Best Belly Band: The Only 6 Products You Need to See


A chance to have a painless pregnancy and postpartum experience.

Admit it. That’s probably what you want right now.

For someone whose belly is growing, you need all the support you can get. And that’s exactly why investing in a belly band is more important than you think.

To help you make the right decision, here are the top products that fit our standards for the best belly band.

Our Pick: Babo Care Maternity Belt

Several doctors recommend Babo Care Maternity Belt. It can relieve pain and other types of discomfort during pregnancy. By snugly wrapping your belly and waist, it makes it easier for you to handle pregnancy weight.

This belly band does not only relieve different kinds of pain; it can also maintain proper posture.

If you are a pregnant woman who’s always busy, you will surely love this product. It is composed of a soft material to allow you to freely move as you go on with your daily tasks.

Runner Up: UpSpring C-Panty for C-Section Recovery

Let’s proceed to another type of belly band. While the best belly band is ideal for pregnancy, UpSpring C-Panty is designed for postpartum moms. To be more specific, it is for mothers recovering from cesarean delivery.

This product is technically a high-waist compression panty. Its waist part serves the purpose of a belly band and it offers more coverage than ordinary belly wraps.

This belly band is not only ideal for recovery but it can also help you get back into shape after pregnancy.

Also Great: Ingrid & Isabel Women’s Maternity Bellaband

One of the most convenient products to use, Ingrid & Isabel Women’s Maternity Bellaband is super-easy to clean. Let the washing machine do all the work! More importantly, this product retains its shape despite regular washing.

Additionally, this belly band is perfect for expecting moms who still want to bring up their A-game in casual style. It makes sure that your unbuttoned pants will stay up.

When it comes to versatility, this maternity wrap can be worn by both pregnant women and postnatal mothers.

Also Great: Underworks Belly Band

While most maternity wraps are made of material blends, Underworks Belly Band is composed of a pure cotton sheet. For elasticity and anti-irritation, it uses latex-free elastic.

This product makes everything secure with its hook and loop closure. Meanwhile, its Velcro closure enables you to tighten the wrap whenever you want. It prevents the band from slipping off, too.

Also Great: It’s You Babe Mini Cradle

It’s You Babe Mini Cradle effectively improves circulation by lifting the weight from your pelvis. Because of that feature, this product can reduce swelling in your legs and ankles.

Other people will never see this belly band underneath your clothes. It sticks close to the skin as it doesn’t have any thick material.

Budget Pick: OTIOTI Women’s Body Shaper

Even though OTIOTI Women’s Body Shaper originally serves as a durable workout belt, you can also use it as a postpartum belly band. It can be used by C-section moms, too. It is helpful for relieving dull pain around the abdomen.

This belly band has a wide Velcro area to ensure that most body types will be able to use it. It is the most affordable product here, but its versatility is exciting. It can prove its usefulness even after your postpartum stage.

How to Select the Best Belly Band

The main purpose of belly bands is to support your back and lower abdomen. With that, the bands can also relieve swelling in your joints which is really helpful during pregnancy.

Apart from pregnancy, belly bands are also useful during the postpartum stage. Since you still have that remaining weight in your belly, you need a good support around your waist.

As more women undergo cesarean delivery, there’s a growing need for wider belly bands. Maternity bands are typically narrow, so manufacturers start producing postpartum belly wraps.

Now, before you actually take your pick, it’s important for you to understand that not all bands are the same. Some are meant to be used during pregnancy while others are best used after delivery.

Here are the two types of belly bands:

  • Postpartum Belly Band

    This type of belly band resembles a corset. It usually covers the whole abdomen. Since it has a wider coverage than pregnancy wraps, it is effective for spine recovery.

    A postpartum belly band also improves your posture. Nine months of pregnancy takes a toll on your posture due to the uneven distribution of weight.

    Now, if you’re worried about how it’ll look on you- don’t stress it out.

    There are postpartum belly bands that won’t make you look weird and funny. In fact, wider bands can help with body shaping.

    The big disadvantage of postpartum belly bands, however, is lack of versatility. These belly wraps are not recommended for pregnant women. Corset-like bands will compress the full abdomen, leading to inconvenience for both the baby and the mother.

  • Pregnancy Belly Band

    The best belly band on our list is ideal for both pregnancy and postnatal recovery. It can be used by most women. Unfortunately, it is not helpful for C-section moms because of its narrow appearance.

    Why are pregnancy belly bands narrower than postpartum ones?

    Pregnancy wraps focus more on lifting the bump, supporting the pelvis, and relieving pain in the lower back.

However, there are more normal births than cesarean deliveries all over the world. According to a 2016 study, only 18.6 percent of births around the world came from cesarean operations. So, the demand for pregnancy belly bands is still higher.


We selected Babo Care Maternity Belt as the best belly band. It is a pregnancy wrap you may also use after birth. It aces everything we’re looking for in a good belly band- support, comfort, flexibility, and versatility.

For other means on how to reduce pain as an expecting mother, you should buy a pregnancy pillow first. Don’t hesitate to check our list of the best pregnancy pillows for back pain and how you can use them correctly.