Best Beard Oil


Some men may say that they do not need any product for their facial hair. After all – it is a just beard. However, facial hair can be messy to look at. So, a well-groomed man must also pay attention to his beard. One product to help with male grooming is beard oil. This type of oil ensures that facial hair and even the skin underneath it are moisturized, flake-free, and fresh to smell. After careful research and product testing, we are giving the best beard oil in today’s market.

Our Pick: Prophet and Tools Men’s Beard Oil

Prophet and Tools Men’s Beard Oil comes with a comb kit for maximum effect whenever this product is applied. It promotes the growth of men’s goatee, mustache or beard. It makes facial hair soft and lustrous. This beard oil is not greasy and does not feel heavy due to how fast it can be absorbed by facial hair. It also soothes skin underneath facial hair because of natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, chamomile, aloe vera and vitamin E. It does not have a distinct smell, which is great for most people. Regarding the wooden comb, it may look small but it can groom a thick beard. A small amount of this product can already do wonders for men’s facial hair. This beard oil is the perfect gift women can give to their hairy boyfriend or husband.

Runner Up: Leven Rose Fragrance-Free Beard Oil

Leven Rose Fragrance-Free Beard Oil makes the beard smooth to touch, which is useful for men who always get hugs and kisses from their significant other. It is totally fragrance-free to avoid mixing with the scent of aftershave and cologne. Growing facial hair can be itchy, so this beard oil ensures that men will not struggle with that dilemma anymore. A curly thick beard is hard to groom or tame, but this product can still handle it. This beard oil does not clog pores and trigger acne. It relieves beard dandruff.

Also Great

The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil makes thick facial hair less frizzy, and more presentable in gatherings and at work. It gives the beard a silky look, which can definitely get compliments from family and friends. It intensifies the beard’s natural hair color. The positive results from this beard oil emerge instantly. During the first day of application, men can already feel the wonders of this product.

Beardsmen Spirit Premium Natural Beard Oil has a big amount in just one bottle, which is kind of rare for this kind of product. Another unique feature about this beard oil is that it has an attractive, masculine scent. Most beard oil products are fragrance-free. This product is made of mild organic oils, so it can be used for men with sensitive skin. Its gentleness is comparable to baby oil.

ArtNaturals Pure Organic Beard Oil is made of high-quality ingredients that it does not deteriorate easily no matter how cold or hot the weather is. It can be used by overly sensitive skin with a condition such as eczema.

Budget Pick

Smooth Viking Beard Oil is perfect to use during the winter season because of how well it moisturizes and hydrates facial hair and skin. It makes the beard look fuller than ever. It has a nice consistency, making it easy to massage all over the beard. This beard oil is a value-for-money product because of how affordable it is despite being contained in a big bottle.

How to Select the Best Beard Oil

There is actually only one important factor to consider before purchasing the best beard oil for a specific man – his current beard growth stage. Here are the different stages of facial hair growth with their corresponding beard oil type:

  • Stubble

    Light beard oil must be used in this stage wherein facial hair starts to darken a portion of the face. This stage is very uncomfortable due to itching caused by dry skin. The best beard oil for this dilemma is the one that can relieve itch and heal scratches. It should contain vitamins E and K to be able to deeply moisturize and repair skin. It can also be composed of vitamins A, B and D, fatty acids and proteins if the itchiness is still tolerable. These nutrients can promote beard growth by repairing damaged hair.

  • Moderate

    In this stage, the beard is already thick yet still short. But, men can already use any beard oil because of the moderate thickness. The only choices here are to either go for a fragrance-free beard oil or a product with a masculine scent. Some people prefer fragrance-free ones due to sensitive skin and usage of other products such as aftershave and cologne. But, some still want a pleasing scent to boost attractiveness.

  • Full

    Now, this is the part where the beard is thicker than ever. However, in this stage, the beard gets more difficult to manage because it gets fluffy and frizzy when not tamed. Heavier beard oil is a must for extra thick facial hair. Natural oils like hemp seed and sweet almond are good ingredients for heavy beard oils. Hemp seed, in particular, hydrates the beard and skin very well, especially in cold days. Just be careful that the beard oil you are going to buy does not leave any residue. Product research is key to ensure this feature.

  • Long

    Full, thick beard is difficult enough to manage – what more if it is long like a Viking’s? Aside from choosing a heavy beard oil, definitely go for the ones in big bottles. Most beard oil products come in small containers, so keep an eye out for the amount indicated on the bottle. Long, the thick beard should be maintained in big doses of oil.


Growing a beard can be a discomfort for both the man and his woman. It is painfully itchy for men while it can trigger rashes or allergies on women’s skin after being intimate with their bearded significant other. As soon as stubble appears, beard oil must be used pronto. Then, it should be maintained based on the current thickness. A man will probably need a different product because of his beard’s changing needs.