Best Blenders and Food Processor Combo


Can a Blenders be Used as Food Processor

Technically speaking, a blender can work as a food processor. Yet, they are not necessarily the best for the job. Food processors use a very different mechanism from blenders. However, manufacturers today have thought of a way to incorporate the two by coming up with the blender food processor combo.

Just like the blender juicer duet, they are still two separate units that use the same motor. They have different blades and use different speeds. To understand how a blender generally works, you can read our Best Blenders Buying Guide. So how do you choose the right blender food processor combo for your home and when is it best to buy one?

As an exception to these combos, there are some blenders that are capable of some food processing functions but it is controlled and limited. The Ninja Master Prep series is an example. It is not a combo but it offers some food processor capabilities. We will take a look at some examples in this guide.

Best Blenders and Food Processor Combo Comparison Table 2017

Ninja Mega Kitchen System4.5$$$Combination
Oster BCCG08-RFP-NP94$Combo
Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)4.5$Countertop
DeLonghi 9-Cup Capacity Food Processor with Integrated Blender4$$Combo
Ninja (BL660)4$$Countertop

Main Differences

Before we discuss the combo, let us first take a look at what makes one different from the other.

  • Liquid and Dry

    Generally speaking, a blender is best for liquids and a food processor is best for dry food. They will work when used inversely but not as efficient. There may also be leaks when using liquids in a processor.

  • Speed

    Blenders work best at high speed to efficiently liquefy ingredients and create finely crushed food, and most of the time, ice. Although, slowing down the speed – when the unit offers variable speed settings, allows you to have a little more control on the texture, thickness, and consistency of your blends. Food processors are great in lower speed. This allows the unit to finely mash solid foods.

  • Blades

    Food processors use a variety of blades for different food and functions. You can choose one type of blade to create a coarser texture and another for a finer one. Food processor blades are great for grating cheese, slicing vegetables, making cookie dough, and liquefying foods to the puree level, which is coarser than what the blender would do.

    Blenders also use a few types of blades but the difference is not as significant as that of a processor. Some blenders, that have a few processor functions, use blade uniquely designed for both liquid and solid food so you don’t have to keep switching blades – an example of this is the Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender.

How to Choose the Best Blenders Food Processor Combo

Now that you know the important things that make a processor and a blender different, here are some things you should consider when buying a blender food processor combo.

  • Power

    For a blender or combo to work effectively both in blending and processing, it has to have a motor that is powerful enough for both functions. 500 watts of power is pretty good.

  • Preprogrammed Settings

    It would save you a great deal of trouble if the blender offers preprogrammed settings so you only have to press a button to switch from blending, chopping, and processing. Unless of course, you want to control the speed yourself.

  • Speed Settings

    If one button operation is not offered, at least, variable speed settings would be helpful. This is only recommended for those who have a lot of experience using these appliances, otherwise, you might overdo your preparation.

Other Types

Aside from the combo, there are some models that are designed for a wide range of uses. They are also called combination blenders or kitchen system and are often capable of processing food. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) comes with an extra large cup food processing bowl for chopping and dough making. This is a great all-around system for smoothies, ice crushing, dressing, soups, dips, butternut, and more.


An advantage of the blender food processor combo is greatly on practicality and convenience. This way, you don’t have to reach out for two separate machines with motors – just the two attachments. Or in some cases, just one. They come in a wide range of prices but the majority is very reasonably priced.

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