This ensures a smaller exit for air, keeping your eyes and nose from being overwhelmed.


After considering the usual process of maintaining facial hair, we decided that the best beard grooming tools should include a trimmer, brush, razor, scissors, hair dryer, and comb. We believe that all of these products make one reliable grooming kit.