Best Bed Sheets: 6 Products To Make Your Bed Really Comfortable


If you like relaxing in bed, you might want to invest in really comfortable bed sheets. They usually come in sets so you’ll have matching covers for your bed and even your pillows.

To help you find the right one for you, we’ve done thorough research to see the best bed sheets in today’s market.

Our Pick: Southshore Fine Living Sheet Set

Southshore Fine Living Sheet Set has extra deep pockets to securely cover a thick or high mattress. If you have other mattress accessories such as alternative topper, memory foam topper and mattress pad, these bed sheets are perfect for you. These sheets are made of microfiber for soft yet non-slippery mattress covers. Flannel can be too warm because of its thickness, so microfiber bed sheets are better when it comes to refreshing softness.

Going further with the whole set, the fitted sheet is so big that it can cover the whole mattress, even at the back. The flat sheet has the perfect length to fully cover the right side of the mattress. Both sheets stay securely in place despite movement, which is perfect for people who are restless while asleep. After laundry, these bed sheets do not wrinkle and shrink. Once everything is installed on the mattress, the bed looks and feels comfortable.

Runner-Up: Sweet Home Collection Sheet Set

Sweet Home Collection Sheet Set is composed of super soft and luxurious hypoallergenic bed sheets. It does not get warm easily because of the thin, silky texture which is helpful during hot summer months. It is lightweight despite its moderate fluffiness. Its color choices are spot-on outside the pictures. These bed sheets are perfect for people who are sensitive to many kinds of fabric.

Also Great

Mellanni Hypoallergenic Brushed Microfiber Bed Sheet Set is resistant to different kinds of stains. It is constructed meticulously, proven by its tough seams and lack of hanging threads. It is also easy to wash in just one load because the bed sheets are thin, which makes them light even when balled up. These bed sheets can be dried easily. Their vivid colors do not fade. Even if you get all sweaty, these sheets will not stick to your skin. These bed sheets can stay soft for several years despite constant washing. Even though this is one of the most affordable products, its bed sheets look expensive once they are fully installed on the bed.

AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set has a satin look for an expensive-looking bed. Its quality is comparable to comfortable hotel bed sheets.

HC Collection Hotel Luxury Bed Sheet Set has the quality of heavenly soft Egyptian cotton. It also belongs in the most durable category. It is perfect to use in both hot and cold weather because of how it adapts to temperature.

Budget Pick

Utopia Bedding Soft Brushed Microfiber Bed Sheet Set is so affordable yet very durable even color-wise despite frequent machine wash. Its dark colors do not bleed in the wash when mixed with lighter fabrics. For people who do not like expensive and ultra-thin bed sheets, this product is the right choice for them.

How to Select the Best Bed Sheets

Here are important factors to consider before purchasing the best bed sheets for your room:

  • Fit

    It is annoying how rare extra deep-pocketed bed sheets are in the market. There may be a lot of products offering that feature, but they do not live up to what is promised in the product description. Some people already have high mattresses yet they still want more accessories such as memory foam topper and mattress pad for ultimate comfort. We cannot blame them for that preference because there are actually bed sheets that can fit those gigantic beds. You just have to check the product’s dimensions and carefully compare the measurements to your mattress’s height with all the added toppers.

    Also, do not complain if the bed sheets are too big for your bed. That is way better than smaller sheets. Just resort to big sheets with elastic edges to keep the covers sturdy over the mattress. Another way is to search for products that are designed for specific standard mattress sizes such as queen, king, twin and full. Air mattresses are also similar to regular ones especially with the sizing rule, so you can purchase extra bed sheets in case you will have visitors overnight.

  • Thread Count

    Thread count is an inevitable topic when we talk about bed sheets. It gets the hype these days when it comes to bedroom trends. It technically refers to the quantity of threads in every square inch of the fabric. Many people think that a higher thread count results to a softer bed sheet. However, there is another factor regarding softness. Egyptian cotton with low thread count can still be comfortable because that kind of fiber is naturally soft already. If the fiber is a low-quality blend of cotton and synthetic material, no matter how high its thread count is, Egyptian cotton with a lower thread count is still better.

  • Material

    We still believe that what makes the best bed sheets when it comes to softness and comfort is the material. The traditional type of material for bed sheets is cotton. It is still popular in the modern generation because it is breathable, comfortable and durable. It is also good for any weather due to its adaptation to both cool air flow and warm body heat. Cotton can be light, heavy, supple or firm because it blends well with other materials such as rayon.

    The best types of cotton are Sea Island, Pima and of course, Egyptian. Bamboo and cotton become a growing preference since bamboo is environment-friendly, antibacterial, fast drying, and durable.

    Linen bed sheets are good choices for summer use because they do not absorb body heat. The downside is that they wrinkle a lot. Satin sheets are attractive to look at, but they are too slippery and warm. You can use these sheets for special occasions only.

  • Texture

    We may think that everyone likes it soft, but there are surprisingly some people who prefer crisp bed sheets. Percale is the best weave for firm bedding. On the other hand, sateen is a common choice for softer and silkier sheets. Jersey sheets are soft too, but they tend to slide or slip off the bed. Flannel is very soft and cozy, but it is not a good choice for hot weather.


It can be tricky to choose the best bed sheets for you because of the changing weather, emerging products with mixed materials, and rareness of real extra deep pockets. The only solution for that is meticulous product search, so the bed sheets you will purchase are going to meet your preferences. On the other hand, for parents out there, you may check out our take on the best kids bedding and best blanket.