Best Bikini


Going to the beach or lounging poolside automatically relaxes us from stressful days. This is also the chance to flaunt our bodies by wearing swimwear, especially bikinis. It definitely does not matter what our body type is as long as we wear the right bikini to hug our shape. After all, the most important thing is having fun under the sun.

Before finding out the best bikinis for each body type, let’s take a look first at the best bikini in today’s market after careful research and product testing.

Our Pick: Tempt Me Sexy Floral Print Ruffled Off-Shoulder Bikini

Tempt Me Sexy Floral Print Ruffled Off-Shoulder Bikini has a unique design to boost your curves and charm. Its top includes a bra that has the right thickness of padding to avoid showing too much of your chest while refraining from absorbing too much water. It is also not see-through. It may not have underwire, but it can still support your chest perfectly.

Regarding the bottom, it is low-rise with an adjustable tie each side to let you achieve the most comfortable fit. This bikini is composed of 20% elasthan and 80% polyamide. That’s why it is comfortable, smooth and elastic. This product has convenient size options based on US standard.

Runner Up: Zeraca Women’s Strap Halter Racerback Bikini

Zeraca Women’s Strap Halter Racerback Bikini is an absolute stunner. It has a sturdy V-shaped neckline because of well-constructed details. Its padding can enhance your features. If you want to take off the padding, it is totally removable.

Also Great: Cupshe Fashion Women’s Black Lace Up Halter Padding Bikini

Cupshe Fashion Women’s Black Lace Up Halter Padding Bikini has beautiful patterns for an exotic look. Its colors are mesmerizing, guaranteed to turn heads when you finally hit the beach.

Also Great: MOOSKINI Women’s Push Up Padded Floral Bikini

MOOSKINI Women’s Push Up Padded Floral Bikini is stylish yet soft for comfort. Its top needs to be tied up, letting you adjust it freely based on your body type.

Also Great: RELTANGL Women’s Halter Top Bikini

RELTANGL Women’s Halter Top Bikini is perfect if you want a more youthful yet sexy vibe while wearing swimwear. Also, if you want a cheeky bottom, then this bikini is the right choice for you.

Budget Pick: HOTAPEI Cut Out Vintage Pin Up Tankini

HOTAPEI Cut Out Vintage Pin Up Tankini comes in a vivid color, perfect for flaunting your curves. It is called “tankini” because the top is wider than regular ones. Its halter top has cups that can be adjusted.

How to Select the Best Bikini

Finding the best bikini might be hard for some women. Here are the top three things to consider in choosing the best bikini for you.

  • Body Type

    There are bikinis that are specially designed for certain body types. May it be pear-, hourglass-, apple- or rectangle-shaped, knowing the shape of your body is the most important part in choosing the best bikini for yourself. If you are not sure what your body type is, start by measuring your hips at the widest point, waist at its smallest point and bust at the fullest point for the most accurate measurements.

    Pear-shaped bodies have hips that are significantly wider than the waist and bust. Women with this body type can resort to fringed, frilled or halterneck tops to highlight their bust. Stripes and other patterns can also complement their chest. When it comes to colors, we recommend a bright top while the bottom has a solid dark color.

    The bust and hips have similar measurements for an hourglass-shaped body. However, the waist is significantly smaller. Choose underwired tops with thicker straps, as well as V-neck or halterneck tops for better support around the bust. Purchase set bikinis or just mix and match with non-competing colors to highlight perfect curves.

    With apple-shaped bodies, the whole torso is wider than the thighs. Tops with thicker straps are good choices for narrow-looking shoulders. Bottoms with bright-colored patterns and frills highlight the hips.

    Straight- or rectangle-shaped bodies have bust, waist, and hips with similar measurements. Bright, girly or floral printed bikinis are nice options to complement this body type. Halternecks or triangle tops give shape and break the straight contours of the body. Fringes, frills and other embellishments are highly recommended for both top and bottom.

  • Style

    Choose colors or designs that will highlight your best features. Bright colors and patterns draw attention on parts you want people to see the most. Dark or solid colors give less attention to the eyes. Bikinis with ruffles give an added volume to the body.

    For ladies with warm skin tones, bikinis with natural earthy colors such as green, bronze, orange, brown and gold can complement their skin. For lighter skin tones, muted colors like lavender, magenta, maroon, ruby red or sapphire blue are perfect for that stunning look.

  • Comfort

    The easiest and most important factor you have to think about while choosing the best bikini for you is how comfortable you will be while wearing it. Comfort ultimately leads to confidence. There are so many options of swimwear to actually choose from, not just bikinis. Some bikinis might look good on photos and models but might not have the same spark when worn by other body types. Browse the store carefully for a bikini with the most flattering design that fits your body type and personality.


Remember, beauty comes from within. You can wear the best-looking bikini but you might feel uncomfortable in the end. Embrace your body. Love what you are wearing. In that way, you can be more confident with yourself and be at your best when you are lounging at the beach or pool.

Before hitting the store to buy a bikini, make sure that your body is also ready. Check out our list of the best pubic hair trimmers. You might also want to learn other essentials you can bring to the beach. Have a cloud nine experience along the sandy shore with a sturdy and multi-purpose beach chair. Also, since bikinis fully expose your body to the sun, never forget to hide your skin from time to time with a large beach umbrella.

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