Best Black Nail Polish: 6 Products for That Bold Look


Whether you are trying to make a statement or you just want to make your nails a little less boring, you need to have the best black nail polish in your kit. And to help you with that, we’ve narrowed down the most worthy products you can use on your nails.

Check out our top picks below:

Our Pick: OPI Black Onyx Nail Polish

OPI Black Onyx Nail Polish is basically dark yet fabulous at the same time. Specifically, its color is as black as tar with a glossy finish. It perfectly represents “true black,” which is a jet, inky and deep. This black nail polish can last long while maintaining its strange yet captivating look, a mixture of shine and opacity. It goes well with a sophisticated edgy outfit.

Runner Up: ZOYA Raven Nail Polish

ZOYA Raven Nail Polish has an intense black color that is softened by a shimmering satin-silver finish. It is even considered as the lacquer equivalent of a little black dress because of its classy look. Aside from aesthetics, it is safe from harmful substances such as lead, ethyl tosylamide and xylene.

Also Great: Essie Licorice Nail Color

Essie Licorice Nail Color does not have any formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP in its content, making it safe to use. When applied, it can cover the whole fingernail smoothly without any extra texture. It has that effortless elegant look with a hint of rockstar edge.

Also Great: Orly Liquid Vinyl Nail Lacquer

Orly Liquid Vinyl Nail Lacquer has a dark color but its finish glows all over the nails. It easily glides across the fingernail during application. It dries fast for convenience. This black nail polish has a unique feature called UV inhibitors to stop fading.

Also Great: Revlon ColorStay Blackjack Nail Enamel

Revlon ColorStay Blackjack Nail Enamel is high-quality that it can be used by beauty establishments such as salons. It comes with a wide brush for a more flawless application. Its shine is similar to a typical gel substance to achieve that ultra-smooth look.

Budget Pick: China Glaze Liquid Leather Nail Polish

China Glaze Liquid Leather Nail Polish is composed of a special china clay to keep the nails strong against chipping.  It has the right mix of polymers for overall quality, including how well the nail polish sticks on your fingernail for a long time.

How to Select the Best Black Nail Polish

Choosing the right nail polish to complement your skin color, fashion statement and even the shape of your hand can be a little tricky. However, like what people say, you can never go wrong with black.

From gothic to glam or dark to sophisticated, the black nail polish has become one of the most stylish and chic trends nowadays. But, how can you have the best shade of black? Here are important factors to consider before purchasing the best black nail polish for you:

  • Skin Tone

    In applying nail polish, may it be black or any other color, choosing the right shade that matches your skin tone makes all the difference. For a pale or lighter skin tone, any color will look good on the hands. The slight drawback here is how a black or dark-colored nail polish can make flaws around the hands stand out even more.

    For girls with a dark complexion, other deep shades of nail polish like maroon, dark red or brown are the most suitable. We recommend using other shades of black for this skin tone because they have an earthier appeal than the darkest shade. Earthy colors are perfect for darker skin tones.

  • Shade

    Some people may be unaware that there are actually different shades of black. These are shades that are slightly different from pure black. Variations of black, commonly referred to as “off-black,” are used in interior design as a part of a background for brighter colors. The most popular shades of black are onyx, black olive, charcoal, and jet.

    For nail polish, if you want the darkest color possible, definitely choose a pure black polish. This is quite easy to identify because most products actually indicate their specific color. This type of black is the darkest since it has no mixture of any other color.

    One popular shade of black is onyx, the color representation of a mineral of the same name. Onyx, when applied on the nails, leaves off a dull finish because it contains bands of white. On the other hand, the black olive shade is obviously the color representation of black olives. This shade has a mixture of brown or purple.

    Meanwhile, charcoal is the color representation of the dark gray color from a burned wood. It is often used in interior design as it is considered more modern than beige and less dramatic than pure black. It is lighter than onyx and black olive, but it is perfect if you prefer a dark grayish coat on your nails.

    The last shade of black you must try is a jet, the color representation of a mineraloid of the same name. It is the darkest one among the four shade variations even if it resembles charcoal. Jet is either black or dark brown and contains elements that can give a dark brassy, metallic finish.

  • Finish

    Once you are done choosing the shade of black you like, it is time to decide if you are going for the famous creme, the shiny shimmer or the trendy matte.

    Creme nail polish has been around for ages. It is widely used because of its simple yet smooth, shiny and glass-like finish. Unlike other types, creme polish contains pure color without any glitter or other metallic pigments. Creme finish is very wearable and great for any occasion.

    Another must-try finish is matte. Matte nail polish is trendy and attractive. A glossy finish like creme reflects light while matte diffuses it in a range of angles. Since a matte finish has no shine at all, this can give your nails a new look and a dramatic feel to your overall style. It is perfect for the workplace. It can also pull off a daring look for an evening drink with your friends.

    Shimmer, on the other hand, is pretty because of its glittering appearance. This type of finish usually contains creme base with a mixture of gold or silver shimmer. It is perfect if you want to break away from your usual nail polish to have that glamorous look. Try the shimmer and get ready to be noticed!


The best black nail polish for you is not necessarily the darkest shade out there. You still have to consider the type of finish you want, which can affect how pure the black color is. You should also think about the right shade of black for your skin tone.

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