Best Beer Cooler


Drinking an ice-cold beer is a great way to end a long day or week. What makes it more refreshing is when you are just chilling outdoors, either in your backyard or even out of town. Beer coolers are useful in these relaxing outdoor moments. After careful research and product testing, we are giving you the best beer cooler in today’s market.

Our Pick: RTIC Stainless Steel Can Cooler

RTIC Stainless Steel Can Cooler is perfect to use in beach resorts whenever you need to bask in the sun. Just put your frozen beer inside and place it on your beach chair’s cup holder. Intense hot weather is nothing for this beer cooler. This product keeps beer frozen surprisingly for the whole day without emitting a lot of water drops externally due to condensation. It is lightweight, so you can bring this anywhere you go without any hassle.

Runner-Up: Coleman 16 Can Cooler

Coleman 16 Can Cooler is useful for outdoor drinking with friends because it can hold up to 16 cans of beer. It has the perfect size which is not bulky but still pretty big for smaller stuff. Outside the cooler, there are a lot of compartments for other things such as snacks and small personal belongings. You can bring this beer cooler alone like a bag. This product is easy to clean because of removable parts. It is made of lightweight materials and has a long shoulder strap for convenience.

Also Great

Keter Cool Rattan Style Bar Patio Table is probably one of the best things you can have in your backyard. It is perfect for house parties because it can hold a lot of ice, beer cans, and bottles, even snack bowls, and plates on its table top. It looks classy, so it can also serve as an outdoor decoration when not in use. This beer cooler has a plug inside to let water from melted ice drain. It can keep beer cool for a few days.

Rubbermaid Cooler is big yet compact enough to place in the backseat beside passengers. It is tall rather than wide. It keeps beer cold for days even without ice. This product is a household name due to decades of customer satisfaction.

Danby Stainless Steel 120 Can Beverage Center is perfect to use indoors because of its reliance on electricity and large size, but it can hold a lot of beer cans and bottles to avoid overcrowding the refrigerator. It has a transparent door to help you keep track of the quantity inside. The door can be reversed based on your preference to either the left or right side. It can also be locked. You can set the attractive LED lighting inside to remain on or turn off when the door is closed.  This beer cooler is durable to last for years. It stays quiet while turned on.

Budget Pick

Thermos Stainless Steel Beverage Can is one of the most affordable yet effective beer coolers for solo drinkers. It has a nice rubber grip to avoid clumsy spills and cold hands. It can fit most cup holders. This is made of high-quality materials, resulting to a durable but still budget-friendly beer cooler.

How to Select the Best Beer Cooler

Take a look at these important factors to consider before purchasing the best beer cooler for your enjoyment:

  • Type

    When we say beer cooler, it does not exactly mean that it should be a mini fridge, a portable box, or a bag with an insulator. As long as it can keep a beer can or bottle cold for several hours, then that is a beer cooler. There are several types, but we can first discuss the two major categories: personal and party beer coolers.

    Personal beer coolers are like travel mugs, insulated tumblers, or koozies. These are for solo drinkers, perfect for a relaxing time at the beach or in the backyard. One personal beer cooler only fits one can or bottle. On the other hand, party beer coolers are made for groups. Now, this category has multiple types. It is commonly recognized as insulated boxes or bags, convertible tables, and mini fridges.

  • Personal

    Personal beer coolers are more like koozies except that they are usually metallic to keep beverage cold for longer hours. You have to prioritize the grip. Rubber is the best material for the grip to stick well on your palm. It also does not conduct temperature, so cold hands will not be your problem anymore while holding the beer cooler. Also, choose personal beer coolers that do not sweat due to condensation. A lot of water droplets outside the container can mean ineffective insulation and slippery grip.

  • Soft-Sided

    This is the common term for insulated bags. For ultimate convenience during group travels, choose a soft-sided beer cooler that has the capacity of holding 12 or more cans. Effective materials for soft-sided coolers are tarpaulin, canvas, nylon and PEVA liner. You can also resort to more advanced soft-sided beer coolers with a motor added to serve as a mini fridge for travel. Soft-sided ones that have a lot of compartments and one long shoulder strap are the most convenient ones to bring. This type of beer cooler is all you need if you want a less bulky travel buddy.

  • Traditional

    Original beer coolers are recognized as big, insulated boxes because they can keep things cold inside for several days. Their insulation is usually made of foam placed between plastic surfaces that are strongly glued together. The first thing you have to pay attention to when you will purchase a traditional beer cooler is the lid. All lids have hinges that are screwed together. The difference relies on how it is closed. Some depend on tightness while others use a mechanism inside to snap shut. This type may be bulkier than soft-sided beer coolers, but it can store more beer cans and bottles. It is also the right choice for longer storage outdoors.

  • Mini Fridge

    Special mini fridges for beer are only good for indoor use. They can store the most quantity of beer cans and bottles. They can double as a cool home decoration because of new features such as LED lights showing off the contents while the transparent door is closed. The main priority before buying this type of beer cooler is how it maintains the temperature inside. Always remember that different types of beer have different storage temperature requirements. Find out first if the mini fridge can store certain beer types only.

  • Innovative Features

    A popular type of modern beer cooler is the convertible patio bar. It can double as backyard furniture and beer cooler for house parties. Just remember that this type of beer cooler should withstand outdoor elements when not in use. It must also be stylish to look at. Durable wooden materials are perfect for this. This outdoor beer cooler must also be large and has a drain for melted ice.


Most people may think that beer coolers are only limited to insulated box containers. There are a lot of different types nowadays to address convenience, portability, and functionality. Keep an open mind in trying various types of beer coolers. Some features are actually enjoyable.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to enter the brewery business, check out our tips on how to start a brewery.