Best Belt for Men


Men’s belts may seem that they do not have much variety because of their standard look, but there are actually a lot of subtle differences to meet various needs and preferences. Before going through different types available in stores, let’s find out first the best belt for men in today’s market.

Our Pick: Marino Avenue Men’s Linxx Buckle Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt

Marino Avenue Men’s Linxx Buckle Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt comes in a classy box with a free leather keychain, meaning it can also be given as a gift for male loved ones. Regarding the special Linxx buckle, it promotes an innovative way to remove the belt. The wearer only needs to lift it for release. When it comes to wearing it, the buckle provides an automatic lock.

The best part about this product is the absence of holes. Let’s face it – holes can be annoying especially if the wearer has to bore another hole just to have the perfect fit. Without holes, this belt for men gives 38 specific adjustments for a tighter yet comfortable fit. Of course, we must not forget about durability. The band is made of premium leather. Meanwhile, the buckle is resistant to scratches.

Runner Up: XHtang Men’s Solid Buckle Automatic Ratchet 35mm Wide Leather Belt

XHtang Men’s Solid Buckle Automatic Ratchet 35mm Wide Leather Belt has a minimalist look to make it usable for both casual days and formal events. Its materials are all high-quality. The buckle is made of zinc alloy while the band is composed of cowhide leather in the second layer. Meanwhile, the body has a semicircle end for easier buckling.

Also Great: Dante Men’s Automatic Buckle Leather Ratchet Dress Belt

Dante Men’s Automatic Buckle Leather Ratchet Dress Belt has excellent stitching to remain sturdy for years. To be more specific, it has streamlined double stitching in all joints. For a more visible one, there is intricate contrast stitching on the surface. Thanks to its meticulous construction, this belt will not have loose threads even when trimmed.

Also Great: Dickies Men’s Two Row Stitch Belt

Dickies Men’s Two Row Stitch Belt has a rugged look, making it obvious how tough and durable this product is despite heavy wear. Even though it has a traditional design, it has additional stitching to enhance style.

Also Great: Levi’s Men’s Big & Tall Sizes Leather Reversible Belt

Levi’s Men’s Big & Tall Sizes Leather Reversible Belt has a smart composition of 40 percent split leather, 40 percent polyurethane, and 20 percent bonded leather. It is wider than standard men’s belts with its 40-millimeter body width.

Budget Pick: Comfort Click As Seen On TV Unisex Adult Belt

Comfort Click As Seen On TV Unisex Adult Belt has a big size range of 36 to 48 inches. Its hardware has superior quality with its brushed gold and nickel materials.

How to Select the Best Belt for Men

Whether you are buying one for yourself or your male family members and friends, you really have to consider the following factors to ensure that you will only get your hands on the best belt for men:

  • Design

    Let’s start with the most noticeable factor. Color and material are crucial factors since belts can be distracting if they do not match with a specific outfit. The rule of thumb is to match the belt with the shoes. This is applicable to both casual and formal wear. Leather shoes are best paired with leather belts, not the ones made of cloth. Those that are made of a different material can match with both leather and cloth belts.

    Brown leather shoes obviously go for brown belts. The same idea goes for other colors. With casual shoes and cloth belts, however, you have more freedom when it comes to color. Even the texture should match perfectly. Matte shoes are only meant for matte belts while polished ones are ideal for glossy belts.

    For more exotic casual choices, animal patterns can be considered. However, they are much more expensive. Belts made of ostrich skin may look pretentious in professional settings, but they will make the wearer look sharp in public places. Meanwhile, reptile skin or patterns are too catchy. However, if you or your loved one always wants to stand out, go for it.

  • Length

    After evaluating the first thing that catches your eyes, it is time for you to go deeper and observe the length. This factor has a huge impact on two major belt types.

    It is okay to wear a casual belt with a long excess band after the buckle, but make sure that it does not look distracting with the added thickness. On the other hand, dress belts should strictly stick to a shorter tail end. Wrapping the tail halfway or totally around your hips while wearing a formal attire is embarrassing. The standard is only a few inches beyond the buckle, enough to reach one belt loop.

    Most belts available in online stores follow pant sizes. However, to ensure a good fit, choose a belt that is two or three sizes bigger than the pants. For example, pants with a 30-inch waist are best for belts measuring 32 to 33 inches. In an actual store, on the other hand, it would be easier since you can just wrap the belt loosely around your hips.

  • Buckle

    Lastly, focus on the buckle. Big ones are not recommended for formal outfits. You can easily spot dress belts since they have flat, small buckles made of silver or gold finish. Casual ones, on the other hand, can go bigger and circular.

    If a man wears jewelry such as tie tacs and cufflinks, his buckle must have a similar finish. Silver only pairs with silver – still the same idea for gold. Do not include the wedding ring as a factor. Wedding rings are permanent, so they have nothing to do with belts and other accessories.

    Lastly, novelty buckles are sold separately for men who want to have a more interesting getup. Of course, they are more acceptable for casual outfits only.


We selected Marino Avenue Men’s Linxx Buckle Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt as the best belt for men because of its perfect combination of elegance and innovation. In choosing the best belt for men on your own, consider the design, length, and buckle.

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