4 Best Bibs for Weaning You Can Get Your Baby Right Now


Weaning isn’t an easy process for both parents and babies. It’s physically and emotionally exhausting for moms and it can put babies under stress. With that, you need to make sure you have all the help you need to make the process more tolerable.

This is where getting a reliable bib can help you. Apart from preventing spills and keeping your baby dry, the best bibs for weaning can also make the process easier to go through.

So, as a guide, here are the top products you should totally consider:

Our Pick: KUDL Baby Bib

KUDL Baby Bib is made of high-quality absorbent cotton on the front. This material works really well in absorbing liquid, making it great for babes who are weaning and teething.

This bib has a triple adjustable snap closure which means that it can fit babies who are 3 to 36 months old. The snaps are extra secure so you won’t have to worry about your little one unfastening them by himself. For parents, however, this feature makes putting the bib on and taking it off really easy.

What’s extra nice about this product is that its material is able to stay fresh and bright even after being laundered. You can toss it in your laundry without the risk of fading its really cute design.

Plus, it’s gender neutral. Its unique and stylish design is great for both girls and boys.

Runner Up: EGOFLEX 4-Pack Premium Baby Bibs Set

EGOFLEX 4-Pack Premium Baby Bibs Set, on the other hand, is reversible and waterproof. The 8 styles you’ll get from the set comes with a 4-layered design which works really well in keeping moisture under control. While the front is made with 100% cotton, its underside is made with polyester fleece to keep moisture and liquid from getting in contact with your baby’s clothes.

These bibs come with adjustable snaps that fit babies who are 6 to 24 months old. The snaps are secure and won’t unlock even if your baby tugs on it.

Apart from the irresistible design, these bibs also promise to last long. Their edges won’t wear off easily even after months of using them.

Also Great: KiddyStar Premium, Organic Cotton Toddler Bibs

If your little one has a really sensitive skin, consider KiddyStar Premium, Organic Cotton Toddler Bibs. It’s made with 100% organic materials to prevent allergies and rashes frequently caused by rough bibs. It’s also free from BPA, phthalate, lead, and BPA.

Its hypoallergenic fiber soaks up dribble and drool effectively and locks it in to keep your baby dry and comfortable. Its 3-layer design ensures that even the drooliest baby stays dry.

The bibs are lightweight and easy to wash. They feature gender-neutral designs which look charming on both girls and boys. You can even put them on your baby all day long.

Budget Pick: Bumkins Baby Toddler Bib, Waterproof Sleeved Bib

For our budget pick, we chose Bumkins Baby Toddler Bib, Waterproof Sleeved Bib.

This one has an easy-to-wipe fabric that’s waterproof, odor resistant, and stain-proof. Additionally, it has an adjustable tie enclosure for that perfect fit.

Measuring 14 inches across the chest and 13 inches from the neck down, this best bib for weaning can fit babies who are 6 to 24 months old. It has this catch-all pocket to collect not just liquid but food debris as well.

And when it comes to cleaning, this bib won’t give you a hard time. It’s machine washable and durable enough to withstand several washes.

Take note that this bib is entirely made of plastic material. It was no cotton fabric to trap moisture but its material has the ability to repel liquids.

How to Choose the Best Bibs for Weaning

Reading all those reviews can be confusing, particularly for a new mom who’s looking for the best products for her little one. Because we understand such concern, we’re sharing with you some of the criteria we used in choosing the best bibs for weaning.

  • Ease of Cleaning

    Most baby bibs are practically designed to keep liquids and food debris off of your child. Despite that, however, bibs can still get dirty. And with that, you have to know easy it is to clean a certain product. Stick with bibs that are easy to wipe down and safe enough to clean in your washing machine.

  • Ability to Fold Up

    Bibs aren’t just limited to home use. You should also be able to take them with you when you go out for a walk in the park or when you’re traveling with the rest of the family. With that, find a bib that can easily be folded up and won’t take a lot of space in your bag.

  • Fit

    The right bib for your baby should have a snug fit. This is to make sure that it’s difficult to remove and makes less mess. A loose fitting bib can be dragged through your little one’s food, causing a bigger mess. A very tight fitting bib, on the other hand, can hurt your baby and leave him with irritated skin.

  • Style

    Let your baby have fun. You can choose a bib with his favorite animal or superhero or you can choose a set that’ll match his spoon and bowl. There’s nothing wrong with buying plain bibs as well. They are great if you prefer to decorate them yourself. No matter what style you are after, the most important thing is you choose the most functional bib for your child’s weaning process.

  • Your Baby’s Comfort

    The best bib for weaning shouldn’t be too tight that your baby can’t move. It shouldn’t have an irritating neckline and it shouldn’t brush against your baby’s delicate skin.


KUDL Baby Bib, for us, is easily the best bibs for weaning. With its high-quality materials, it can keep your baby dry and comfortable no matter what he’s eating. Plus, it has adjustable enclosures which make them extra reliable.

To make the weaning process a lot easier, find out how you can start weaning your baby off of baby bottles at night. You should also consider investing in a good sippy cup early to help him transition well.