Best Blenders for Baby Food


Can Blenders be Used for Making Baby Food

Blenders and food processors are great tools for making baby food. We will take a look at different products as well as important features that make a blender great for baby food. But first of all, is there really a need to make your own baby food? Is it more preferable than buying the commercial ones?

Best Blenders for Baby Food Comparison Table 2017

Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)4.5$$Countertop
Cuisinart CSB-75BC4.5$$Hand Blender
Hamilton Beach 51101B4$Personal
Cuisinart CSB-794.5$Hand Blender
DeLonghi DFP2504$$Combo

Why Make Homemade Food for Your Baby

It’s not true for all products, but there is salt, sugar, and other possible additives in commercial baby food that might make you want to consider making the food for your little one yourself, several times a week at least, if not always. Lots of moms and dads are making their own at home. You will not only save on costs, your baby will get used to eating the kind of healthy foods you want them to eat with homemade purees and much more!

Please keep in mind that it is best to work hand-in-hand with your paediatrician on the diet of your child.

How to Choose the Best Blenders for Baby Food

So how do you choose the best blender for making food for your baby? Yes, blenders can make great baby food. Although there are products that are more specifically designed for this, called the baby food makers which are more focused on simple food processing and cost a lot cheaper, if you have a blender that can do the job, it would be more practical.

To have a better idea of how blenders work in general, you can read our Best Blenders Buying Guide. Whether you already own a blender or looking for one that will be good for making healthy food for your little one, here are some things you need to consider.

  • Puree

    Almost all blenders offer this feature. The first solid food a baby can eat is pureed fruits and vegetables. Check how finely it presses the food. It must be fine but not in a way that it’s watery so that the nutrients are still there. A lot of blenders with multifunction features and are reasonably priced have good puree functions. One of them is the Ninja Master Prep Professional.

  • Basic Processing

    Pureed food is only good for the first few weeks when feeding your child. For more appropriate food, it is best to prepare processed and more diverse selections. Not all blenders have food processor functionalities. But there are some that work great in blending as well as some basic food processing which we will compare in a bit.

  • Speed

    Controlling the speed of the blender allows you to control the texture of your baby food. It is important that the blender features variable speed settings or at least, a pulse function so you can make the baby food less or more smooth and lumpy as you and your baby like it.

  • BPA Free

    Rarely do we find blenders with glass jars today. Almost everything uses plastic. And they are more practical too. This isn’t so bad. Just make sure that the plastic parts are well constructed and are BPA free. You can see that on the specifications. This is important for the safety and sanitation of the food. It is best to ask your doctors if a certain material seem suspicious to you to ensure everything for your child’s health.

  • Cleaning

    In relation to baby safe materials and parts, your blender should be easy to clean and maintain so your baby is safe from any possible contamination.

    All other basic guidelines in choosing any type of blender apply. Remember to keep versatility in mind so you can make the most out of your money.

Special Types

There are certain blenders like the blender food processor combo that offer features that make them more efficient in making baby food.

  • Hand Blenders

    One very practical and super fast way to make baby food for bigger babies is to use hand blenders. They’re great not only for making mashed potatoes but also for other textured food. You can use them for multiple purposes as well.

  • Blenders Food Processor Combo

    As mentioned repeatedly, food processors are excellent for making baby food. Having a blender and food processor in one unit is a great convenience.


Making food for your little one at home has a lot of advantages. Blenders go a long way for you and your family’s diet. Always consider the versatility of the product and choose one that has features that you featured get want or need later. Remember to communicate with your paediatrician about the diet of your child.

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